Utopian is not the one who believes that the world can change for the better, but the one who believes that the world can go on as it is right now!

Liviu Pleșoianu

500 steps to the top of the Pyramid of POWER


This book is not just a reaction to the “new world order” announced at the DAVOS World Economic Forum and entitled “The Great Reset”. This book is an alarm signal, a call to awakening, and a disruptive approach. It is structured on 500 points that converge to its opening and closing conclusion: “Utopian is not the one who believes that the world can change for the better, but the one who believes that the world can go on as it is right now!” The 500 steps will take the reader on a journey to the top of the Pyramid of Power, as in a virtual tour, offering a completely different perspective on how the world is actually led and by whom. The top of the pyramid is not the actual top. It is only the middle. The light of contemporary “reason” is not light. It is only darkness sold as “light”. What seems to be is not, and what really is they make us think is not. Everything is reversed, and billions of people are skillfully placed in an artificial social bubble that prevents them from seeing the reality of their own being and the reality of their own world. The deep humans, who live and act in the center of their beings, are diverted, without noticing it, to live and act at their extreme periphery. Then, instead of being presented with the reality that humanity’s problems arise precisely because people are pushed to live on the periphery of their own being, they are kept busy with all sorts of “projects”, “programs,” “elections”, and “solutions” which are also conceived on the periphery, without any connection to the deep human being and the deep human society.

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The Real Great RESET has two essential components. The first determines the second. The resettlement of the whole society around the deep human determines the development of the real human fraternity. These are the only enduring pillars on which a truly new social construction can be built, a society that would really suit the profound human being. Any other so-called “solution”, any other so-called RESET, any other so-called resettlement are nothing more than dust in the wind and siren songs.



The “Great Reset”, spoken of by world leaders, heads of state, governments, international institutions, is a new sumptuous castle built on quicksand. It is hoped that it will be a new and great world tower, but the truth is that it will collapse at the first more severe tectonic movement. And the reason is that, once again, everything is placed on a shaky foundation, utterly incapable of supporting any kind of construction, even an ordinary one.



For hundreds of years now, the inhabitants of this planet have no longer been beneficiaries, but victims of political, social, and economic experiments that, through a cumulative effect, have reached the critical point of the destruction of humanness, of the human essence, of the strong fiber of the human kingdom. All these experiments are developed and put into practice through a pyramid-type decision-making circuit. At the base of the pyramid, there are the pawns, those who implement the plans, those who ensure the effective conduct of experiments. In the middle, there are those who lead the world at sight – presidents, prime ministers, governments, parliaments, secret services, influential national and international institutions, powerful bankers, and businesspeople. Up … Well, up there, we are already dealing with the true leaders and initiators of all these experiments – beings whose purpose is not only to control but to direct humanity to an evolutionary road opposite to that required by the destiny and purpose of the human kingdom.



Everything that happens is very well thought out, in different stages, then thoroughly implemented. Those whom we have become accustomed to calling the “rulers of the world” are, in truth, only second-hand leaders, even if they are not aware of it. In reality, the beings and forces behind the scenes, beyond the curtain of everyday events, are the ones who decide what takes place on Earth.



If people knew the truth behind the world’s significant decisions, if people could, at least for a moment, attend the meetings of those who actually rule the world, they would be shocked. Because, you see, EVERYTHING that is hidden from you, all the profound realities that – through a very well developed system – you are told are “nonsense,” “mysticisms,” “inventions,” “aberrations,” “fantasies”, are the CENTRAL ELEMENT of the meetings of those who de facto lead the world! They keep you locked in some masterfully designed social bubbles while they direct these bubbles from outside them, from the realm of REALITY! Whoever believes that only materialistic beings dwell at the top of the decision-making pyramid, for whom the spirit and the spiritual world are only illusions or fantasies, is seriously mistaken! In fact, at the top of the decision-making pyramid, we can only find beings who deal EXACTLY with all the realities they make you think do not exist. That is why I say that you would simply be shocked if you could participate, even for a few minutes, in these beings’ meetings. Because EVERYTHING you were taught it does not exist is abundant in all their meetings! These beings do not propagate materialism, the dogma of the spirit’s non-existence because they would share this faith. NO, not at all! These beings are as aware as possible of their own spirit, as well as of the reality of the spiritual world in which we dwell each and every moment of our lives. But they do everything in their power – and their power is great – so that most people on Earth will never comprehend their being and their world’s hidden realities.



We can use an everyday image, although risking ridicule, in order to make everything easier to grasp. It is as if a small group of people, important leaders, gathered in a room and secretly consumed ice cream in a fictional scenario in which ice cream has not been consumed for centuries and people, in their vast majority, would be convinced that ice cream never even existed. It is a frivolous example, through which I am aware that I am risking ridicule, but which still cuts the current canvas quite well. In their small groups, in their small gatherings, the planet’s actual commanders not only discuss but actually use the spiritual world’s truths to pursue their goals. And the fact that they have convinced most people that such things do not exist gives them extraordinary power! Nothing can give them more power than the belief of many that “ice cream” does not exist…



Of course, what those who actually lead the world transfer from spirit to matter is not at all on the good and beautiful side of things. But strange as it may seem, this is not the biggest problem of the manipulated masses. Humans’ greatest problem is not that those who de facto rule the world work from spirit to matter in an unclean manner. The biggest problem with people is that they have no idea about it or don’t believe it is really happening. This is the largest, strongest, and most enduring shield behind which the de facto rulers of the world hide from sight – the IGNORANCE of the people they manipulate!



There is no better hiding place than the plain sight hiding place. But for such a hiding place to be effective, you must first make sure that no eye has the necessary training to detect it, to identify the hiding place. This is why people have been deliberately kept in the dark for centuries. The many – so the few decided – have no right to know, to grasp, to imbue with the truth about the deep dimension of the world and their own beings. The many – so the few believe – ought to be kept in the dark regarding the reality of their own spirit and of the spiritual world in which they live and move in every minute of their existence, although they are not yet aware of it.



Again, I will use a suggestive image for an easier and better understanding of the situation in which the vast majority of people find themselves. It is as if, from coming into this world to leaving this world behind, we were living in a room full of treasures, full of gems, full of things of inestimable value. But, from the moment we came into this world until we’ll leave this world behind, we are forced to live in the darkness. Knowing nothing even of the possibility of light, we walk through our lives completely unaware of the incredible treasures that belong to us and that surround us. We have been taught to live and move in the dark all of our lives. Also, we hear so much scorn and mocking laughter regarding the few who dare to tell us something about the light and treasures that we come to believe in the non-existence of the light and treasures that surround us. Those who manipulate our minds by inoculating us that the belief in light is just an illusion, a childish thing, a precarious medieval attitude, do not tell us, in fact, that “believing” is wrong. They don’t want us to disbelieve. They want us to believe in what they want us to believe! As to deny the possibility of light is still to believe – to believe only in darkness. We are constantly told that “no one can prove” the existence of light. But can they also prove its non-existence !? No, and they know that too! They know it very well precisely because they do NOT live in the dark! They live in the light, though they serve the darkness. They are well aware of both the existence of light and the room’s treasures. They turn on the light and use those treasures for themselves in order to influence us. As for us, they take care to turn off the light from the moment we are born and make every effort to keep us in this darkness from the first to the last moment of our lives on Earth.

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Thus, we are dealing with billions of people who live in the dark throughout their lives because this is what they have been taught from the day of their birth. When some of us grasp the whole masquerade and turn on the light in their own room, they are immediately ridiculed and anathematized if they try to communicate to others what they have uncovered. Because that is what it is all about – to uncover! All these things already existed. They have always existed, from everlasting to everlasting. But they are deliberately covered!



Why are most of our marvels covered, why are most of our treasures hidden, why are most of us kept in the dark all our lives? Because those who proclaim themselves leaders of humanity – those at the top of the decision-making pyramid – want the human kingdom to miss its destiny. They want us to live our lives in ignorance and darkness so that we never get to know the truth, the reality. If we turned on the light and became aware of the treasures belonging to us, then we could no longer be manipulated and would become an integral part, by our own will, of the great Destiny of the human kingdom.



In fact, the whole society is built in such a way as to make it almost impossible to find out the truth, to understand the actual reality, to discover things that have been deliberately covered. What we call, generically, “SYSTEM” is just a name for a whole network whose purpose is precisely to keep people away from themselves. And that’s because those behind the System know very well that everything humans need is to get back on the tracks of their own destiny, to turn on the light and SEE! The moment when enough people turn on the light and see, the System will automatically collapse.



Those who control the System know this very well, and that is why their main worry is not and never will be that many people on Earth are willing to fight the System. Their main fear is that many people will start to UNDERSTAND what the System really is and how it works!



Thus, precisely to maintain the System, those who conceived and developed it will even encourage anti-System riots. Because they know that as long as these anti-System riots take place in the same darkness, their System will never really suffer. As I said, their great fear is that people will start to turn on the light! As such, they will ensure that they keep everyone busy, even the most well-meaning of people, with the eternal “fight against the System.” In this way, through a perverse effect, people will waste their time, years, lives groping in the dark and fighting, in the dark, with absolutely nothing! It is the most incredible masquerade, cynical, horrible, but as real as possible! And it is staged on a planetary level, not just in places!



Most people are kept in the dark their whole lives. They have no idea about the existence of light, or at least about its possibility, nor about their own real face (because the deep mirrors are also hidden in the dark), nor about the real face of others, nor about the magnificent treasures that they keep bumping into while confusing them with obstacles and hindrances. Then, when the first signs that something is happening begin to show up, when some of us wake up, those behind the System press the buttons and provoke “anti-System riots”, in a perfectly controlled manner. What are their reasons and their goals? They want to make sure that people stay in the dark exactly when they celebrate the „victory” against the darkness! They want to make sure that people actually remain in the dark while they shout with joy that, “finally, the System has been defeated”!

I think you can quickly notice this if you recall all the moments from, say, the last 30 years when you believed or were told that “The system has been defeated!” In truth, no matter what has been defeated, the System is more robust and better developed than ever! Because, unfortunately, any “anti-System riot” will strengthen the System even more. It will reveal the weak areas, the possible flows, and then the self-proclaimed leaders of humanity will work hard to consolidate the citadel.



We can consider the current pandemic to give just one brief example. We are not talking here about its reality or unreality, about wearing or not wearing masks, and so on. It is simply not the place for such controversies. What matters in the given context is how we can harness this grave situation. In other words, it is important, first of all, to understand the great danger and the great opportunity related to the current situation. The great opportunity is for a significant number of the planet’s inhabitants to start turning on the light. Not because this pandemic, this virus would exist or would not exist. But because a crisis on a global scale, either real or induced, is always the antechamber of significant change. So, the great opportunity would be to just turn on the light! On the other hand, the great danger is that planetary puppeteers will stifle, as they always do, this great opportunity, to make it unavailable to the vast majority of people.



How can they do that? The same way they always did! Using the advancement of new technologies, having at their disposal means of mass manipulation that they did not even dream of until 30 years ago, they will generate again, in the same perfectly controlled manner, “anti-system riots.” Once they have rebelled against masks and restrictions, people will again believe that they have “won.” Once they begin to oppose the “new world order,” the “great RESET” presented at DAVOS, many will once again nurture the illusion that they are “fighting the System.” In reality, however, they will continue to be stimulated by the System itself without noticing it. They will stay in the dark. And so, they will play exactly the game of those behind the System, as it already happened so many times before. Because what changes from one stage to another is not the cynical game’s essence but only the means and methods.



As I said, no matter what lies behind the current crisis, the great opportunity is waking up as many people as possible. Nevertheless, the great danger lies in missing this opportunity as the impostor CEOs of humanity lure us at the same time into taking part in a new experiment and into opposing this experiment. Yes, in the economy of the cynical game played by those behind the System, participating in the new world experiment or fighting against it is the same thing! As long as people are kept busy! As long as people are kept busy with the new world experiment (by passive acceptance or active rejection), the System has nothing to fear. The window to this great opportunity, opened by the current crisis, will soon be closed.



In response to the current crisis, as the main “solution” to the problems it has generated, those who control the System have recently proposed the so-called “Great RESET”. The initiative was conceptualized by Klaus Schwab (and presented in his book “COVID-19: The Great Reset”). The World Economic Forum (of which he is the founder) debated extensively and popularized the new experiment at the annual DAVOS meeting in January 2021 (held for the first time in a predominantly digital format).

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The “Great RESET” experiment does exactly what all the previous experiments did: it deviates, it distracts from the essence, from the great opportunity of a true transformation. The problems it identifies are mainly correct. The objectives it proposes are, to a large extent, desirable. But, you see, the conceptual foundations and “pragmatic” aspirations of previous world experiments sounded just as good! As for those experiments’ concrete results, I don’t think we need to develop much!



As for the current global experiment, that is proposed – of course! – as a life-saving solution on the brink of the current crisis, it is enough to follow its premises, the conceptual basis, to be absolutely sure that it will turn, after a certain time, into a new resounding failure.



Of course, a reasonably right question would be this: are the world leaders so naive or poorly prepared that they do not understand that all these world experiments are wrongly conceived, that they can only end in the common pit of grandiose failures!? The question is fair, and the answer is as simple as possible and is based on the previous lines: the self-proclaimed leaders of the world are firmly convinced that these experiments cannot bring lasting beneficial effects. But they enjoy this because, from the very beginning, their intention was not to generate social GOOD, world GOOD. Their intention was, is, and will always be to create the ILLUSION OF SOCIAL GOOD, THE ILLUSION OF WORLD GOOD! They know very well what should be done if we really wanted to change our world for the better. They know very well that this is by no means possible unless we start the resettlement of humanity within its destiny. But the beings at the top of the decision-making pyramid want everything else, except the evolution, the development of humans beings under the needs, the rights and freedoms of their destiny!



In order to prevent The Real Great RESET, the masters of puppets are pushing their own version of “RESET”. That is, in fact, nothing but another experiment that will be doomed to failure, like all others before it. They know full well that things will go on according to the new “normal” they wish to impose if nothing new comes along. A large part of humanity will go with the “Great RESET,” and a small part of humanity will fight against the “Great RESET”. Thus, the same thing will happen again and again – the human beings WILL BE KEPT BUSY and will lose the opportunity for real change!



And here we land at the purpose of this book. “The Real Great RESET” is not only a book but a human manifesto. The author wishes to urge readers to try, at least, to turn on the light in the rooms of their own minds, hearts, and spirits. Suppose enough people will at least try the sea with their finger with the modest help of this book. Suppose they will dare to SEE what their world looks like when it is no longer darkened. In that case, we welcome an opportunity, both individually and collectively, to stop the dizzying rotation of the global carousel. Once enough people wake up from the System’s hypnosis, we will be able to begin the effective change of our world, and we will quickly find and implement solutions to problems that have been dragging on for centuries!



