The Universal Declaration of the Free Human Beings

Given that the nations of the world will be free only when the citizens are free and not the other way around, given that true material well-being can only develop as an effect of spiritual well-being and not the other way around, considering that we must adapt the education, economy, politics, and international relations to serve the human being and not the other way around,

Given that the impulse towards human brotherhood can only come to life if the citizens of different nations communicate and work together as profound human beings, given that the deep human beings can get to know themselves and develop harmoniously only if the whole educational, economic, political, and social framework supports their development, knowing that this framework can only be created if those who understand its necessity start working together,

Given that utopian is not the one who believes that the world can change for the better, but the one who believes that the world can go on as it is right now,

Here and now, we sign The Universal Declaration of the Free Human Beings, we adhere to the principles pertaining to the deep humanity, and begin working together to create a healthy-human social framework:



Art. 1: All human beings are born free, as eminently spiritual beings, and no organization, national, international, or secret, has the right to prevent them from knowing their own spirit, comprehending the profound reality of the world, and acting in accordance with this understanding.

Art. 2: The state, the economic, social, political, and educational system must adapt to what the deep human being can offer. Human beings do not have to give up their development as profound beings in order to adapt to what the state, the economic, social, political, and educational system commands them. It is not the human being who must adapt to the system, but the system must adapt to the human being. Because the human being is not created to serve the system, but the system is created to serve the human being! The weaker humans are, the stronger the system will be. The less conscious humans are, the more tyrannical the system will become. We will work together to change the current social framework, in which the system no longer serves the human being, but humans become the slaves of the system.

Art. 3: For the first time in history, we will build a society that is truly fit for humans. It will gradually replace the current cynical-utilitarian society that transforms human beings into social machines that must provide economic benefits and are deprived of their spiritual dignity.


Art. 4: As beings endowed with reason, feeling and spirit, we will work together so that the whole social, economic, educational, political, and legal edifice will support the harmonious development of the human being and will treat all citizens as complex and eminently spiritual beings.

Art. 5: The human spirit is the one who ennobles matter and gives it meaning, which is why everything we undertake, locally or globally, will mainly aim to support the spiritual evolution of human beings.

Art. 6: We will put human society back on its own path. In everything we undertake, we will pursue two fundamental objectives related to the very essence of humanity: the development of the deep human being and the human fraternity.

Art. 7: We sign The Universal Declaration of the Free Human Beings both because we decide to live and develop as we see fit (as free beings who know themselves to be much more than their physical bodies) and because we will actually work, together, to make the elements of this Declaration a reality. By signing The Universal Declaration of the Free Human Beings, we signal that not only do we intend, but we also decide, as free beings, to live and develop in a different kind of society. Also, by signing this Declaration, we signal that not only do we decide, but we also start to create this society together.

Art. 8: The society that is born here and now does not oppose the current society. We have no war to fight, and we do not intend to use the wheelbarrow to take the darkness out of the room. We will just turn on the light! We will thus give the world the great human-healthy alternative of a society that places the deep human being at its center. The Universal Declaration of the Free Human Beings (for those who truly understand its meaning and purpose) is the powerful penetration of the spider web crafted around the Earth and Humanity. But its strength will be directly proportional to the number of human beings who will consider themselves not only its “signatories” but also an integral part of it. A spiritual impulse cannot have only “signatories” but needs beings to “embody” it.


Art. 9: We will treat the human student as an intrinsic value, not as a future economic product. Likewise, we will help the human students develop a genuine respect for all their fellow human beings. The wonderful being called “student” must be potentiated, not humiliated! A school in which the human student and the human teacher are not the central elements, the only ones that really matter, is not a school of humans, but a school of tools.

Art. 10: The children of the world need an educational system that respects them as complex, deep, and eminently spiritual beings. Thus, the main two objectives of the new educational system will be: to support the development of the young humans following the deep needs of their profound being and to support the development of human brotherhood.