To say that the world’s problems have no solution, that it is utopian to seek answers, is entirely false! Solutions exist and can be quickly implemented. The only great problem of humanity is that it does not realize that it is kept INTENTIONALLY in the dark so that both problems and solutions are never really SEEN. The profound causes of humankind’s problems and the real solutions to these problems cannot be observed, identified, and dealt with through understanding if people continue to grope in the seemingly eternal darkness. We simply cannot find real solutions to real problems in the current global social paradigm. In the dark, we can’t see… It’s useless, inefficient, and counterproductive to “cleverly” grope through the darkness of the world! It would be much easier to turn on the light. We would then see clearly both the problems and the solutions. And one more thing… We would then become aware of the extraordinary treasures that surround us, that belong to us, that are part of us, even though we know nothing about them!



Therefore, this book’s chief function is to draw attention to the switch, to the button that any person can use at any time to make light in their own life and, then, to shine around for others. The more people turn on the light while reading this book, the greater the chances of a real change. We need to stop our current meaningless and pointless rotation in the eternal roundabout created by the System’s puppeteers.



The “Great RESET” advanced by the System’s masters of puppets will be opposed by those who, although well-intentioned, will not understand that their opposition is only part of the big and cynical plan – that of keeping humanity in a state of drowsiness so as to miss all opportunities for waking up.



In this keynote, it must be emphasized that this book is not a book “against the System”, at least not in the classical sense of the eternal “anti-System fight”. This book is meant to explain what the System is, at its deepest levels, as well as to urge readers to get out of the carousel, stop for a few moments, and make a simple gesture – turn on the light in their rooms. It is only turning on the light that will make the darkness go away. Because darkness is nothing but the absence of light! There’s no point in trying to carry the darkness out of the room with the wheelbarrows! We can’t make it disappear unless, one way or another, we switch on the light!



For centuries, people have been skillfully manipulated in such a way that they can no longer differentiate between puppeteers and authentic leaders. Those who keep them in the dark are also the ones who urge and teach them to “fight” against the darkness, to waste their precious time, and to consume their beautiful lives trying to carry the darkness out of the room by loading it in a wheelbarrow! Thus, the System is perpetuated and perfected. Because that way, no one bothers it at all!

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The System is based on one thing – the IGNORANCE of people. People’s ignorance is the FOUNDATION OF THE SYSTEM! And whoever really wants to eliminate this System must focus only on the foundation, only on IGNORANCE! This is the reality and no other! Any effort made by any human, no matter how well-meaning, will inevitably be doomed to failure as long as the person does not understand that the only real solution is to KNOW, to eliminate ignorance. The moment a large enough number of people open their eyes and see what they are and what the world is, at an infinitely deeper level than is thought today, only then will there really be a chance for the System to collapse.



Given that the System is based on human ignorance, it goes without saying that the only chance for its collapse is to demolish its foundation – ignorance! If, through a combined effort, those who have awakened start working together to help others awaken, then there is indeed, perhaps for the first time, the chance to change the world for the better. But one thing must be done first. It is a sine-qua-non condition, one without which it is simply not possible to go further: those who have woken up must get in touch with each other, start working together, knowing each other, creating connections. Otherwise, it will not be possible to generate an effect with global coverage, an intense global impact. If one candle burns every 1,000 kilometers, there will be light only in the immediate vicinity of each candle. But if a million candles burn together, side by side, then everything becomes a great inspiring flame, a phenomenon that can no longer be ignored!



That is why this book has a triple role. On the one hand, it shows how the System works and what lies behind it, at its root, in its most profound and least visible layers. On the other hand, it provides clues that, once followed, can lead the readers to their own light source, help them find, in the dark, the switch, the button they can then press to make light. Last but not least, it creates the possibility of a collective phenomenon, the opportunity of a connection, of a communion of candles that light up at night!



The Real Great Reset is an invitation to exit the “Matrix”, provided that the message reaches a sufficient number of people.



Without exaggeration, we can say that the True School of Humans is vital if we want to replace, gradually, the present education system. The True School of Humans neither intends to transform the pupil into a financial product of temporary value and use nor provide only a formal moral framework. The School of Humans will have as its primary objective the development of the human student’s superior nature, the activation of human-healthy impulses. The human-healthy impulses are those impulses that can make a human being truly fulfilled and happy and transform the current society into a truly human one.


Let us suppose that the human kingdom really wants to stop its collapse into chaos and destruction. In that case, we will have to change the education system radically. We need to focus on working with students to awaken not only the thirst for knowledge but also the longing for human fraternity. This is infinitely more important, for each student and for our society as a whole, than to focus exclusively on subject matters and grades, on input and output, on memorizing and evaluation. In vain do we get professionals in the end (most of the time, we don’t even get that), if those professionals will work selfishly, like cold automata beings for whom the others only matter insofar as they aim to defeat, outclass or use them. It is imperative that we understand this! The human student must be treated as a value in himself, not as a future economic product. Likewise, the human student must be helped to develop a genuine respect for all his fellow beings.


And no, it is not utopian or counterproductive. Indeed, the future adult will encounter throughout his life quite a few other adults who behave abusively, who are aggressive or even violent, who develop criminal conduct, who do not seem to nurture even the slightest sense of guilt or shame when they assault or harm other human beings. Of course, it would be entirely wrong for the future adult to be taught that such attitudes and behaviors must always be forgiven and tolerated. The future adult must also understand that pointing a flower at an individual who has a weapon in his hand will not miraculously transform him. On the contrary, the most likely outcome will be that the one with the flower in his hand will end up being buried with the flower of his benevolence. So this is not about nonlucid goodness! But about the development of the human-healthy feeling of deep respect for the profound human being. It is about working with the human students so that, through school, they have the chance to develop their superior nature. It is the same as in ancient temples where students learned martial arts. True temples taught the students who stepped on their doorstep to defend themselves. Still, they taught them to respect every human being they met along the way, to respect the deep human beings in the ordinary human beings they met, their superior nature.


The political-media mix has become so toxic over time that it is almost impossible to find another human being whose mind has not already been taken hostage. And the word “hostage” is not exaggerated at all! Indeed, the minds and hearts of most citizens interested in politics are held hostage by the puppeteers behind the media. In most cases, the “watchdog of democracy” is, in fact, the watchdog of the interests of those who manipulate “public opinion”. The very idea of ​​”public opinion” is something odious. What does this “public opinion” mean? It is about leading the public to certain conclusions prefabricated in the laboratories of those who deal with the creation of trends. Suppose a powerful group’s interest is to grow a particular politician strong or bring him down. In that case, the “watchdog of democracy” will act accordingly, in perfect synchronicity with the manipulative agenda.


Those who are at least a little bit experienced in decrypting media manipulations will quickly and easily notice what lies behind some “news”, “disclosures”, or “media campaigns”. We can even anticipate how a particular journalist or a specific media group will plead. We just have to preserve our objectivity and detachment while observing how the journalist or the media group usually handles a particular topic.


However, the basic idea is that most citizens are imprisoned in various political and media bubbles. If anyone behind a newspaper or TV station has an interest in a particular direction, then the “watchdog of democracy” will rush in that direction. If, two weeks later, whoever stays behind a media group is interested in the diametrically opposite direction, then the “watchdog of democracy” will rush in the exact opposite direction without any moral dilemmas! The same journalist and the same politician will say tomorrow the exact opposite of what they said yesterday, with equal conviction and enthusiasm! Because, in reality, with very few exceptions, both the politician and the journalist are anything but free human beings. Most of the time, there are very powerful and potent groups of interests behind the politician and the journalist. So powerful that they can create or destroy “political leaders” overnight.

These groups’ power has become so great that it is almost impossible for a politician or a journalist to be truly independent. Suppose someone really wants to count in big politics. In that case, the person is faced with the moral dilemma: do I choose to go further and start responding to the commands of those who catapulted me ​​into the big politics, or I decide to remain a free, independent human, even though I might have to give up? The middle way, unfortunately, does not exist today. Because most of the citizens who credit and validate politicians by voting are held hostage by the so-called “free press” or the so-called “social networks”. And they respond almost instantly to stimuli induced by those who are increasingly capable of manipulating them.

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Speaking of stimuli and new media technologies, you would be amazed if you had the opportunity to witness for at least an hour the feverish activity of one of the many phantom-centers, most located in the basements, away from the public eye, where those who use social networks are stimulated and manipulated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (366 during leap years, because the manipulation does not stop even for a second)! Here, in these phantom centers, the wind blows in the sails of politicians and political parties or, on the contrary, the sails are torn. Public images are built or destroyed here. Here is where fake accounts are created and, if necessary, retired. Here is where zillions of fake social networkers massively distribute information in thousands or even tens of thousands of groups each and every day.


Every time you notice a certain current on social networks, it is advisable to maintain a certain detachment, at least until you identify who and to what end gave birth to that current. If you do this, you will find that behind some very appealing slogans lie clusters of interests that have absolutely nothing to do with what is transmitted through those slogans. Behind the media campaigns and, especially, behind the campaigns carried out on social networks, there are groups of people who, in fact, only seek to feed their own interests. And the main tool that can give them the desired effect almost instantly is the so-called “smartphone”.

At the beginning, when social networks had just emerged, “smart” mobile phones did not yet exist. There were only the old phones, on which it was almost impossible to use the Internet. Thus, the only time a user could be influenced through a social network was when he connected from a computer. Initially, computers were also found in offices and homes only in the old version, which involves a large unit that you cannot bring along everywhere. Given the size and weight of classic computers and the fact that they required a connection to an external monitor, the current possibility of mass manipulation existed only when the user was at the office where the computer and its connected monitor were located. Subsequently, with the advent and commercialization of large quantities of laptops, the time available to influence large masses of people has increased considerably. You can take the laptop with you and use it anywhere. The external monitor is no longer needed. It is integrated. Then, tablets and “smartphones” were invented. A new world, an endless universe of possibilities for control, influence, and manipulation, emerged from that moment. Because, no matter how versatile a laptop is compared to a desktop computer, it is still too difficult to handle. You can’t use it at any moment.

However, anyone can almost always use a “smart” phone! They are small, always open, and permanently connected to the Internet. Social networks (such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) and communication networks (such as Whatsapp, Signal, or Telegram) are constantly open and active. Moreover, they continuously send notifications. If, in the past, we used to check the emails or the forums once or several times a day, today, we are “connected” permanently. For the vast majority of “smartphone” owners, opening the device and navigating the troubled waters of the “social networks” represent both the first gesture made after waking up and the last gesture made at bedtime, before falling asleep. Basically, hundreds of millions of people wake up with smartphones in their hands and fall asleep with the same smartphones in their hands!


What will happen next? Is it true that even MORE is possible? YES, IT CERTAINLY IS! And we are fast approaching that moment. We are fast approaching the moment when we will no longer need even the slightest gesture, the minimum effort to press the “smartphone” activation button. The smart(phone) guys in Silicon Valley are pumping billions of dollars to develop the “connecting technology of the future”: the direct connection between the brain and the “cloud”, between the neocortex and the neo-servers.

That it will be a “chip”, that there will be the “nanobots”, it doesn’t matter much. What matters is the idea. And the idea is to DIRECTLY connect the brain to the Internet, to the vast network of servers. Well, imagine this scenario! It is not only plausible but is being worked on intensively and is very close to becoming the new trend, the new current. Imagine hundreds of millions of people “connected” directly to the “cloud”, hundreds of millions of people who will have become one with technology, a kind of carbon-silicone mix. From that moment, which is very close, hundreds of millions of people will be permanently exposed to all manipulation campaigns. They will no longer be targets only when they turn on the TV or go “online”, but they will become permanent targets. Imagine this very near future! If we use our imagination to draw the contours of this “brave new world,” we will understand what our human world will soon be like. The world of the human spirit will become the world of silicon. The SILICON Valley will replace the HUMAN’s peak! This is already frantically encouraged and strongly supported by the world’s very “smart” governments. Very “smart” governments and institutions believe that it would be a great achievement for human beings to outsource their own intelligence, to replace it almost entirely with that of the “smartphone” or, soon enough, with that of the “cloud”. The great pseudo-leaders of humanity see this moving of the human thoughts into the “cloud” as a climax of human civilization. Human intelligence will, they believe, be “enhanced” by mixing the human with the machine. Silicon, they believe, will exponentially increase a person’s ability to think, memorize, and work. Carbon, the creation and instrument of the spirit, will be replaced by artificial silicon. But this is seen as “good” and “smart”! That’s what the world’s pseudo-leaders “think”…


In fact, this is what the true rulers of the world intend, the ones I talk about in this book. As I said, the decision-making structure of our planet is pyramidal. At its core, there are billions of people. At the middle, there are the pseudo-”leaders” of the world. At the top, there are the true commanders of the world. What pseudo-leaders believe they are doing is what the true leaders make them do!


By the way, have you ever wondered why the apparatus of those who lead the world is so large, so massive? Obviously, in the context of this question, I am referring to those at the middle of the decision-making pyramid, to the formal leaders of the world – parliaments, governments, myriads of national and international institutions. There are so many that if they really did their job, they would solve all humanity’s problems in no more than two weeks! But, as this does not happen, it means that it must be another reason why this administrative decision-making apparatus is so massive. As usual, the explanation cannot be discovered and understood unless we raise our line of thought to the upper layers, to the lofty areas of the decisional pyramid. That is where the real reasons, the real causes, are to be sought and found. And the main reason why we have, as an effect, such a large administrative decision-making apparatus at the middle of the pyramid is that the true leaders of the world, those at the top of the pyramid, must work incognito, protected from the world’s eyes and mouth. Thus, for those at the top, the middle of the pyramid functions as a curtain or even as a defensive wall. Compared to the administrative wall at the middle of the pyramid, the Great Wall of China looks like a tiny toy!


The idea, in short, is that the base of the pyramid should never or rarely raise the thread of thought to the top of the pyramid. Those at the top will manage the middle so that those at the base will never pass this curtain, this wall. To this end, the top ones will use the middle ones exactly as it suits them to keep the bottom ones under control! If someone at the middle of the pyramid ever “gets out of the line” and declares himself independent, he will be brought back to the base of the pyramid as soon as possible. The methods are innumerable in this respect and have been perfected over time. But, to ask a question of simple logic: what is the best way to silence someone without making him a hero or even a martyr? – You cut off his communications, and you block his access to the general public! You no longer offer him a place in television studios, and you censor or even block his accounts on “social networks”. This way, avoiding a direct attack that would risk making him a hero, you successfully block the one who dared to get out of the herd!


Going back to the general principle, the middle of the pyramid actually has a single purpose: to build a wall between the base and the top of the pyramid. Thus, although what I am going to write now will sound awful to those who are still naive, it must be said that even riots or great revolutions do not even feather-touch the top of the pyramid! All the great political changes, on a national or international level, all the riots, protests, or even revolutions affect only the middle of the pyramid. They do not affect the top of the pyramid of power because they constantly collide with the Great Administrative Wall!


All talk shows and news broadcasts, all parliaments, governments and presidential administrations, all national and international institutions, all elections, all our votes are related ONLY to the middle of the pyramid! Thus, the beings at the top of the pyramid of power ensure their peace of mind by keeping us busy. Their primary concern is to keep us as far away as possible from our essence, from the deep human in us, from the wonderful being that we really are. The entire economic, political, educational, and social “MATRIX” is meant to keep us on the periphery of our being. They deport us from the center of our being, from our SPIRIT! Because otherwise, if we discovered our existential center and started to lead our lives from there, the whole foundation of the System’s lies would crumble at the speed of light. Human beings who live, think, feel, decide, create, and act from the CENTER of their being, from their SPIRIT, from their superior nature, cannot be manipulated! And if enough people come to think, feel, and function from their own CENTER, from their own SPIRIT, then the System simply collapses. It is for this reason that the beings behind the System, those at the top of the decision-making pyramid, the Great Puppeteers, the MATRIX creators, want to keep us as far away as possible from our CENTER, from our SPIRIT!


How do you distract children when you don’t want them to see, hear, or do something? You give them toys! You always keep them busy with something, then with something else… How do you distract those at the base of the pyramid of power when you don’t want them to see, hear or do anything? You give them toys! You always keep them busy with something, then with something else…


I said that “the political-media mix has become so toxic over time that it is almost impossible to find another human being whose mind has not already been taken hostage.” So, here’s why I made this statement… The political-media mix is ​​what keeps most people busy. The political-media mix draws citizens’ eyes to the middle of the pyramid, creating the appearance that the most important things actually happen at that level, that decisions are actually made there. The political-media mix creates the illusion of “democracy” so that citizens live their entire lives being convinced that they have the power, that everything depends on them, that their votes, that their protests, that their political or civic engagement really makes a difference.

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In reality, the political-media mix has only one purpose: to distract citizens from the actual decision-making body – the top of the pyramid! Of course, this does not mean that the political-media DJs are acting consciously to the world CEOs’ benefit. Some of them, just a few, are aware of what they do and why they do it. Most of them, however, nurture the illusion that they “discover and reveal the truth” (journalists) or that they “decide and generate the change” (politicians). The biggest problem facing humanity is that most of the middlers are convinced that they are, in fact, the toppers and that most of those at the bottom of the pyramid believe the same thing about those in the middle! This is, broadly but clearly, the great prefabricated illusion of “democracy”! Billions of people are convinced that power belongs to them and that they can control everything through their votes and protests, while the true chairmen of humankind sit back and relax in their power-pyramid penthouse. This is, in truth, the much glorified and acclaimed “democracy”!


Of course, the middle of the pyramid is multilayered, too. Thus, those who talk, for instance, about politicians who are controlled by the secret services are not wrong. It is not only possible, but it is happening on a large scale, through dozens of sophisticated and increasingly well-developed methods. But this is also a soap bubble at the end of the day! The beings at the top of the power pyramid are perfectly pleased that most citizens who consider themselves vigilant and awakened never actually look beyond these power relationships between secret services and politicians. Needless to say, even the most remarkable investigations or the so-called “conspiracy theories” stop, in most cases, at the middle of the power pyramid.


Even the most vigilant citizens often fail to think beyond the middle of the power pyramid because their mind collides with the Wall of Materialism. Well, if the administrative-decisional Wall represented by the middle of the power pyramid outperforms even the famous Chinese Wall, the Wall of Materialism is even bigger and stronger! This is the last and strongest fortress that protects the top of the decision-making pyramid.


What does this statement about the Wall of Materialism mean? It means that the beings at the top of the decision-making pyramid, unlike most humans at the middle or at the base, are not materialistic beings. On the contrary, they are spiritualist beings in the strongest sense of the word! Contrary to the common beliefs, one will not find materialistic, power-greedy, and wealth-thirsty beings at the top of the power pyramid. Such people are located, in significant numbers, at the middle level of the pyramid. At the top, there are different beings. They are not only perfectly aware of the reality of their own spirit and of the spiritual world, but they also act from spirit to matter, knowing very well the truth of everything they present as a lie to those at the middle and at the base.


Given that those at the top operate consciously from spirit to matter (although for dark reasons and purposes), given that the forces and currents they send into the world have a very concrete spiritual reality, it becomes obvious that in order to understand how the top of the decision-making pyramid works, to understand what kind of beings are active there and in what way, it is necessary to become able to break through the Wall of Materialism. Unfortunately, this is by far the most challenging thing at the moment, at least as a mass phenomenon!


Those at the top of the decision-making pyramid have developed an educational, political, economic, and social system that works almost perfectly. And the role of this system is fundamentally twofold. It keeps people away from their own spirit, from the center of their being (which would allow them to truly understand the world, including the top of the power pyramid). And it builds an almost impregnable Materialist Wall between those at the top of the pyramid and everyone else. Because, no matter what illusions of power and personal valor make the heads of the middlers dizzy, in truth, they are no different from those at the base when facing the Materialist Wall that separates everyone from those at the top!


Thus, seemingly paradoxically, those at the top operate freely from spirit to matter, exerting a terrible influence on all others, precisely because they also put in the minds of all others that such information and ideas as presented in this book are just “inventions, fantasies, and nonsense”! This way, the Materialist Wall keeps billions of people on Earth at bay. And, at the same time, precisely because of this Materialist Wall, those at the top do absolutely EVERYTHING they want with the lives of those whom they convinced, beforehand, that this Materialist Wall does not even exist. Through an intricate social MATRIX, they managed to convince those at the base and those at the middle that all these discussions about the human spirit and the spiritual world are either nonsense or just an occasional occupation, something abstract and unrelated to the “real” world and everyday life.


Of course, those at the top know very well that their activity, which is directed from spirit to matter in a harmful way, could be opposed, in reality, only by another activity directed positively in the same way, from spirit to matter. In other words, those at the top know very well that the only chance they have to keep people in the darkness of materialism is not to allow the development of any initiative that pursues, in a positive sense, the daily use of higher spiritual impulses. That is why the Materialist Wall’s role is precisely to make almost impossible any positive spiritual action in the middle and at the pyramid’s base. Such spiritual actions are the only ones that would have the power to counteract the strong and constant negative spiritual actions sent forth from the pyramid’s top.


Well, the one who understands the overwhelming importance of this image, of the pyramid of power, of the role of the middle of the pyramid and, especially, of the reality and the diabolical efficiency of the Materialist Wall – that one can already be called a truly AWAKENED citizen! And absolutely everything depends on the AWAKENING of as many people as possible! We are already very close to the point of no return. We are already off the path to the beautiful and sublime Destiny of humanity. We are already with one foot suspended over a frightening precipice. This is the reality. We are only one step away, just a slight movement, and humanity will collapse into the great abyss!


That is why, if we want to prevent the extraordinarily effective plan of the top to enter its final stage, to reach the point of no return, it is vital that this book meets as many human minds and hearts as possible, both at the base and at the middle of the decision-making pyramid. When the critical mass is reached, the System will collapse under the weight of its own LIES! The Materialist Wall will fall, and those at the top will no longer be able to hide their actions. They will no longer be able to hide their evil intentions and plans.

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When enough people feel that something has awakened in them, that the enthusiasm that always accompanies the spirit’s proximity permeates them, humanity’s return on the path of its own Destiny will become possible. This message needs to be understood by many and circulate a lot. Obviously, it is not enough. It is just a small step, a tiny glimmer of light from beyond the wall. But it is, at the same time, a signal for all those who already know these things but who do not know each other yet. There ought to be communication and communion between those whose eyes are open to the spirit. In front of a very well-developed evil network, a sum of beautiful but disparate lights will not suffice. The beautiful living candles of the awakened spirits must shine together. This is the only way if there is any chance to help even those candles waiting for their flame in the darkest corners of the world!


But if all these lines are not to remain only interesting lines in a book, if the flame they ignite is not to go out the very next day, the reader should also carry on the content of the words’ vessels. Because these lines, these words are meant to open the gates for spiritual impulses that will only work and help if they are received with an open mind, a warm heart, and a vivid spirit. It needs to be understood that detaching oneself from daily routines and habits is not an easy thing to do, even for someone who does not walk on the path of the spirit for the first time. Today’s society is so emptied and drained of even the slightest trace of soul and spirit, of beauty and goodness, of high and deep, of healthy and sublime human traits, that it gets extremely difficult to stay on the right track, to avoid derailment, to stay awake, and to resist old habits. That is why a sustained effort is needed amid initial enthusiasm. Otherwise, the daily roll of news and the hourly clutter of information will easily cover the beautiful but fragile snowdrop that has emerged from the ice that has begun to melt.


Whoever imagines that a Revelation, at least, could generate today the same long-term vivid experience as it would have generated centuries ago is wrong. Today’s society’s framework and speed are completely different from those of the past. Just think of the peaceful moments of the past, the absence of the constant flood of information, the absence of “smart” phones constantly shaking, waving, and trembling while assaulting us with all sorts of “alerts” and “notifications”. Well, how could even a nowadays Revelation ensure the long-term effects of a different, profound experience, just as it did a few centuries, or at least a few decades ago!? Nothing is the same! The environment we live in has absolutely nothing to do with the environment of the past decades and centuries. As such, given that we are naturally receptive to the entanglements of the environment in which we live, it goes without saying that we are deeply affected – much deeper than we suspect! – by all this madness around us!


It follows that, in order to keep the flame of the spirit burning, much greater effort is required now than in the past. If, for instance, we feel overwhelmed by the enthusiasm that comes from understanding the way the toxic political-media mix works, this is not at all a guarantee that, in a matter of days, we will not forget and we will not fall asleep again on the notes of the siren lullaby. We are social beings, and this is the society we live in, the society tailored by the true chairmen of humanity, those living and acting at the top of the pyramid of power. It doesn’t help us at all to take refuge on a lonely rock, just as it doesn’t help us much to be enthusiastic for a couple of days, only to fall back into the same trap on the third!


Therefore, a sustained detachment effort is required. Only if we insist on our liberation path do we have the chance to gain true control over our own being. And only by gaining control over our own beings can we open the door to others to understand and support our fellow human beings. It is not a truism, nor an aphorism, but it is the sheer truth: the world begins to change only when each of us begins to change. And it is not hard to understand why. It is enough to resort to ordinary healthy thinking. As long as what we call “society” is nothing but the sum of human interactions, the sum of human relationships, it goes without saying that we cannot change society unless we change ourselves while also helping others change. To help someone wake up – well, this is already a truism! – it is essential that we wake up ourselves first. Just as no one can wake up in someone else’s place but can only help someone else wake up, it is also true that no one can be woken up by someone who sleeps.


Therefore, it is my delicate task to ask you not to forget the call and impulse conveyed through this book. If it is to really have an effect, a sustained effort is absolutely necessary. Not because it would match a cliché like “there are no results without assiduous work”. But because it will otherwise be very difficult for you to prevent the recapture of your own being by the System’s tentacles. It is easy to succumb to the daily TV shows with political gladiators, the daily flood of information that runs from the “smart” phone to our souls and minds, or the endemic superficiality of the so-called “Social networks”. Two or three days of (new) media imprisonment will be enough to stifle any impulse these pages may carry. So well is the System set up, in its daily, perpetual action of putting the human Spirit to sleep, that even someone who has walked for some time on the path of their own superior nature finds it very difficult to stay awake.


But something that will help a lot is to keep in mind, on a daily basis, the image of the pyramid of power. You can also draw it on a piece of paper and then keep it in plain sight, somewhere where you can observe it at least once a day. This will help you remember and make all the connections again. Do not delude yourself – you WILL be retaken hostage by the System without even noticing it! Precisely because your whole life is tangled in its nets, you need to develop a constant awareness regarding the MATRIX created by those at the top of the decision-making pyramid. But something as simple as possible, an object that carries a substantial symbolic value, such as a paper on which you have drawn by hand this pyramid of power, will be of real use to you. It will help you remember even when the System struggles to make you forget again. It sounds frivolous, silly, but it helps. Take it as such – a little harmless nonsense that will help you stay away from the daily flood of harmful nonsense emanating from the System!


Therefore, above all, it is important to understand that the System is designed and implemented so that the vast majority of people erroneously relate to the middle of the pyramid as to the top, as to the place where the true chairmen of humanity dwell. In reality, even if most of those who act at the middle of the pyramid of power are themselves convinced that they are really making great decisions, the real decision-makers, those who really influence and decide what happens to the human world, dwell at the top of the decision-making pyramid. And their upper stations can be reached with our train of thought only insofar as we manage to break through the Materialist Wall, if, in other words, we manage to spiritualize our thinking and let the spiritual world’s impulses imbue our feelings and thoughts.


After being assaulted with dozens of tests, extra activities, consolidation hours, after just finishing three hours of homework immediately after finishing seven hours of school with seven different subjects that made her mind reset for seven times in seven hours, after her parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunts finished “talking” to her, asking her something completely “unexpected” – “What did you do at school today?” – at the end of a beautiful spring day when she didn’t have any time to get out and touch the snowdrops and enjoy the comforting rays of the sun, while wiping her hands with a blue towel, a little girl asked her parents in wonder: “How did God create the colors !? What is it like not to have blue, for example, and for someone to imagine blue for the first time, then create it !? What other colors could have been created but, for some reason, were not created !? What other colors are already created, but we do not see them, on our planet, in our solar system !?”…


It is an actual event, and similar events develop everywhere on the condition that at least one gram of childhood is to be found in a child. With very few exceptions, what happens in schools is nothing more than a counter-education. Everything that should be stimulated in the child is suppressed, and everything that should be tempered and sublimated is fully developed! Therefore, we can firmly state that we are not dealing with an education system but with a counter-education system! A system whose sole purpose is to put to sleep all the wealth of human innocence and enthusiasm of the young human. Then, of course, we wonder why the whole planet sits on a powder keg! Not for a single moment do we stop to investigate whether our whole society, school included, is designed in such a way as to encourage the development of everything that will later make us turn our entire world into a time bomb!

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The wonderful human being called “student” must be AMAZED, not HUMILIATED! A school where the human-student and the human-teacher are not the central elements, the only ones that really matter, is NOT a school of Humans, but a school of Tools! A school in the form of a factory whose sole purpose is to replace the wonderful being called “human” with an economic tool with temporary value.

After many years of stifling the HUMANNESS, the school provides society with social tools instead of social humans! The young human beings are turned into financial products obtained on the conveyor belt of a school that does not feed the needs of the deep human being but the needs of those at the top of the pyramid of power!