Art. 11: We will actively participate in the creation of an educational system that does not focus on the subject of study, but on the student, and that does not aim only at the accumulation of knowledge, but primarily at the development of a free mind, a warm heart and a living spirit.


Art. 12: Following the signing of The Universal Declaration of the Free Human Beings, we will begin to work together to build a new human society, being fully aware that the current society is deliberately managed superficially and that everything around us is meant to put our humanity to sleep, to expropriate our meanings, to deport our reasons, and to plunge us into forgetting ourselves and others.

Art. 13: We know that “All for one and one for all” is the name of the only spiritual highway large enough for all of us, one where all of us can drive safely. The day we begin to relate to others as to ourselves will be the day of our moral and social recovery. We understand that we have no other options. Either we collapse, lose our humanness entirely, or we manage to cross together over this threshold, to overcome this true ordeal of humanity, thus becoming more aware and more assertive. We acknowledge that we need to offer each other the deep meanings of the spiritual and cultural treasures we hold. Only this live exchange will be able to start the healing process.

Art. 14: We are fully aware that no discussion, no decision, no measure, no institution, no party, NO ONE will ever be able to bring real prosperity and peace to our world unless we first start to rebuild all our institutions around the deep human being.

Art. 15: We know that The Universal Declaration of the Free Human Beings will be considered only a dream by those who have become accustomed to treating everything superficially, to lounging in the jacuzzi of their own illusory pragmatism. For those who find it useless to discuss the reestablishment of all institutions and relationships in the womb of deep humanness, this Declaration is just a bunch of utopias, and it’s just art for art’s sake, something utterly devoid of practical purpose. However, looking with our own eyes at the world around us, we find it obvious that the world assembled by the builders of the so-called economic, political and social “pragmatism” is an absolute disaster. It is a world where hunger and extreme poverty are closing or about to close the eyes of hundreds of millions of people, while a huge amount of money is spent on all sorts of things that are totally unrelated to the deep human being and to the principle of human brotherhood. We do not adhere to this so-called “pragmatism” because we understand that it is directed, in reality, against the human being, against each and every one of us. Confronted with this pseudo-pragmatism that leads to global disaster, we offer the alternative of a true pragmatism – one in accordance with the deep human being and the impulse towards human brotherhood.

Art. 16: We realize that real social responsibility begins when we start to see in ourselves and others the human being as a spiritual being, as a deep being.

Art. 17: We understand that human society cannot be healed unless its members heal themselves. And to heal ourselves in a social context is to heal ourselves together with all others, to heal ourselves for others. If what underlies our need to heal socially and spiritually is a burning desire to help others heal, then we can really say that we are about to heal ourselves. As deep social beings, we understand that we are all living in a time of our evolution when we can no longer find happiness, freedom, and beauty without first putting all our achievements at the service of our fellow human beings. Only by working with others and for the good of others can we find true inner peace, and only this way can we come to ensure true outer peace, as outer peace is nothing but the reflection of inner peace.

We want so much to heal just because the unhealthiness of those we love hurts! We are eager to heal because we know very well that only our own health can help others heal! If we are healing emotionally, mentally, and spiritually above all because our being is burning with the need and desire to contribute to the healing of others, then and only then can we say that we are healing spiritually according to the new times.


Art. 18: We acknowledge that our work is dehumanized to such an extent that the worker becomes only a “human resource,” the fruit of the work – only “a product,” and its recipient – only a “customer.” We see it clearly that we no longer live in a world of humans. The whole economic jargon is imbued with dehumanizing terms. We cannot speak of a beautiful future for humankind, of a free humanity firmly committed to an ascending path, as long as we speak of the human being as a “human resource.” The term “human resource” is the apotheosis of the mineralization of thinking and feeling.

Art. 19: We will modify the labor relations so that the human beings will no longer work “for money” but will be financially rewarded by society for the good they produce, through their work, for their fellow human beings.

Art. 20: When we work, we will always ask ourselves if what we do brings something good for people or if, on the contrary, it is just a means to get money out of their pockets.