The Materialist Wall we were talking about, the one that provides power, anonymity, and protection to those at the top of the pyramid, is built and perfectly fortified during school years through the degradation of the human being widowed of its own Spirit. Compared to the adults who still have at least the theoretical possibility to oppose, to build their own life, to reject what those at the top want them to do with their life, the students have no chance. The young humans must obey System’s odious sub-branch called “the education system” without complaining. However, if the students complain, they quickly receive an exemplary punishment! The students cannot really resist. The human-students are not allowed to become the human-adults precisely by the school. They are stripped of their humanity and are prepared to become the adult-products. Their individuality is not valued according to their own humanity but is weighed according to how they respond to what the System requires them to become. If they resist, then the System quickly turns them into outcasts. From the first years of school, the student quickly learns that to resist, to have your own feelings and ideas and, especially, to EXPRESS them is not at all desirable, especially when they contradict what the System has dictated that is “good”, “correct”, and “necessary”. Thus, out of billions of children, extremely few manage to go through school without losing the most important elements of their own being, without turning into tools and docile executors.


Fundamental reform of the education system is only possible if we understand the current system. And in order to understand this, it is imperative to succeed, through courage and sustained effort, in getting out of the “MATRIX”, in breaking through the Materialist Wall. Because, as I said, those at the top of the decision-making pyramid are not materialistic beings at all. Even the school these beings go through is not materialistic at all! These beings have an education system that has nothing to do with the education system they impose on Earth, in all the variants that exist today. They do not pass, without hesitation, from one subject matter to another and certainly do not work exclusively with “matter”. They work with what lies beyond the subject matter and beyond the “matter”! They work with what generates the matter itself. Beneficiaries of a highly PRACTICAL spiritual education, those at the top of the pyramid of power understand and handle the world in its depths. What constitutes the so-called “education system” imposed on those at the base and at the middle of the pyramid has absolutely NOTHING to do with what those at the top learn. And this is what gives them immense POWER over all others: they KNOW in detail how the world functions, but they HIDE all these truths from all others!


Of course, the fact that those at the top KNOW truths that they stubbornly HIDE from those at the base and at the middle is absolutely horrible! Horrible not only because the current stage of human development REQUIRES the KNOWLEDGE of these truths to be made available to everyone, but especially because, through the System they impose (which includes, as an essential part of it, the education system), they ensure that others have almost no chance of ever getting to KNOW! What the de facto rulers of the world are doing is simply a CRIME against the human spirit! Let us not be afraid of strong words because that is exactly what happens – a true SPIRITUAL GENOCIDE! Billions of people are placed in an illusory social bubble of which they are told would be the “world.” Then, if anyone wakes up and starts talking, he is quickly ridiculed and pointed at by the System’s colossal propaganda apparatus so that he is forced to stop. But those who SEE, those who UNDERSTAND should not be afraid of this public disgrace, of these campaigns of denigration and ridicule. Because it is not ridiculous to tell the truth but to lie, even by omission, for fear that you will be ridiculed!


You see, here we come to a point of crucial importance. With knowledge comes a huge responsibility! In the sense that those who succeed, those who manage to know the reality beyond the veil, have the DUTY to pass on what they know. The current era of development demands it! There is no doubt about it! Only the TRUTH can set people free! People need, above all, the TRUTH. They need to know the unsuspected depths of the world and of their own beings! And any attempt to prevent this is simply a CRIME against the human SPIRIT, a CRIME against HUMANITY!


As such, in order to return to the subject of the school and the education system, it must be said without hesitation: if we do not proceed quickly to the fundamental reconstruction of the school edifice, if we do not really reform education by transforming it into an environment conducive to deep humanness, then humanity will soon miss its beautiful Destiny and will end up in a meaningless and hopeless global rupture. The war of all against all can be avoided only as a result of the collapse of the present System. And this is possible only if enough people dare to MAINTAIN their state of spiritual awakening. Because the great difficulty is not that of waking up, but that of not closing eyes again!


This book’s role is to ignite a flame, the living flame of the deep HUMAN being. It is not a question of lobbying the present System’s replacement with another System, which this book would present, even briefly. It is an impulse towards UNDERSTANDING! Only by understanding how the current System works, who is behind it, what is hidden from us, only by becoming actively interested in what we really are and what our world really is – only through these can we rise to the heights of our time and to the height of our own Destiny, both individually and collectively. Only this way, through vivid understanding, can we make the current System disappear by itself. Because the System is based only on our IGNORANCE. If this essential ingredient – THE IGNORANCE – disappears, then the SYSTEM itself disappears!


As such, this book aims to offer a completely different perspective than the current one. And, starting from this perspective, those who want to participate in the great rebirth of the Deep Humanity can work together to develop all the details of “The Real Great Reset”. Otherwise, if there are not enough of us to do this, the current System will only seem to disappear. In reality, it will be perpetuated and degenerated to an even lesser human level. Instead of the Real Great Reset, we will have the “Great Reset” of Davos… These are the two possibilities, the two options we have in front of us. And each of us is called to choose. Even passivity will be a choice! Because not being interested in all these things at all, even if we have heard of them, is choosing to leave things as they are. And things, as they are, are looking awful!


The humans at the base of the decision-making pyramid have become accustomed to asking for programs and projects from those at the middle (which they consider to be at the top). They ask for systems in order to replace other systems. But none of these projects, programs, and systems can really be useful for a straightforward reason. Their foundation is wrong! The foundation on which the new System is intended to be built is shaky. It cannot offer the durability and security needed for a sumptuous building. In vain do we conceive, choose, vote for programs, projects, and systems, if EVERYTHING ignores the truth, the reality beyond the Materialist Wall. The real society is the sum of human interactions in a formal, institutionalized setting. People, in their reality, in their depth, are beings whose center is located beyond the Materialist Wall! For this reason, all projects and programs, no matter how well-meaning are those who conceive them, cannot really be of long-term help unless they take into account the deep, spiritual reality of the human being. These projects and programs can only be truly effective if they are human-healthy, and in order to be human-healthy, they must have their origin, their starting point, beyond the Materialist Wall. Everything that is not conceived beyond this Wall bears the stamp of futility and leads to imminent disaster. Instead of a program written on 3,000 pages but conceived by people who have failed to go beyond the Wall, infinitely more helpful to us is a single thought, no matter how simple, that manages to break through the Wall!


Coming back to the school and to all that of the school, it must be emphasized that the current education programs, in so far as they have nothing to do with what should constitute and encourage the harmonious development of the human-student, will have to be changed. At the end of school, we need humans, not robots, tools, and products. If they are to be factories, schools are to become factories of humans, not factories of docile machines devoid of any human dignity! The current education system needs to be replaced quickly in its various forms. And there are plenty of people to do it. They just have to start working together on a large, global scale. In a world undergoing a process of leveling globalization, a counter-process of global awakening is needed. In a world that is ontologically redefined through the imposed concepts of dehumanizing progressivism, real progress in the highest human sense is necessary.

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This book is not only about the human spirit as a central element of being and existence. This book is also about humans’ courage to speak of the spirit that they know they are! For this book to be truly helpful, it is not enough for it to carry a living flame. It is also necessary that those who receive this living flame keep it and pass it on so that millions of living flames begin to shine TOGETHER! Therefore, as far as the school and the education system are concerned, it is necessary that those who understand and feel these lines pass them on so that all those who manifest the inner calling to reform this essential field begin to work TOGETHER to develop the new school – the Human School.


In the new school, in the Human School, it will not be so much about what the students will learn, but about how they will develop. Only someone who has completely lost their inner compass could say that the only important thing is to graduate school, at the end of the cycle, as a “perfect grade” student, even if, in addition to that perfect grade, the student has already been destroyed in terms of humanness! Any person with a healthy mind and soul will say that it is far more beneficial for the student to graduate school as a harmoniously developed and fulfilled human student, regardless of the grades! Obviously, even basic common sense is enough to understand that it is infinitely more important for the school to help the human being’s harmonious development than to ensure that it delivers “perfect grade students” on the convey belt of a cynical society. Basic common sense is also enough to understand what kind of society we support as long as we never consider that “a perfect grade student,” whom we are all so proud of today, can become, for example, the creator of a bomb that will endanger life on the entire planet.

This is a simple but crucial question: do the citizens of the different states of the world, those who value only that “perfect grade”, understand that precisely the former “perfect grade student” is the one who invented the atomic bomb!? Obviously, only a professional at the highest level, an expert in his field of activity, a brilliant human being, one who is very well prepared and – attention! – as CREATIVE as possible, can invent something like the atomic bomb. …What can we grasp from this? It turns out that to be a “perfect grade student”, to be a professional, to be an expert in your field of activity, to be a brilliant person, very well prepared, and even very, very CREATIVE (there are so many rambling speeches nowadays about “creativity”) – all these are far from being enough. If they are not DOUBLED, in the same school (and, later, at work), by the development of the impulse towards mutual-help, by the stimulation of empathy and, generally speaking, by what we call “emotional intelligence”, by the permanent work under the influence of the impulse towards human brotherhood – if the school does not deal with all these things at the same time, then that “perfect grade” student, that professional venerated by everyone, applauded by everyone and coveted by all companies, institutes and institutions can at any time start doing horrible things. In a “professional” way, of course! Obviously, not every “perfect grade student” will end up in such a situation. Still, the possibility is open and encouraged by the school itself when it boasts its “perfect grade student”, given that the same school has never been interested in teaching its “perfect grade student” to become at least a “passing grade human”!


This is the huge problem of the contemporary school – it aims (regardless of whether it succeeds or not) to get the “perfect grade student”, but it is not at all interested in getting at least the “passing grade human”! Thus, the ground for destruction and self-destruction is provided precisely while an entire society frantically applauds!


If we want to wake up from the state of induced sleep, if we want to escape the effect of the anesthetics administered to us daily by those at the top of the decision-making pyramid, then we must get used to looking everywhere for the HUMAN and the HUMANNESS! Let us look for the human in the politician so that we do not get “perfect grade politicians” who, at the same time, are “bad grade humans”. Let us look for the human in the teacher, the human in the student, the human in the employee and the human in the employer, the human in the client, the human in the voter, the human in the professional, the human in the young and the human in the old, the human in the rich and the human in the poor! This is the only grade that really matters – our GRADE of HUMANITY! If we are not interested, in school and life in general, in this true evaluation – the evaluation of our HUMANITY – then let us not be surprised that our own superficiality will quickly push us to the terrible abyss!


Not only students but also teachers must be freed from the tyranny of the “education system”. At present, not even the richest souls, not even the most spiritually gifted teachers, can do much because they are agglutinated in a vise by means of the “system’s requirements”, of the “curriculum”. No matter how well they understand the need to approach classes and individual students in a human-healthy way, even the perfect grade humans working as teachers will have far too little freedom of movement. And this will be a great loss for both the teachers and their students and, in a few years, a great loss for the entire human society!


Even the best teachers encounter great difficulties when it comes to stimulating the human in the student. It seems that we do not have time for such a thing! We pump as much information as possible into the almost digitized mind of the student-machine. Then, we never stop inventing zillions of tests to evaluate and validate the input-output cycle, the memorizing and playback process specific to precarious artificial intelligence.


Well, a solution to relieve and release both the teacher and the student would be to organize the “subject matters” on different degrees of difficulty. A layered system, such as “beginner” – “intermediate” – “advanced”, would greatly help students, teachers, and parents. This way, the terrible STRESS (which affects the student mentally and even physically), the fear of not coping with the “subject matters” would soon disappear. What is the point of torturing students with no appetite for mathematics by forcing them to work at an advanced level when it is obvious to EVERYONE that the probability of those students working, directly or indirectly, in the field of mathematics is quasi-zero!? Obviously, mathematics (we are just using it as an example) has its place and role in the student’s intellectual development. But mathematics, depending on how it is taught in relation to each student, can generate two effects – it can either feed the mind or torment it! A natively math-structured mind will be stimulated, nurtured by teaching advanced mathematics. In contrast, a natively art-structured mind will often be merely TORTURED by stubbornly teaching mathematics at the same advanced level!


This is the reality! Math (and any other subject matter) can both feed or torture! If we teach math in a human-healthy way, then we will not put all students in the same math pot. It’s just CRAZY to treat everyone the same! It’s not only counterproductive but also INHUMANE! TORTURE has nothing to do with the real SCHOOL, with what it should be!


However, suppose we set aside stubbornness and start structuring “subject matters” on different difficulty levels. In that case, we eliminate one of the most significant and most severe problems of the current education system – STRESS! Even the much-loved tests and assessments should be shaped according to the same teaching system structured on different difficulty levels. Testing during school years, as well as the big exams, the final tests should also be structured on three levels of difficulty – “beginner”, “intermediate”, and “advanced”. This way, students will value themselves and be valued for what they ARE in the truth of their deep being, not for what they ARE REQUIRED to be!


This is just one example of an idea that arises when one looks at the educational process from the human-student’s and the human-teacher’s perspectives. For someone who thinks in a strictly utilitarian way, for someone who considers it natural for the school to be just a factory that produces time-limited economic tools, surely such ideas will seem like a waste of time. However, anyone who understands that the school must be a factory of humans and not a factory of machines will find such a proposal at least interesting.

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Of course, it is just an idea. Similarly, many other ideas can be developed and detailed. What is really important is to learn how to deal with the problem in the right way and seek that everything we do respects the dignity of the human being and corresponds to the student’s harmonious, human-healthy development. We must strive to increase the human in the students through everything we think and implement regarding the educational process, and not diminish it. This would be the essence of a right and human-healthy education! Here is, indeed, the KEY to the whole educational edifice, its cornerstone – the increase, not the decrease, of the human in the student!


Undoubtedly, the student’s growth of humanness will always mean the teacher’s humanness growth. Because, given the background of actual and formal freedom, the teachers will increase their own humanity in direct proportion to their students’ increase of humanity. At the same time, it is the great benefit and the great responsibility of the profession, of the VOCATION of teaching!


We can only obtain peace, we can only develop non-conflictual relations between the states of the world through focusing our global attention on the common denominator: the essence of the human being! We will continue to have wars, conflicts of all kinds just while we seek peace and while we try to eliminate conflicts on the periphery of our human being. The everyday human, the superficial human, cannot find peace! It is an impossibility! As such, all internationally renowned institutions and organizations will continue to achieve nothing sustainable, as has happened to date, no matter how many well-meaning people populate them. The issue is not that there are not enough well-meaning people. The big problem is that even these well-meaning people, for the most part, do not think of solutions and do not act from the center of their being, but from their periphery!


The moment the search for the essence of the human being and the development of the superior human nature become the social sun around which all national and international programs, projects, and institutions revolve, only then will we find real solutions and enduring effects. Until then, if we persist in approaching issues as we have done for centuries, we will only be able to continue rolling down to the sub-human valley, along with everything we pompously call “human civilization”!


At present, billions of people are kept in an artificial bubble that does not allow them to find the real solutions precisely because it does not allow them to find themselves. The entire international conflictual system is generated beyond the Materialist Wall, and that is precisely why the solutions are also to be found beyond this Wall. Those beyond the Wall have created, developed, and maintained the current deeply conflictual international system. At the same time, those at the pyramid’s base, the billions of people on the planet, think that both they and their representatives in local parliaments and global institutions will at some point be able to achieve the much-desired peace, the much-sought non-conflictual global climate.


Obviously, it’s just an illusion! You cannot eliminate an effect unless you are working on the cause. And if that cause is beyond the Materialist Wall, the impact of this cause cannot disappear by “eliminating” some superficial or even imaginary causes that are not beyond this Wall! This fact has to be understood, as everything depends on this understanding!


How to achieve peace between two countries that have been in conflict for decades if, beyond the pompous words of those who are the “representatives” of the people in various palaces, parliaments, and institutions, no one or almost no one stops to ask this crucial question: “But what could bring us TOGETHER again?!” Only the answer to this question can provide us with the solution. And the answer to this question can only be found if we pass beyond the Materialist Wall that prevents us from seeing reality as it is.


As people become aware that their lives have a much higher meaning than everyday life, the non-conflictual relationship between the world’s countries becomes possible. The everyday, superficial human will always be cannon fodder and pawn on the cynical chessboard. He will be moved around without even noticing it. The deep humans, who live and act from the center of their own being and not from their periphery, will never be pawns. They will be their own masters! And when enough people from each country have begun to live in the center of their own being, wars and conflicts on the periphery of humanity will have begun to disappear. Because war and conflict are NOT possible between people who live and act from the spiritual center of their being. War and conflict occur only when humans live on the periphery of their own being, unaware of their higher nature and the spirit in them and all others.

All the problems of humanity have their primary cause in the fact that most people remain for most of their lives on the periphery of their own being. If more of them consciously return to their own center, then the world’s problems will disappear without trace. In fact, they will disappear because they will no longer be generated and nurtured by ignorance!


Here we are, at a point of utmost importance! It is essential to understand a fine distinction, a subtle difference that can completely change the humans’ relationships and the whole of human society. At this point, most people do not even think that they need to work from the center of their profound spiritual being in order to deal with humanity’s problems. But even those who are aware of the need for this depth miss, for the most part, the essential. From the very beginning, the issue is raised completely wrongly. Solutions are being sought for the problems of humanity. In fact, what people should do is stop causing these problems! It’s a subtle difference that changes everything…


Due to the fact that most people live their whole lives on the periphery of their own beings, they constantly generate problems. Then they try to solve these problems, but still on the periphery. In truth, the very fact that they live and act on their periphery is the cause of all the issues! And just getting back to the center would be enough to stop causing all those problems. If we stop causing problems, we will have nothing to solve!

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Otherwise, people will continue to spin in a vicious circle. Staying at the periphery will generate problems, then the “solutions” that will also be found on the same periphery will, in turn, generate other problems. In order to be effective and efficient in “solving” problems, we must first understand what is it that produces them, what is the root cause. And if we understand this cause, if we return to the center of our own being, we will stop generating those problems we are currently trying to solve.


How could those at the top of the decision-making pyramid pit people against people if most humans had awakened and begun to live, know, feel, and act from the center of their being? A human who has returned to his own center is a human who values ​​himself as a human and who values ​​the deep humanity in all his fellows. Such a human, who has acquired a deep respect for the human being’s dignity, simply cannot be manipulated. The wires cannot pull them to move the way puppets move.


Therefore, the solution is not to be found or looked for at the middle of the power pyramid, the dwelling place of people who, although they are part of all kinds of national and international institutions, do not operate consciously beyond the Materialist Wall. In other words, if the solution is to be found beyond the Materialist Wall, it is not accessible to those at the base of the decision-making pyramid, nor to their “representatives” at the middle. In vain do those at the ground look up in hope to those at the middle. Although they really think they have tremendous “power”, those at the middle are, in fact, only pawns that are moved on the chessboard by those at the top of the power pyramid. And those at the top of the decision-making pyramid have this enormous power precisely because they operate beyond the Materialist Wall, while those at the middle and those at the base are kept in the dark. That is why they built this gigantic structure, the Materialist Wall, so that everyone else never gets to know what they know. Thus, their knowledge doubled by all others’ ignorance gives them formidable power!


Do we really want to solve the current international conflicts? Very well, then! Let’s start by paying less attention to all the programs, projects, and institutions that “are working hard” to find “solutions”! Next, let’s get to know each other really well. We keep hearing, for instance, that the United States and Russia are enemies. But who keeps giving us this narrative? Why are we taking it as an axiom? Why do Americans and Russians themselves accept it as a postulate? Who decided this? Did all Americans and all Russians decide? Were all Americans and all Russians consulted? Did THEY come to this conclusion? Obviously, it is not the case! In truth, when we say that there is a conflictual relationship between the Americans and the Russians, this is not our own fruit of thought. It’s the prefabricated “truth” we are being fed with by those who want us to think and feel this way, by those who are very interested in perpetuating such a conflict.


In fact, the Russians and the Americans – that is, the REAL Russians and the REAL Americans, the PEOPLE of Russia and the PEOPLE of America – have absolutely NO reason to hate and fight each other! The conflict is as artificial as possible and is just a wheel in the great mechanism created and maintained by the puppeteers that rule the world.


Suppose Russians and Americans – that is, ordinary people in the United States and ordinary people in Russia – meet and share their most precious knowledge, culture, and spiritual goods. In that case, I guarantee that, in no more than a year, NOBODY on Planet Earth will speak about the “great conflict between Russians and Americans”! And that is because, in fact, the Russians and the Americans have NO real reason for conflict! On the contrary, they would have a lot to learn from each other.


Thus, if one really wants to solve “conflicts” between nations, it is about time for nations to meet at their spiritual heights, at their human heights. International relations must be redefined starting from the human being’s higher nature. On the periphery of their being, the Russian people and the American people can go to war at any time. But at the center of their existence, the Russian people and the American people can only be interested in cultural exchange and mutual aid. The superficial human in the USA and the superficial human in Russia will always be pitted against each other, even if there is no factual basis for conflict. It is only the superficiality that will always ensure the default approval of conflict and war. Without grumbling, the superficial human in Russia and the superficial human in the United States will be at war and constantly teasing each other, on all levels, just because those behind the curtain direct them this way. Instead, the deep American and the deep Russian will aspire to exchange feelings and ideas, and they will be eager to become spiritually richer by learning from each other.

There is only one real possibility to resolve the conflict between two nations – the two nations’ meeting in spirit, in the profoundness of their humanness. There will be no more conflict between Russia and the United States when the Russians and the Americans meet in the spirit’s realm. When the Americans rise to their spirit’s altitude, they meet the Russians raised to their spirit’s altitude. Conflicts are only possible on the periphery, in the deceptive world of our illusions.

At the same time, it must be stressed that the solution is by no means that of the leveling globalization, the leveling of all individuals and all peoples on Earth. The idea is not to go down to the basement of our being, in the sub-human area, where we should all be the same while missing our kingdom’s Destiny. On the contrary, the idea is to help each other reach, TOGETHER, the upper floors of our becoming, to meet as highly possible while preserving all the wonderful differences that make us unique!


Regarding international relations and all other areas and aspects of social life, it is vital to understand the following truth: it is useless to wait for “favorable conditions” to start changing our world for the better. The only chance for real change is creating “favorable conditions” by ourselves. Waiting for the “favorable conditions” is “Waiting for Godot”… Just as Godot did not come, although he was awaited, so the “favorable conditions” will never arise. These “favorable conditions” cannot emerge on Earth unless humans themselves stop waiting for them and start working together to create them!


In fact, these “favorable conditions” mean only one thing: the awakening of a sufficiently large number of people who will thus be able to understand that everything depends on the rebirth, on the spiritual revival of our human society. And by this, I do not propose an abstract intellectual approach or a simple philosophical concept but a genuine reality. Those at the top of the decision-making pyramid have permanent access to this reality. At the same time, they are doing everything in their power to block our sight, our access to the same reality. The beings dwelling on the immoral, illegitimate, and inhuman peak have gained tremendous powers by hiding all these truths from us!


One of this book’s main aims is to give back to you the stubbornly denied perspective: everything depends on you, not on those at the middle of the decision-making pyramid. You are told that they are the leaders of the world! But they, in fact, cannot even lead themselves, let alone the WORLD… Those you consider “leaders” are, in fact, just pawns (any exception proving the rule). They are themselves just pawns on the cynical chessboard of those at the top of the decision-making pyramid, of the pyramid of power. So, please stop looking for answers at the fake top that is actually the middle! Those you vote for, hoping that they will change your world for the better, are not the true chairmen of this world! 

If you want to change your world for the better, only you can do it, both individually and collectively! Because the world cannot really change for the better, nowadays, on a strictly individual level. Whether we are aware of this or not, we are all living in a time of our evolution when we can no longer find happiness, freedom, and beauty without first putting all our achievements at the service of our fellow human beings. Only by working with others and for the good of others can we find true inner peace, and only this way can we come to ensure true outer peace, as outer peace is nothing but the reflection of inner peace.

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As long as we allow the perpetuation of this permanent conflict between what the human being truly is and what we have been manipulated to think we are, there will be no chance to establish real external peace. Outer peace between countries can only be born as a corollary of each individual’s inner peace. And inner peace can only be achieved when the conflict between what humans are and what they have been induced to think they are is eliminated. The illusory veil must be removed. If people open their eyes and see their immeasurable inner wealth, they can no longer be made to think they are worth infinitely less. They can no longer be diverted from the line of their great Destiny, and they can no longer be manipulated and pitted against each other!


As for those who see only “utopias” in all these phrases, the only answer is the conclusion at the beginning and the end of this book: “Utopian is not the one who believes that the world can change for the better, but the one who believes that the world can go on as it is right now!”

Whoever thinks that all these things are “nonsense” or “utopias” is free to keep on walking blindfolded while shouting that he “sees”. In the meantime, the world will either be destroyed by the “pragmatists” who “see” or will be put back on track by those who cease to grope through the present darkness and turn on the light to really SEE!


A total reversal of the System-Citizen relationship is necessary. Currently, the System produces its citizens. In the right version, the citizens produce their System! Currently, the young human is modeled in school so as to be considered a suitable “product” by the System. The young human being does not develop as a human being but as the specific kind of product that the System finds suitable. It is not students’ own inner nature that decides how they will develop, but the System decides what kind of products they will be. This is the reality! This is our current “society”! 


Through the world’s governments, the beings at the top of the decision-making pyramid organized education systems that produce a series of economic tools. That they produce better or worse economic tools – this is the ONLY difference when it comes to the EFFICIENCY of school systems in various countries. There is no difference in structure and purpose, but only a difference in productivity and efficiency. Schools have become factories producing economic tools and machines. The school no longer approaches the student as a human being, as a spiritual being, but as an ORDERED product. Humanism has failed in utilitarianism. The System orders and the factory called “school” produces. Furthermore, after the production cycle has ended, the economic machine receives a certification that allows it to deliver what the System requires of it. And the economic machine, produced by the factory called “school”, will function as a submissive machine until the system considers that it is morally worn out and that it has to be placed in storage.


We cannot change the world for the better unless we turn it into a world of humans! And, in order to transform today’s society into a world of humans, we have to humanize both school and work! We should talk precisely about these things, if there is any responsibility, and if people did not prefer to support a mechanical system that has turned them into machine tools with temporary and limited utility.


The perfect illustration of humans’ transformation into working machines is the well-known corporate saying: “Nobody is irreplaceable!”… Although, if we consider that human beings are treated like machines, like tools (that’s why they are also called “resources”), it would be more suitable for the corporate saying to be slightly modified: “Nothing is irreplaceable!” That “nobody” still presumes, albeit vaguely, that we are dealing with a being. “Nothing” is a more appropriate word for the machines, for the tools into which humans have been transformed.

The human being’s deep nature is suppressed within the current education system. The education curriculum is conceived and sustained by the System so that, at the end of school, there are no people who graduate but only social working machines which are certified.

The best way to illustrate the current situation is to draw a cybernetic analogy. One that, I am convinced, will be very easily understood nowadays! If we imagine society as an operating system, then each new generation is to be considered a new update. But the problem is that all new social updates are blocked by an anti-human firewall that considers the human spirit a virus! Therefore, the operating system of human society becomes buggy and obsolete.


The state, the economic system, and the social system must adapt to what human beings can offer if allowed! Human beings do not have to adjust to what the state, the economic, and the social system demand of them. For the first time in history, we need to build a society that is truly a SOCIETY OF HUMANS and a SOCIETY FOR HUMANS! Currently, there is no such thing anywhere in the world. What we have is a cynical-utilitarian society, a society that produces social machines that only have a limited and temporary economic value.


We know for sure that, currently, the “market”, the “economic system”, and the “political system” dictate what kind of people the school should carve. Consequently, it is not difficult to understand why humanity is on the verge of collapse (both economically and politically). If the “market” regulates the school, then we will not educate people, but we will only produce social machines and economic tools. If politics governs the school, then our schools will not help young human beings become adult human beings, but they will create future voting machines and mass of maneuver.

The emancipation of school is essential because the human being’s emancipation is essential! We need HUMAN-BEINGS in our society! We need living, awakened, wide-eyed human beings, people with a vivid, penetrating spirit, people who can graduate from school in a state of fully creative enthusiasm, not after they become dry and spiritless. LIVING WATER is what human students, what the young people of the world need. They need a school to whet their appetite, to quench their thirst. School as THIRST… They don’t need school to force them to forget about their thirst. Nor do they need school to force them into drinking sand. They need to be really helped to quench their real thirst!


In the spiritual desert that our current society is, the young human beings either no longer feel any thirst or, if they feel any, only receive bottles of hot sand! How could human beings survive in the desert if they are offered hot sand instead of cold water? Who can drink such a thing and survive as a human being?!


The economic and political systems are not an end in themselves, but only a means by which humans can be helped. The lighter the human, the heavier the System! The less conscious humans are, the more tyrannical the System will become! In the end, we shall all need to outlive the horrid living conditions when the System no longer serves the human being, but the human being becomes the slave of the system!

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The system was engineered so that it has become an almost impregnable fortress. The system has become a materialistic fortress beyond whose walls and gates no glimmer of spiritual light can penetrate. The spiritual achievements and approaches of self-conscious people find absolutely no place within the system. Thus, the system came to suppress everything that comes from the spirit, everything that presents itself as a product of the spirit. If a public person talks about “cash flow”, then the situation is a “normal” one, and the fact is seen as something positive, as something helpful, that serves the system well. If instead, a public person talks about the SPIRIT, then the situation is seen as “abnormal”, and the fact is treated as something “strange” and “inappropriate”, as an extravagance of someone who should have consumed this experience in privacy, and not exhibit it publicly. This much has been “achieved”… A tyrannical system has been created, which either treats carelessly or mocks and rejects any spiritual impulse, any manifestation of the human beings in their spiritual essence. Thus, precisely what could positively transform society is aggressively rejected from the first appearance.