Art. 21: We will always work by the new definition of work: the effort made by a human being (self-conscious in the world as a deep human being) in order to help other human beings.


Art. 22: We are aware that the economy will only support the social organism in a human-healthy manner when we stop reducing everything to the economy. If we reduce everything to money, we will end up, paradoxically, not having money even though money is everywhere around us. Therefore, before we deal with the “state of the economy,” we must deal with the “state of humanity.”

Art. 23: We will no longer see the economy as a kind of entity having a life of its own, a kind of second nature with its own intrinsic laws, a second nature that lives and functions based on roots that have nothing to do with the human soil. We know that the economy is nothing but the fruit of our way of relating to ourselves and others. The so-called “intrinsic economic laws,” which scholars seek to explain, just as the scientist seeks to explain the laws of nature, are in reality nothing more than mental constructions. The economy simply does not exist as second nature, or as an entity separate from us, with its own life. We understand that the economy is what we make the economy. The economy gets to have a reality of its own, separate from us, only when someone manages to convince us that nothing depends on us.

Art. 24: We will pursue a reform of the employer-employee relationship, as well as of the company-customer relationship. As long as the employee is treated only as a “resource,” not as a human being, and as long as the client is treated only as a “wallet,” not as a human being, work will continue to generate the poisoned gift of a world of  devoid of humanness. Work must not make the social body sick. Work, on the contrary, must heal it! And for work to trigger healing mechanisms and energies at the social level, the employer-employee and company-client relationship must change radically.

Art. 25: Although we are aware that the natural goal of any company is to increase turnover and maximize profits, we are also aware that it is crucial to add another goal: preserving our humanness. In this sense, we will never forget that the “customers” to whom we sell something are above all human beings, just like our loved ones and us. A healthy human society can only be born out of healthy interpersonal relationships.

Art. 26: We will infuse everything that constitutes a business strategy with the care for the human being. The products and services we develop will always revolve around these principles: “caring for the human beings,” “the desire to do good,” and “the willingness to help others.” Given this new paradigm, even if we do need money to be able to walk through the world, money will not be our primary concern, but precisely the will to “do good.” Consequently, everything we undertake as a business strategy will no longer be meant only to bring us money but will seek to be of real use to our fellow human beings. Thus, money will become a consequence, not an end in itself.


Art. 27: We will engage in eliminating extreme poverty, and we will no longer allow anyone to use our money (coming from the taxes and duties we pay) for gunpowder instead of being used for baking powder. We acknowledge that the money used for conflict and war does not come from the void. It is our money. And we, as free human beings, decide that our money should be used for life, not for death, should be used to feed, not to kill. We want to get involved and decide without intermediaries how our money is spent, given the fact that this money is generated through the taxes and duties we pay.

Art. 28: We realize that the budget politicians and economists are talking about is not an abstract bag of money but the fruit of people’s work. The “budget” means only one thing: the money generated by citizens through their work. As such, it is essential that citizens – who generate this budget – be directly involved in using it. By signing the Universal Declaration of the Free Human Beings we pose a crucial question: when was the last time someone asked us, the inhabitants of this planet, whether or not we agree, for instance, that trillions of dollars go to armament every year? We understand that wars exist because there is money that finances them. And we acknowledge that the money that funds them comes from us, not from anywhere else. Therefore, we will not fall prey to any illusions in this regard! We realize that we are perfectly responsible for what is happening in the world with the help of our money!

Art. 29: We comprehend that both local and global politics are not confronted with a lack of solutions but with a lack of humanness. The tragedy of today’s human society is that it is no longer human. The myriad of institutions with pompous names and sympathetic goals turn their back on the profound human beings and work for anything but their spiritual and material prosperity. Therefore, we will work together to create a new society led directly by its awakened citizens.