But what this system will never be able to do, no matter how well it is conceived by those who oppose the development of humanity’s natural destiny, is to prevent the “epidemic”, the “pandemic” spread of the awakening of human spirits! If the LIVING WORD of the awakened people will circulate enough, then many more people will begin to wake up! And if enough people will have woken up, then no System, no matter how tyrannical, no matter how well developed, will be able to prevent the full manifestation of the spirit, of the deep human! Therefore, everything that is said or written here should circulate as much as possible. People need to light each other’s candles! People will be the bearers of light even in the middle of the darkest materialistic night when this has happened. The human spirit will shine in the night of matter!


Of course, all these words will be met with much opposition. How else!? Do you really think that the System will easily accept its own transformation? Given this inevitable stubborn opposition, it is vital that those who understand this message transmit it everywhere, in all possible ways! If this message circulates enough, it will wake up enough people. And when enough humans are awake, the world can be changed by the positive power of the awakened humans themselves.

There will be no need for providential leaders because awakened people will recognize in themselves the will of Providence, the delicate and beautiful agreements of their own Destiny!


The System’s fortress cannot be conquered directly, violently. This is exactly what the System would like you to try! Because the System feeds on hatred and violence. The System’s walls cannot fall even if an army of a billion people forces them. The fortress will fall, and the walls will collapse only when a sufficient number of human beings understand their falsity. When the critical mass of awakened people is reached, the walls will disappear on their own, nonviolently, without hatred and war. Hate and war are the bricks that build the fortress’s seemingly impregnable walls. Any attempt to tear them down by the methods of hatred, violence, and war of any kind will only strengthen them, grow them, add bricks. But the awakening of human beings, the awareness of their own spiritual essence, the understanding of the world in its true reality will permit the disappearance of the walls.


You see, the SYSTEM is a fortress that seems invincible precisely because its foundations are based on people’s ignorance, on their fear or cowardice, as well as on their violence, hatred, and aggressiveness. If human beings are unaware of the walls, they will never think of crossing these walls. If human beings begin to know something about the walls but are still afraid, they will not be able to cross the walls. If human beings begin to know, they will understand that if they violently try to knock down the walls, the walls will not fall but will get even stronger. If human beings really understand the walls, they will no longer need to approach them. The walls will simply disappear. They will be nothing more than dust in the wind. They will not be reinforced any longer by the brick of ignorance, by the brick of fear, by the brick of hatred, and the brick of violence! Without these elements, the System will collapse, and the fortress will disappear. And the spirit of HUMANS will light up the world!


I know from my own experience that people who long for change have been taught to wait for someone – always SOMEONE ELSE – to “fight the System”, to defeat the dragon for them. This is told by someone who really fought against the System: fighting against it is EXACTLY what the System wants! The System wants us to consume our energies in this pointless fight – a fight we cannot win.

Don’t get excited! The System itself is the one that sometimes allows, in a carefully CONTROLLED manner, a “victory” against itself. Why is the System doing this? For two main reasons. First: it releases social tensions that accumulate and pose a danger to it. Second: the disappointment of those who thought they had won but then actually see themselves defeated will be so great that it will further decrease the chances for someone else ever trying another act of solitary courage!


Therefore, it is good not to fall into this trap! Because the System itself is the one that sometimes wins against the System! Even if those fighting the System are well-meaning, they can win a stage battle only if the System itself wants it, for the reasons mentioned above.

The System itself will create and nurture the illusion of “the System’s defeat”. The System itself will generate “anti-system forces”. The system always controls and will always handle its own “defeats”.


Does all this mean that there is no chance of winning, that we are predestined to be the System’s slaves, that there is no point in even thinking about it? Certainly not! It just means that we need to know EXACTLY who and what we are dealing with. And that is because the strongest ally of the System is our IGNORANCE! The less we know, the less we understand the System, the world, and ourselves, the stronger the System grows! Trying to fight the System without understanding the System is nothing but making it even stronger! This is the reality, no matter how harsh or confusing it may sound!


So, what to do? Is there anything that can be done? YES! IT IS! As I said, whoever really understands the System, its composition, and its functions quickly understands that the only real way to defeat the System is to work for the AWAKENING OF HUMAN BEINGS! If you really want to defeat the System, try not to be naive… You will never defeat it by approaching it directly. If you really want to defeat the System, do not aim to defeat it! Aim to help other HUMANS WAKE UP! This is the only way to beat the System – by assisting others in waking up!


This is the great paradox of the current situation: the System will not be defeated by direct fight (on the contrary, this will even make it more robust), but it can be defeated indirectly by working to awaken people who are being subjugated by the System. With forks and axes in our hands, we will only harden the System… Because the System will always invent new ways to suppress or divert any revolt. The System cannot be defeated with forks and axes! But with the living spirit and the awakened consciousness! Only this way…

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The System needs Anti-System Heroes! It requires national emotional outbursts, discharges of social tension. The System will create its own “anti-system heroes” or will support, in the shadows, in a thoroughly CONTROLLED manner, even those who are fighting in good faith against it. The “anti-system heroes” created by the System itself are and will always be its property. They know their role well, and they play it as required, year to year, situation to situation. You can easily identify them on the political battlefield. All you have to do is this: check the history of their public speeches and actions, and watch, counterclockwise, what those “anti-system heroes” did and said, in total opposition to what they say and do right now. Why are there so many changes? Precisely because those “anti-system heroes” are, in fact, controlled by the System. They are public productions. They are the System’s political pieces.

The system constantly polls public opinion. If the public perception of a majority moves in a specific direction, then the “anti-system hero” will be sent to the public corridor of that perception. If the general perception moves like the pendulum to the exact opposite pole, by itself or by manipulating the public opinion, then the same “anti-system hero” will be sent to this new public perception corridor. This explains why those “anti-system heroes” blatantly contradict themselves, both in word and deed. And this is also the best way to identify them.


Then, there are also the “anti-system heroes” of good faith, those who are not creations of the System but who, in their naivety, are convinced that they are the ones who sometimes beat the System. Well, unwillingly, they actually end up reinforcing the System! They are not only allowed, but the System itself even helps them to win one and another tiny “battle”. This way, the System has the opportunity to discover possible new breaches in its defense system. Also, the public energy and even public rage are consumed in a perfectly CONTROLLED manner!


How would you proceed if you were part of the System and wanted to control any possible riot or revolt against the System? Would you not create fake anti-system heroes, fake anti-system political parties, and fake civic organizations? Would you not try to control even those fighting you in good faith by feeding their egos of “anti-system fighters”, by supporting and feeding their vanity of “anti-system heroes”? It’s easy…


Everything the System does, as basic principles, is incredibly SIMPLE. Of course, as time goes on, the System benefits from more and more sophisticated technological means, which ensure an ever better camouflage, which makes the real goals and objectives less and less perceptible. But the basic principles, the foundation of the System, always remain the SAME! Ignorance, fear, hatred, violence… They make up, together, the FOUNDATION OF THE SYSTEM!


That is why, no matter how well-meaning someone may be, being fearless is not enough to defeat the System. In fact, the System itself is always looking for the brave! Either the System converts them into its servants or uses these “fearless warriors” by feeding them the illusion that they are great and legendary “heroes”.


In vain are we brave if we are still ignorant! No matter how well-meaning they are, ignorant fearless human beings will never really move any brick in the System’s fortress. On the contrary, they will even make it stronger! They will unintentionally help the System discover and mitigate its own vulnerabilities! It is exactly what big corporations do. They hire hackers to penetrate their virtual walls because they want to find their vulnerabilities. Well, the System uses the exact same method with the help of the “anti-System heroes” of good faith. The System feeds their ego, uses their vanity, their unconscious desire to be worshiped, applauded, in order to bring fake “victories” against itself! It’s horrible, it’s awfully cynical, perverse, but that’s how it works, and that’s how the System will continue to work.


There is also another very good, very efficient service that the well-meaning “anti-system hero” provides unintentionally for the System’s benefit. He stings the balloon in a controlled manner when it swells too much and an explosion is imminent. Then, precisely because the procedure is perfectly controlled, the system closes the minor breach as soon as the dangerous pressure is released. Unfortunately, most of the time, the “anti-system hero” who would never allow himself to be controlled by the System ends up being used by the System to release social tensions. It is cynical, horrible, I know! But that’s the truth! The System itself uses the well-meaning “anti-system hero” like a needle to sting the balloon from time to time. The “anti-system hero” is happy to see the air coming out. He considers the sting a big explosion and, together with those who support him in the “fight against the System”, he is happy that he “accomplished his duty” for the public good. In reality, by using his vanity, the vanity of a “hero” who is loved or even adored by the public, exploiting his ignorance, the System will use the “anti-system hero” precisely to protect itself from an actual explosion.


… But there’s even more! Do you think that the System does not, however, take into account possible major errors in its own approaches? Does anyone imagine that the System is not so well set up to consider even its own defeat or loss of some important battles? The System takes this into account, of course! Consequently, the System is very well prepared for these eventualities! Why do you think that, even after a revolution against it, the same System is the one that comes to rule?  The System IS ALWAYS READY TO USE ITS OWN DEFEATS TO ITS OWN BENEFIT!


Let us think… Let us say that tensions are accumulating for decades. This means that they can no longer be released in a controlled manner through the “anti-system heroes”. When this happens – usually after long intervals – then a revolution or something similar shakes the system vigorously. Well, this is precisely the time and situation for which the System is as well prepared as possible! The System will use its own defeat to give people the illusion that they have won, that “the system has been defeated”, that they are “free”, that they have finally come to “count”.

For many years, maybe even decades, the citizens will continue to live the dream, the illusion of their own victory against the System. Meanwhile, and right from the start, most often right from the very second after the great “anti-System victory”, the System will take, chameleon-like, exactly the shape people enjoy. It will continue to do EXACTLY what it did before but in other forms. The system always adapts to what the citizens want. Not to serve them better, but to CONTROL them better!


Do you want an “anti-system political party”? Well, will the System not create one for you? Do you want an “anti-system revolution”? Well, who else can help you better than the System itself? Do you want “anti-system heroes” to fight the System for you? Well, doesn’t the System help you? Doesn’t it create fake “anti-system heroes” for you, or does it not manipulate the real “anti-system heroes”?

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…So, what can be done? Just one thing: whoever really wants to defeat the System must understand that the System is based precisely on human ignorance. It is its most crucial cornerstone! Consequently, whoever really wants to overthrow the System must fight against his/her own ignorance, must open his/her eyes wide, wake up, and then help others wake up too. Not rebuking them for sleeping, not lifting their eyelids with the finger, but speaking, explaining, transmitting – from soul to soul, from spirit to spirit, from candle to candle – the vivid flame. An awakened spirit is a spirit whose light shines in the dark, whose light can help other eyes open so that other people can come to shine for other people.


This is the only way to defeat the System: waking up as many people as possible! There is no other real way! Everything else is just an illusion, just a fake victory, just an eternal battle controlled precisely by the System, even when the System seems to be defeated.


If this message is really understood, then whoever understands it will carry the news further so that other people will find out. If this message is understood, then whoever understands it will find the way, the methods to act in the spirit of these words. If someone reading these lines does not really understand the message, then the search for providential leaders will continue. Instead of looking for Providence’s impulses in their own being, they will continue to look for “anti-system heroes”. Instead of looking for awakened people or for people they may help wake up, they will continue to believe that they live in a real democracy. They will take it sometimes to the left and sometimes to the right, not seeing that they are actually running in circles, spinning in an eternal roundabout. They will try to adapt themselves and encourage their children and grandchildren to adapt to a society that has nothing profound to offer them, a society they are called to change, provided they are given a chance for harmonious development.


If this message is truly understood, then the impulses it transmits will act further independently of the one sharing this message. The people who will receive these impulses will find a way to act and help others receive these impulses. If this message is not really understood, then the one who transmits this message, or others like him, will be expected to act and work on others’ behalf. This is not possible! We can work together. You can work WITH other people. But you can’t do THEIR work! It would mean that you are breaking their will, their free will! No one can work in someone else’s shoes when it comes to spiritual impulses intended to awaken the deep human in us. No one can wake up for us. No one can awaken in our place.


This message has absolutely NO connection with any organization, national or international, visible or hidden, or with any political movement of any nature. Given the spiritual impulses it carries, impulses that are meant to call the deep humans to their awakening, this message is beyond politics, beyond economics, beyond what we have come to call “society”. This is a message for the deep human, for the human being with a living spirit. We need people with a living spirit and an awakened consciousness. We need these people in large numbers if we are at all to have new and different politics, a new and different economy, a new and different society.


We are facing hard times, and even more challenging times will come if people do not start waking up in large enough numbers. And waking up doesn’t mean cracking the table. It means working, enthusiastically but also calmly, so that as many people as possible have the chance to wake up. I have already said it, and I will keep repeating it: whoever thinks that violence and aggressiveness solve anything will only strengthen the system even more. And, given the accelerated technological advance, we are approaching a time when the refinement of manipulation will be so great that the vast majority of people will live in a state of slavery without even noticing it. Instead of spiritual sight, they will be served virtual reality, instead of the deep human “I”, they will be served the iPod, the iPad, the iPhone, until, not far from now, they will be served the last one: the iRobot! We are moving fast towards that moment, and only the awakening of the true “I”, of the spirit within us, will be able to help us overcome this great crisis of humanity.


Nothing terrible that affects our world is foreign to us, to each of us. And we must not read this in the key of individual guilt, but in the key of vivid understanding. The world will not change for the better if we continue to believe that it is enough to vote for people who will change it for us, or if we continue to run on the same old tracks created by all kinds of interest groups, or if we continue just to feel guilty. The world will change for the better only if we begin to UNDERSTAND. Let’s understand each other, let’s understand the world, and only then will we be able to act consciously.


In reality, we function in such a way that if humans really understand what is happening, if humans truly get to know the world on a deeper level, they will act according to this understanding. If we don’t understand, we can’t change anything! We will only perpetuate the current planetary disaster.


That is why current politics has nothing good to offer humanity. People live in a stage of their evolution when it is no longer possible for a leader to decide and act for everyone else. We live in the Age of Freedom, even if, paradoxically, we are perhaps less free than ever. It’s only natural to be like that, and there’s no reason to despair. We just have to UNDERSTAND that the most significant opposition, and the most extensive set of interests in the sense of impeding the development of human understanding and freedom, are at work precisely in our time – the time of the liberation of humans from the bubble in which they are forced to live. The most difficult period is always the most favorable. We tend to numb, to fall asleep when everything is quiet. But the difficult moments can help us wake up.


People can laugh as much as they want when another person tells them that there is a precipice to which they are heading with their eyes closed. The closed-eyed human can consider that the one who talks about the abyss is an idiot. But if the precipice is really there, the open-eyed human sees it, and the closed-eyed person falls into it while laughing at the open-eyed human, then who is the dumb one after all!? 

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There is no point in talking endlessly about “education reforms” or “economic programs” as long as we do not start from the foundations of human existence, from the human being’s essence. Education reform … for whom? Economic programs … for what kind of being? 