Art. 30: We are aware of the fact that we can only gain peace and develop non-conflicting relations between our countries by focusing global attention on the common denominator: the essence of the human being. We understand that we will continue to wage war and conflicts of all kinds just as long as we seek peace and conflict resolution on the periphery of the human being. The everyday human, the superficial human, cannot achieve peace. It is simply an impossibility. As such, all internationally renowned institutions will continue to accomplish nothing sustainable, as has been the case to date, no matter how many well-meaning people populate them. The big problem on Earth is not that there are not enough well-meaning people. The big problem is that even these well-meaning people, for the most part, do not think of solutions and do not act from the center of their being but from the periphery! We will join hands to change this state of affairs.

Art. 31: We will no longer accept to be involved in international conflicts decided without our consent by persons or institutions claiming the right to use us as cannon fodder. In reality, there is no conflict between the world’s different nations. The nations of the world do not even know each other. Conflicts, purely artificial, are not decided or initiated by citizens but by their so-called “representatives.”

Art. 32: Thus, as we really want to resolve “conflicts” between nations, it is about time for all our nations to meet at their spiritual heights, at their human heights. We will redefine international relations starting from the human being’s higher nature. On the periphery of their being, the superficial human beings can go to war at any time. But at the center of their existence, profound human beings can only be interested in cultural exchange and mutual aid. Therefore, there is only one real possibility to resolve the conflict between two nations – the two nations’ meeting in spirit, in the profoundness of their humanness. There will be no more conflict between nations when they meet in the spirit’s realm. Conflicts are only possible on the periphery, in the deceptive world of our illusions. When citizens of one nation rise to their spirit’s altitude, they meet the citizens of another nation raised to their spirit’s altitude.

Art. 33: We understand that the superficial human in one country and the superficial human in another country will always be pitted against each other, even if there is no factual basis for conflict. Superficiality will always grant the default approval of any conflict and war. Without grumbling, the superficial human of one nation and the superficial human of another will be at war and constantly teasing each other on all levels, just because those behind the curtain direct them this way. Instead, the profound human beings of different nations will aspire to exchange feelings and ideas, and they will be eager to become spiritually richer by learning from each other. When we become aware of the fact that our lives have a much higher meaning than everyday life, the non-conflicting relationship between our countries will be possible.

Art. 34: We understand that everything must pass through the filters of our own mind, our own heart, and our own spirit. We are aware that we should not accept as “given” everything delivered to us. Therefore, we will start asking fundamental questions: if the world’s leaders spend trillions of dollars a year on weapons and military operations, and if the cohorts of “analysts” and “experts” persuade us that this is great, then why does the world look the way it looks? We realize that we ended up in this situation because we let them do all the insane and brainless things with our money. And we know that we are stuck in this global swamp because we chose too many times to listen to all the gibberish uttered by the great “experts”. For decades, we have been dragged into wars that are not ours. For decades of super-technological contemporaneity, we have been told who we should love and who we should hate, who “must” be our friend, and who “has to be” be our enemy. For almost a century of “accelerated development,” we have been “protected” as human beings by more and more organizations and institutions, with better and better names and worse and worse results.

Art. 35: If a sick, malnourished child is about to die next to a chest full of money, we will choose our part of that chest to cure his disease, to satisfy his hunger, instead of fattening the accounts of those who are doing their worst to convince us that spending two trillion dollars every year on military budgets is “normal.”

Art. 36: We understand that “Fight fire with fire!” represents the paradigmatic slogan of the war-and-hatred pseudo-leaders. We are fully aware that we cannot put out the fire with gasoline, and we no longer accept our world to be ruled by arsonists disguised as firefighters.

Art. 37: We know that we cannot go back to nations and countries understood as independent monads, hermetically sealed, without any communication and exchange with the outside world. Humanity naturally evolves into a great community. But, as we see it clearly, not in the sense of the leveling globalization conceived by those who want to conduct the world’s orchestra. Not in the sense of a single global state, where no one has an identity and where we are all clones of the same matrix. We see it clearly that the right sense is that of an ocean made up of billions of free interdependent drops. We do not aspire to become either a union of clones or billions of self-sufficient monads. Instead, we will walk on the right path of a plurality of free beings who ensure each other’s prosperity.