Why is this crucial? Because, if we look at the human as being nothing more than the organism we perceive with our ordinary senses, then it is OBVIOUS that all our so-called “education reforms” and “economic programs” will only be addressed to this organism. Instead, if we become aware that the human being is much more than this visible organism, then we will design completely different educational and economic programs. In general, everything we build as an economic, political, and social framework will produce effects only insofar we really understand the human being and the universe. If we begin to realize that the human being is much, much more than what we are used to thinking, then and only then will we be able to change the economic, political, and social framework according to this understanding.


Whoever thinks that all these things are nonsense can ride on two thinking roads. To honestly analyze the national and international situation and to find out for oneself whether, following the paths of the current world, we have reached or will ever reach a better status. And to make use of the famous Pascal’s Wager: if what I say is not valid, then you haven’t lost anything by trying, but if what I say is true and you have not tried, then you have lost everything.


Another thing that is very harmful at the social level and begins to develop from early childhood is belonging to a gang. It happens especially at school, where such things are not taken into account and are allowed to develop without any guiding intervention. First, it’s the neighborhood gang, then the school gang, then the work gang, then the political gang, then the economic gang, then the international gang … and so on. Well, let’s be honest again – what exactly does belonging to a … “gang” generate? It generates, first of all, a very pleasant and, at the same time, a very harmful effect. It generates the pleasure, the satisfaction, the security of “being among others like me”. But it generates, at the same time, the tendency to oppose the other gangs and to use the double standard, from a moral and decisional point of view, depending on the affiliation to one gang or another. 


Who can actually say they have never personally experienced this at least once? Who can say they have not noticed this at least once? People use the double standard depending on whether they belong to one gang or another! If “you are one of mine”, then I will find excuses even if you intentionally broke a window. I will argue, in your defense, that that window was old and that it had to be changed anyway. If, instead, you are part of the rival gang, then I will accuse you. I will say that you acted violently and antisocially, and I will ask for your exemplary punishment. I don’t think there is any honest person on Earth who would disagree! That is what happens all over the world and in all community sectors.


Another harmful effect of belonging to a particular gang is that we constantly repudiate even the best of us only on the grounds of belonging to the “rival gang”. Doesn’t this happen everywhere!? And where is this phenomenon more visible than in the political sphere? Is there anyone who is a real professional, who really wishes to do good, but happens to be a member of another political gang? “OUT!” “Get him out!” These things have always happened… And it is extremely harmful because instead of supporting projects that would do us good, we reject them on the grounds that they come from an individual “belonging to another gang”. That, it must be said, is extremely stupid!


Real freedom is much more than the freedom we imagine we have and for which we stand up from time to time and fight or protest. Real freedom comes ONLY with the “exit from the MATRIX”, only with the exit from the social bubble, from the unreal reality. Free humans understand the world, understand their fellows, and understand themselves at a deep level. Without UNDERSTANDING, there isn’t and never will be any real FREEDOM. How can humans be free when everything they think is framed by concepts and paradigms that are not their own!? Others (those at the top of the decision-making pyramid) decided to innoculate vistas in their mind and soul that have nothing to do with real reality.

Consequently, human beings become very opinionated, although they never try to open their eyes and see the truth. If the usual citizens would suddenly acknowledge the degree of their slavery, they would hardly bear it! And that is because the real world we live in is, in fact, completely different from the one our minds have been inceptioned with. This is the reality! And it doesn’t matter too much whether someone agrees with what I’m saying here or not. I have said it before, and I will repeat it: if one is about to fall into the abyss but keeps laughing at another one who clearly sees what is going to happen, then the fact that one mocks reality is not the cleverest thing one can do! To what extent is “free” the one who is inexorably going to fall into the abyss? He would be free if he could see clearly, with his own eyes, the abyss. But, in his “freedom”, he prefers not only to ignore but also to make fun of those who draw his attention to the abyss.


Imagine that you turn on the TV or go on the Internet and you are told or read the following news: “In the last 24 hours, 320 new outbreaks of hatred have been noticed throughout the world. Another 253,408 people started hatred-based relationships …”. Any discussion on hatred must be carried out with maximum detachment. It doesn’t help anyone, it doesn’t help at all to talk about who is right and who is wrong when hating something or someone. There is no point in talking about hatred from an exclusively moral perspective. It doesn’t make sense not because it doesn’t serve a purpose, but because it doesn’t lead us anywhere! No matter how “highly human” it may seem, such a discussion will never get us anywhere. But what is really important is to observe, with detachment, what is it that brings hatred to human society. When we manage to detach ourselves a little from our own inner feelings, from our own affections and moods, we will see clearly that we have to deal, since the day of our birth, with more and more sophisticated mechanisms designed to generate hatred. Whoever manages to detach oneself a little from their own affections and moods will see clearly what hatred actually does to human society. Then, they will observe how it is injected, by what methods, and through what mechanisms.


But first of all, whoever manages to detach oneself, even for a few moments, will quickly understand, by simple direct observation, that hatred is the main toxic ingredient used to destroy any chance of rebirth, of social revitalization. In the days when there were truly unitary states, hatred was directed against an “external enemy”. In our “progressive-globalist” times, when countries are getting weaker and less cohesive, the process is entirely different. If, before, the rule was to employ hatred between two or several nations, now we are dealing with the employment of hatred within the same nation. As the years go by, we can easily see how hatred ATOMIZES societies. Hatred no longer uses large numbers against large numbers, as happened in past centuries. Since we entered the new Millennium, the hatred mechanisms have changed radically. Now, the important thing for those who direct the currents of hatred, for those in the shadows who control the moods and feelings of humanity, is to divide humanity into smaller and ever smaller segments, which they then place in antagonistic relationships, in war relationships, in relationships based on HATRED.


We need real reforms, which would manage to go to the root of things, to the human being’s essence. Why is it that I talk so much about hatred? If we consider the matter in a detached and objective manner, hatred is the main weapon used by those who want all human beings diverted from the right path toward fulfilling their beautiful destiny! If we seek real social and international reform, then it is mandatory to create an educational, economic, political, and social framework that favors the counterbalancing of hatred. This will never happen due to sudden and brief sentimental outpourings or as an effect of sterile discourses about “love,” about “peace and love on Earth”. Sure, it doesn’t hurt. But it doesn’t change anything either!


What is the primary weapon of those who are working hard to divert humanity’s destiny? HATRED! No one can move forward as a monad, as an independent, self-sufficient entity, in the current stage of human evolution. Only TOGETHER, only through combined action can we take even one millimeter of a single step forward! If one wants to impede the normal evolutionary course of human society, what does one have to do first? One has to generate new currents of hatred every day. One has to create and improve new mechanisms, more sophisticated and hardly noticeable, for breeding hatred.

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Do not let yourself be deluded! Those who deal with such things are not blinded by anger and hatred, as are those they manage to capture! They are very cold, icy beings, I could say. Those who truly pull the strings on our planet are beings capable of self-control. If you meet them just by chance, they will not usually catch your attention. They will pass by you almost imperceptibly! Because what these people do is not to act directly but to generate mechanisms that work independently. You see, these beings’ work aims to influence and control all human beings, but their work has nothing human in it! These mighty global “influencers” act by creating MECHANISMS. They create, test, and perfect social MECHANISMS, social control MECHANISMS. But they can in no way act in a truly HUMAN sense!


For what does it mean to act in a truly HUMAN sense? It means to offer perspectives, but at the same time to encourage the FREE WILL, the FREE WILL of the human being. On the contrary, these planetary “influencers” act precisely against free will. Day after day, hour after hour, they create MECHANISMS that have the very purpose of suppressing the free will of the human beings, their ability to THINK, CHOOSE and ACT freely!


How can they prevent the real advance of human society? How can they stop us from crossing the threshold towards a new room of our becoming? By hiding the KEY that opens the next door. …And what is this KEY? It is the key of HUMAN BROTHERHOOD! Not in the sense of zillions of “fraternities”, but in the current, real and necessary sense of human brotherhood, of the combined actions of human beings who want to help their fellows. Well, this very KEY – the only one that can open the door to the next room of our becoming – is kept hidden. For those who want to hijack the beautiful, high, virtuous, and meaningful destiny of humans, it is quintessential to hide this KEY as long as possible – THE KEY TO REAL BROTHERHOOD!


And what do they do if they want to hide the KEY to the human brotherhood? They only have to throw over it a black cloak that reads: HATRED! They create, maintain, test, and always perfect new mechanisms intended to generate HATRED! Because this is the only element that can annihilate BROTHERHOOD: HATRED!


This is precisely the reason why I ask you to make this effort (I know for sure that it is not at all an easy task): try to detach yourself for a few moments from your own impulses, affections, and moods. For the sake of this exercise, please stop asking yourself whether you are right or not, or whether it is good or bad, moral or immoral to hate something or someone. For this exercise to be successful, it is really important to detach yourself completely and just observe the MECHANISMS OF HATE, both on a personal and social level. If you succeed in doing this exercise, even for a few minutes, it is enough to gain a new perspective on reality. It’s not that you won’t feel what you feel anymore. It is not that no one will annoy you anymore or even that you won’t hate anything or anyone anymore. That’s NOT what this exercise is about. But it’s about seeing CLEARLY, without letting your vision blurred by your own moods and affections, how the MECHANISMS OF HATRED really work. Whoever manages to see this will truly become a more sovereign being, even when one feels the waves of hatred!

The primary way people are prevented from working TOGETHER (under the dome of ideals that are ultimately related to their profound nature) is to hide the key! The key to real brotherhood is hidden under the black cloak of hatred.


“And what, then, can be done?” one will ask. Just one thing: to create a social framework able to counterbalance hatred, to create an educational, social, economic, and political framework, both nationally and internationally, able to allow the human being to develop in the sense of universal brotherhood, not in that of universal hatred.


It is necessary to create a school and social framework that promotes mutual understanding, emotional togetherness, and interest in the GOOD OF OTHERS.


At present, everything that represents the natural evolutionary trends of the human being and of the social body is surgically operated. It is genetically modified. It is turned upside down. Real progress is diverted into progressivism. The local or national brotherhood is hijacked and forced into becoming something else: belonging to various gangs, dissipating one’s spirit into an ocean of gregariousness. The global fraternity (free and based on individual freedom) is distorted in leveling globalism. Working together for the good of the other is turned into “networking”, with the sole purpose of taking advantage of the other. Morality and political integrity are diverted into false political puritanism and propaganda of integrity. Justice and law are quenched in thirst for blood. Catharsis, purification through tragedy and comedy, characteristics of the true art, are diverted into easy and gross entertainment, meant to drown the human being in a trivial and dehumanizing daily life. Education is diverted into re-education, and school is turned against the living human being and unfolds in favor of the inert human shadow.


At this moment, EVERYTHING is exactly upside down! Instead of building an economic, political, and social framework that serves the human being, we support an economic, political, and social framework where the human being is the servant or even the slave. It is not the human being who must adapt to the system, but the system must adapt to the human being! Because the human being is not created to serve the system, but the system is created to serve the human being! It is very, very easy to understand! We just need to get used to asking ourselves the crucial questions and to looking for the answers before issuing opinions, supporting systems, and accepting economic, political, and social frameworks that have nothing to do with the human being!


A human-healthy society is a society that creates a framework where the profound human nature can develop and express itself freely. Everything that is the state, all public policies, the whole economic system must revolve around the human being, not the other way around. We are not here to be the servants of a System! We are here for our real lives, not for what some imagine our lives should be! That is why I will never say that this or that ideology is better, that one model should be implemented to the detriment of others. I propose and work for the creation of a social framework where all of us can freely develop as HUMAN BEINGS! This is the crucial matter, and this is the only real way if we are ever to change our world for the better! Otherwise, we will continue to run in circles, like the mouse on its eternal running wheel.

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If we had among us, in public office, more people accustomed to thinking freely and deeply, to asking the crucial questions, then we would discuss a lot, for instance, about the real cause of everyday aggressiveness, of increasing antisocial tendencies. The real cause lies in the fact that we do not allow the transforming impulses to come to the surface and work. We live in a time of our becoming when the impulses towards transforming our human society, our entire economic, political, educational, and social foundation, are smoldering in people. But these impulses are suppressed by the System itself. The entire human society would be radically changed if the System did not suppress the human-healthy impulses. Unable to give free rein to the impulses towards real change, people become a kind of pressure vessel, and from here to the more and more frequent and violent daily bursts is just a small threshold that has already been crossed. If we do not understand these things or if we are not interested, it does not mean that they do not exist and do not continue their course.


The leading cause of the growing aggressiveness, of the violence that is getting more and more common in our daily lives is a straightforward one: not being allowed to express the living fire smoldering inside, the human being becomes a pressure cooker which will burst in every way imaginable. And the fact that more and more young people are taking drugs, chemically or audibly, being in a constant search for “new strong sensations”, has the same cause: the young humans are prevented from transforming human society according to their own inner impulses. And then, given their overflowing energy, they either become lonely and neurotic, or they become extroverted and aggressive. Either way, the young human beings are given anesthetics. In various and increasingly different ways, the young human beings are being put to sleep by System’s lullabies. The “free market” – the one we worship as a god! – offers them more and more “anesthetics”.


Let us think a little bit about a matter that is equally important and simple. How would you proceed if you wanted to prevent human society’s transformation into a better one? Wouldn’t you identify positive human impulses and do your best to divert them? Wouldn’t you prevent the young human’s energy from transforming society in a beautiful way? Wouldn’t you force this energy to stand still and thicken until the young humans feel they are just about to explode, having no clue about the real cause? Wouldn’t you then “help” the young humans by channeling their energy according to your own plans? Wouldn’t you give them anesthetics, sedatives, or, on the contrary, stimulants, depending on the context and on what you intend to do with their energy? Wouldn’t you convince them that they are “nonconformists” while making them COMPLY with all the “trends” and all the models you create to serve your purposes? Wouldn’t you try to convince the young humans that the problem doesn’t lie in the old social forms, but in the “old” human beings, that is, their parents and grandparents? Would you not make the young humans forget that they should fight against the old social form instead? Wouldn’t you push them, at the same time, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, to fight against the “old people” instead, against the generations that preceded them?


The ironic fact is that destroying human society is relatively easy. You just have to rely on people’s ignorance and indifference. You just have to make sure that they do not ask themselves the crucial questions, or that, even if they do, they are treated badly enough to make them decide to stop and just… “adapt”!

Do you want to destroy the human world? It’s very easy! Don’t let the human beings set their mind free, distract them so that they never get to ask themselves the fundamental, crucial questions, give them the false idea that they are nonconformists, that they are citizens, that they have rights, that they have freedoms, that they are voting, that their decisions really matter! At the same time, make sure that, in fact, they COMPLY with all the models and trends that you make available to them! Make sure that the status of being a “citizen” means nothing but total obedience to whatever you make available to them as “society”! Make sure that their “rights” and their “liberties” are nothing but nice words devoid of any real content! Make sure that they live in your soap-bubble world, a world that you created precisely so that human beings become slaves while being absolutely positive about the fact that they are “free citizens”! Make sure that they are convinced that their vote matters and that the ones they choose to act as their representatives can actually change something! At the same time, never let them understand that even the best-intentioned representatives will never be able to change anything UNLESS they do it precisely with the help of those who vote for them! 