Art. 38: We will work together to create an educational, social, economic, and political framework, both at a national and international level, that will counterbalance hatred, that will give the human being the opportunity to develop in the sense of universal brotherhood, not in that of universal hatred. We are aware that the main way people are prevented from working together (under the dome of their deep-seated ideals) is to hide the key! The key to real brotherhood is hidden under the black cloak of hatred.

Art. 39: We will no longer allow others to decide for us whether we go to war or not, whether we sponsor death or not, whether we invest in conflict or, on the contrary, in financial aid for those who desperately need financial help. It is time for the deep human beings to take back their planet! And for this to happen, it is indispensable that we all get involved, locally and globally. We are absolutely positive that most people will choose life. We are absolutely positive that most of our fellow human beings will decide to invest in life, not in death.

Art. 40: We are aware that if the current leaders cared about us at the national and international institutional level, then they would have never thrown us into wars, not even economic ones. If human beings really mattered to them, then all conflicts would vanish, and no country would ever try to impose its own interests to the detriment of other countries. If each of us understands that the deep human being alone matters at both micro and macro levels, then all national and international issues will start to resolve by themselves.

Art. 41: We understand that, if billions of people are still held captive by all sorts of pseudo-leaders who are exploiting their frustrations in their own interest, it is also because those who are really interested in the good of humanity suffer from the shyness of public involvement. It is time for those who really feel human to step forward. It is the only chance. Manipulation and hypocrisy will only disappear when those who are able to pour authenticity in their voice and deed will decide to get out of anonymity.

Art. 42: We adhere to the crucial spiritual impulse of the moment – “I am searching for myself, I am searching for the truth in order to get everything I need to be able to help others!”. The universal brotherhood impulse is here to replace the circumstantial fraternities, even those of the highest spiritual order.

Art. 43: We see it clearly that the exaggeration of individualism leads to atomization. Even violence is atomized and we are all facing a war of all against all. It is the exact opposite of what should happen. We know that peace can only grow if we choose to focus on what unites us, on our common universal human values, beyond all differences. It is the only way to avoid a world conflict, a war of all against all.

Art. 44: We will work together so that even “Know thyself!” will be transformed. It will become: “Know thyself in the other!” Because we are the other, and the other is us. Not in the sense of depersonalization, of losing identity. But in the sublime sense of a maximum individualization in a collective framework. We understand that “knowing ourselves in the other” means to open ourselves to our fellow human beings, to understand the sublime universal mission of the human being: a free-loving and free-wise community. Love and wisdom will ascend and radiate from each individual, but only insofar as – in the Great Circle of Humanity – each individual is at the same time the center and the periphery. When wisdom and love radiate, the human being becomes the center. When wisdom and love are received, the human being becomes the periphery. Finally, the center and the periphery meet and shake hands in the spiritual human being as a sublime expression of the Mystery of Life.


Art. 45: We know that the human spirit is neither a philosophical abstraction nor just a habitual Sunday disposition. The human spirit is our deep nature, the nature beyond nature. It is our transbiological and metaphysical essence. Beyond the physical body, beyond our biology, we live in a concrete and endless world that we are called to explore, inside and outside ourselves. And we know that the reason why the “transhumanist” current was born, which promises to overcome the biological barriers by merging us with Artificial Intelligence, is that human beings know nothing or almost nothing about their spirit. The human’s subconscious need to transcend biology fails in artificial transhumanism precisely because the true transbiological and metaphysical essence, the spiritual one, is no longer known or perceived.

Art. 46: We see it clearly that, first of all, our whole life is spiritually impoverished and humanly depreciated. Then, because a universal principle requires that every void be filled, the spiritual void is filled with something else — with technology. We understand that, if we continue to replace humanity with technology, we will fail miserably. The new and powerful trend of the 3rd Millennium is technology. Most people will simply be mesmerized by technology, especially as the new generations take over the Earth from the elder ones. We will prepare infusions of humanity that we will pour into technology in order to avoid our failure.

Art. 47: At present, people follow technology. But we will reverse this trend. Naturally, if we are to respect the dignity of human beings, technology must follow them, not the other way round. Instead of depreciating our spiritual being, we will work together so that technology will serve the noble ideal of humanizing our lives.

Art. 48: Without rejecting technology, we are aware that we do not need to escape into a “virtual reality.” The only reason such a thing exists is that human life is so imprisoned on all sides that the living spirit of all human beings feels the need to escape, to be free. And, not being aware, not being shown what magical and lofty realms are found in them and their spiritual world, the human beings end up “taking refuge” in virtuality.

Art. 49: We know that more and more people are convinced that there is no spirit, that there is no such thing as “the spiritual world,” and that, as a consequence, merging with Artificial Intelligence is absolutely fine. As they are already asleep in their own spirit, they see nothing wrong in this merging of humans with machines through replacing the conscious human self with Artificial Intelligence. But we know that the most cynical part is that those who convince us that there is no such thing as the human spirit are as conscious as possible of the reality of their own spirit and ours! We understand that we only have the temptation to submit to Artificial Intelligence when we are not aware of the extraordinary power of the human being. We are one of the greatest mysteries of the Universe. Humanity’s destiny is a great one. All we need now is to open up to each other and join hands and hearts in a great “Community of Free People.”

Art. 50: The signatories of the Universal Declaration of Free Human Beings will not exploit their fellows and will never treat them as pockets. Also, those who adhere to the principles of the Declaration will use technology only to serve humanity. The whole philosophy of the Declaration is centered around the human being. We do not refer to the human being as an appendage of technology (no matter how advanced and exciting it may be). We do not believe that human beings can keep their dignity if they integrate into technology. Technology is the one that should be integrated into the human being’s world and not the other way round. Therefore, those who deal with technological development should first and foremost comprehend and respect all human beings. Developers in the field of technology should first of all be concerned with the knowledge of the deep human being and aim to respect and uphold the dignity of all human beings as eminently spiritual beings.


Here and now, in this community, the spirit’s fire begins to rise and shine in the tar night of humanity. May enough human beings see this spiritual fire and, after seeing it, start helping it grow by bringing the torch of their own living spirit! May the fire become so great, so high, so bright that anyone can no longer ignore it, become a transforming force, an impetus, a proof that there is a human-healthy alternative to everything. If there are enough people to bring their own torches, then this spiritual fire will have the power to change the current state of affairs. If the fire is so bright and strong that all the people on the planet can see it, then, miraculously, billions of people will wake up! At first, there will be only a few torches. Then more will join, from all nations of the world, all regions, and all cultures and traditions. As more and more people join in, the fire will become so great that no one will be able to ignore it. And when it reaches the critical mass of torches that shine together, then the fire will become inextinguishable – it will enlighten the whole Earth, it will transform the tar night of humanity into an effervescent, warm and bright spiritual morning!

May we be! May there be enough of us to understand the necessity of this spiritual fire! Beyond all the differences between us, it is time to enlighten all those who understand and feel that bearing light means something only and exactly insofar as we use that light to remove the darkness from the path of our fellow human beings! This is a community of truly awakened people, that is, of those people who do not climb the ladder of evolution for their own well-being but to become the stairs that their fellow human beings need to climb! The human being climbs the ladder of perfection only to become the stairs under the feet of other human beings who want to climb – this is the essence of the message of this community born here and now!

Those who understand this message will spread the word and help others open their eyes and see. This community is the bud of the future human society. The foundations of this new society are laid here and now, with the help of all those who understand that we live in times when it is no longer enough for each of us to shine around individually. The darkness is so dense, like a sticky tar that suffocates everything, that the only solution is to start shining together. “Together” is the keyword that can open the door to a new world of human beings!

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