It’s easy, it’s very easy to destroy, to ruin the world of humans! You just have to make sure that you sedate them, that you give them powerful anesthetics everywhere they dwell and on a regular basis: at school, at work, on TV… Each and every day, everywhere they go, give them the SEDATIVE, give them the FORGETTING PILL! Then they will be the perfect slaves – they will have no idea that they are actually living in a big prison! They will be superficially happy believing that they are free! In the meantime, the deep human inside them will continue to suffocate in a deep cell where they have no access!


I am not interested in any kind of polemics with anyone who considers that everything we are comes from nothing, at our birth, and ends in nothing, at our death. I will not get into any polemics in this regard because whoever says we are nothing more than dust in the wind should not continue to talk about “reforms” and “principles” as this would be both inconsistent and irrational! If humans’ life comes from nothing and ends into nothing, then only one consequence remains: HUMANS’ LIFE IS NOTHING! And if human life is nothing, then why would we waste our time with reforms, with programs, with doctrines, with ideologies, with principles? You don’t exist before you are born, and you don’t exist after you die, right? Is that all? A few years around? Well, then why are you still bothering me with all kinds of “plans”!? You only live here for a few years, you believe that’s all, but at the same time, you approach me with your speeches about “social progress”, about “career plans”, about “economic programs”? This is sheer madness! 

The reality is that no discussion of humanity’s ideals makes any sense in the paradigm of human nothingness, the nothingness that precedes us, and the nothingness that outlives us. 


Regarding the pandemic … Does it make any sense to argue on this topic too, as if we didn’t already argue on thousands of other topics!? Well, some people think that this virus does not exist or that it is not dangerous, and others believe that it exists and that it is dangerous. Some believe that our right not to wear a mask is being violated, while others believe that restricting the right not to wear a mask is subsumed to the right to health. Does it make any sense to argue? Will anyone in one camp succeed in convincing another in the other camp? …Or maybe we should instead ask ourselves again some crucial but straightforward questions!

The first question would be: “If we have noticed that, over the last decades, we have been segmented more and more, divided into more and more camps and pushed to hate and fight each other, isn’t it rational to ask ourselves if this is not precisely what is happening right now again? Are they not trying everything to divide us further?”. Here is an interesting question… How many of the people you resonated with a few months ago are now “in the other camp” when it comes to this virus and the measures being taken? How many did you get along with, and suddenly you don’t get along with anymore? That’s what it’s all about! It’s about division. It’s about segmentation. And the System succeeds, as always, damn well!

The second crucial question: “Assuming that, suddenly, the situation gets back to normal and that no one has to wear a mask any longer, does that mean that we will have regained our FREEDOM?”. Precisely to what extent were we free before and exactly to what extent will we again be free if, tomorrow morning, all this virus thing will end abruptly!? 


What IS freedom, after all? To what extent can you really be FREE in a society built and run in such a way that you never get to ask yourself the quintessential questions that all human beings should constantly ask themselves throughout their lives?

Are we really free given the fact that almost no moment of our life is accompanied by the awareness of the deep human inside us, of our spiritual essence, of the spiritual world in which we live each and every second of our lives even if we no longer notice it?


My effort is genuinely one aimed at the liberation of the human being. When the deep human is unleashed, then all social problems will quickly find their solution. On the other hand, our pseudodemocracy’s bad merchandise, which has been sold to us for decades, will not help us take even one step forward on our evolutionary path. On the contrary, if we continue to support, even indirectly, through indifference or non-involvement, the current social form, then we will sink deeper and deeper into a pit of our civilization that we alone are gladly digging.


We have only one chance and one solution: a complete change of the paradigm and of the way we relate to ourselves and the world. In today’s society, the System is powerful for one reason only: human beings are not allowed to develop as deep humans! Then, of course, no confidence can be gained in their ability to solve their social problems alone. Given that the System wishes to control everything, the school is designed so that it does not allow the full development of human qualities and skills. Then, the same System points the finger at the human being whom it has not permitted to develop harmoniously and says: “The human being is not a responsible creature, and is not able to solve the social problems alone. Only the System can solve them!”


The real social reform cannot occur (this has been clearly seen during the last decades) as an effect of specialists’ and technocrats’ actions, insofar as those specialists, those technocrats do not see beyond their specialty or their ultra-specialization. What today’s society lacks is perspective, overview, and depth. In vain we change, every few years, a political program with another political program, an economic model with another economic model. If behind these models and programs nothing is found due to the human spirit’s activity, if nothing rises from the depths to help the surface prosper, if, in other words, we do not have a solid root, then failure is assured!

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Failure after failure … This is how our society and our economy look and will continue to look! And the reason is that being deprived (in schools and our working environment) of our own spiritual life, we are no longer able to see clearly. We no longer know how to look for the causes in order to find lasting solutions. From an economic and social perspective, we no longer value the spiritual people, the humans who are trying to offer other perspectives from the depths of their beings. During an economic tv show, suppose someone approaches the issues as they are approached in this message. In that case, many will consider that the person is “deranged”, that he is a “poet”, that what he says “has nothing to do with reality, which is a tough one”. …In fact, the reality is EXACTLY the way we build it! We have become accustomed and have been taught to see the economy as a kind of entity living its own life, a sort of second nature, with its intrinsic laws, a second nature that lives and functions based on causalities that have no connection to us. But the reality is that the economy is only the fruit of our way of relating to ourselves and others. The so-called “economic laws”, which specialists “seek to explain” exactly as the scientist seeks to explain nature’s laws, are in reality only mental constructions! The economy simply does NOT exist as second nature, or as an entity separate from us, with its own life. The economy is what we make the economy!


There is an endless discussion about the state’s role in the economy: more state or less state, more state intervention in the economy and more state control or, on the contrary, more power to the private sector and emancipation from the state’s power and control. For far too long, the two ideologies’ followers have been arguing to no avail. The whole dispute is useless. It’s not about which of the two ideologies is better. But about the people behind the ideologies, about the supporters of the different doctrines. If we are dealing with deep and awakened people, aware of their own inner life, active in their spirit, then there is neither the problem of any ideology nor any controversy. If we are dealing with deep and awakened people, then they will only search for the best solutions for each particular case, for each specific context. People are so different, and the psycho-social, historical, economic, geopolitical contexts are so varied that it is impossible to apply and implement the same model everywhere.

On the contrary, each new context’s specifics and the unique national or local characteristics should lead us to new and specific solutions.

The only way to avoid economic and social chaos is to change our perspective radically. A human being who sleeps on the pillows of his mind, a sleepwalker on the streets of his own spiritual life, can find no way to the highway of superior understanding. That is why any dispute is useless. Such things are clearly seen by those who dare to open their eyes. There is no point in a debate with a blindfolded man. You will talk about what you see, and he will insist, with his “eyes wide shut”, that there is no real thing, that you just imagine things. There is no end in such a blind dispute!


That is why, I need to stress it again, this message will not be accompanied by any dispute, at least on my part. This message is for those who are open enough to understand it and for those who, understanding it, will feel a burning desire to pass it on.


Going back to our topic, it must be said once again that it is not the various ideologies, models, programs, economic, political, and social doctrines that constitute the problem but the closed eyes of those conceiving them. Suppose one does not intend to see the depths of the human being and interpersonal relationships. In that case, if one is not driven by the essential impulse to find out why we are here and where we should go further, one cannot build any solid economic, social, or political edifice.


Fundamental questions about life no longer find a place even where they should be approached on a daily basis, from brand new perspectives: in schools! We become working tools of a cynical System that does not give a damn about the human beings’ spiritual nature, about their deep inner life! The schools teach us how to “become useful to the System”. The System shapes us as it imagines we should be, and we “adapt” precisely to the society that we should rather change.


The world conspiracy against the spirit, against the true human being, is so advanced that it has become almost impossible for anyone to have an approach as this message proposes. Humans suffer from the narrow perspective disease. They look at themselves, look at the others, and look at the sky through a very thin cone. Then they try to adapt to that tiny strip of the world that they perceive through the narrow cone.


One thing is sure: as long as the critical mass is not reached, as long as there are not enough people to understand such a message and pass it on, we will continue to sink deeper and deeper. We will continue to move in circles, to live our lives runing in the eternal roundabout while being convinced that we are heading either to the left or to the right! Consequently, we will end up digging under us the abyss of our human civilization. We will collapse while we are convinced that we are very “practical”!


How often do you hear this: “Be practical! You are not practical!”…? But what does “being practical” mean? It means, without any doubt, “being realistic”. You cannot be “practical” if you are not “realistic”, if you do not think and act “according to reality”. But, then, what is … “reality”? If it is real that the human beings are much more than they think they are, if it is true that the human being is an eminently spiritual being, that we live, each and every moment of our existence, in a spiritual world even if we no longer know how to perceive it, if this is the reality, then what does it mean, given such a reality, to “be practical”? … Certainly, something utterly different from what is understood in the current human paradigm, in which the spirit and the spiritual life find no place!


It goes without saying that being “realistic” is absolutely necessary. But first, we have to open our eyes and see the reality! How can one be “realistic” if what one calls “reality” is nothing but an empty word? How can one be “realistic” if one moves through the world blindfolded? How can one say that he is “realistic” as long as he has, in fact, no conscious contact with the most important dimension of reality – the spiritual dimension? Human beings who are unaware of their own spirit can never be “realistic” because they simply do not see reality. They just imagine they see it!


Furthermore, what does it mean to be “practical” nowadays if, unaware of our own spirit, we are, in fact, unrealistic? It means that the so-called “practical man” will try to drive the car blindfolded. If you explain to him that he needs to let his eyes see so that he can drive the vehicle safely, the blindfolded man will serenely tell you that “you are unrealistic”, that “you are not practical”, that “you are dreaming”, that “you are a poet”. Sure, he’s right, but in a completely different sense than he imagines… Of course, YOU ARE A POET, but not in the sense that you are “unrealistic” or “impractical”. You ARE a poet in the sense that the most important dimension of human life, the spiritual dimension, also requires the development of the artistic sense if it is ever to be perceived. From this perspective, yes, that’s right – you MUST be a poet in order to be truly practical!

Those who do not allow their own access to the spiritual world can never be “practical beings”, can never become “realistic beings”. Blindfolded, we can be neither practical nor realistic. We can only be blindfolded!

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Aren’t you tired of hoping for the best by leaving your lives led by “realistic” and “practical people”!? Even with the physical eye alone, is it not seen that our world looks very bad, that human civilization is heading towards the abyss? Here we are, on the edge of the abyss, led by the so-called “realistic and practical people”. In fact, we are being led by blindfolded beings who have no idea what the “real world” is, beings who are unwilling to accept anything that goes beyond the small strip of the world they look at their whole lives through their narrow cone!


The so-called realism and pragmatism are irrelevant in the current human context. If we stay in the same narrow paradigm, if we continue to refuse to pay our full attention when messages like this are transmitted, then we will soon fall into the abyss, with all our “realists” and “pragmatists” leading the platoon!


Whether we see it or not, the world is completely different and much more than we have been taught to believe it is. We ourselves are much, much more than we seem to be, than we think we are. And if we have any chance to recover, to resettle in our own individual and collective destiny, then the main thing we have to do is to let ourselves imbued by the new impulses such as those transmitted through this message.


When people open their eyes, they will try to help others open theirs. Then, they will be able to associate in all imaginable forms, and they will really start working together. This message doesn’t aim to attract people in a particular form of collaboration. Once the condition of the human being’s profound awakening is fulfilled, the awakened humans will find the most suitable forms to act for their fellows’ good. 


What I offer here, as a possibility, is just one form out of countless other forms. You can use this form, or you can conceive others. This is less important. But it is vital to understand the message and absorb the impulses it generates.

The form offered here gives the possibility of bringing together all those who resonate with this message. It is important to generate a critical mass and, just as important, this critical mass of people should show itself! This page ( and this book are shapes, just shapes. But shapes that can help us grow together. They are a place where we can find each other, where we can talk, start working together, offer our own ideas, and benefit from others’ ideas. It is a seed of the community of free people, of awakened people, who want to work together to help other people wake up and break the bubble of superficiality where they are imprisoned.


Together, we will try to find solutions and take concrete action to help our fellow human beings. For example, if the slogan “Black Lives Matter” has been used so much, a community like ours can turn this slogan into something tangible. If the lives of the black people really matter, shouldn’t millions of children in Africa be saved then? Do the lives of the tens of thousands of children who die annually in Africa from disease, thirst, and hunger really matter beyond the mere slogans? Well, then, let’s help them, and let’s push our parliaments and governments, let’s push our states, public institutions, authorities, international organizations to take concrete measures to help these people! That’s what an awakened human will do, one for whom “black lives really matter”. She/He will take concrete action so that the millions of black people in Africa will not die in misery, year after year, month after month, day after day, hour after hour! Otherwise, this will be just one of the many slogans.


…It is just an example regarding the humane approach towards a specific situation. Every day, we meet with thousands of other cases that need real solutions. All these problems of humanity can only be solved by the awakened people’s work and not by people who think that someone else should do it. No one can do this alone! It is to no avail to put all our confidence and hope on the shoulders of just a few statespeople, of just a few politicians, even if we are right to consider them “our heroes”. Their voice will be neglected by the big numbers in parliaments, governments, national and international institutions. They cannot do this alone for the simple reason that they are a minority. And they are a minority because the human beings who feel and think the same are also a minority. Only when the critical mass of people is reached (humans who respect themselves as humans and who, consequently, respect all others) will there be more like them in parliaments, in governments, in institutions.


As I said and as I will keep repeating, free and awakened people who are part of governments, parliaments, institutions must be aware that their primary activity should be that of helping others wake up. They should first try to wake other people up, in parliaments and outside parliaments, in governments and outside governments, in the institutions of the world and outside them. Otherwise, unwittingly, they will end up doing more harm than good. For they will rightly be identified as different and credited with confidence by people who believe that this is quite enough. Well-meaning people will find it wonderful to treasure a well-meaning political representative, and they will wait for that politician to change the world for them. The fewer such representatives in governments, parliaments, and institutions, the greater the risk of them being considered heroes or superhumans able to move the mountains only because they benefit from substantial popular support. Well, this is NOT possible! Besides the fact that history proves it, the older history or the recent history, it is also a matter of logic: no matter how much support such people have, they will not be able to change much precisely because they are just a few!


That is why the only real way is to work together – citizens and political representatives – to awaken as many other citizens and political representatives as possible. Here is the key, the only key that can open the next gate!


In our everyday life, we live because the carbon dioxide we produce is converted back into oxygen by plants. We do not have the power to transform this carbon dioxide ourselves. Plants do this. Likewise, economic life produces a social carbon dioxide that another part of our human life must turn back into social oxygen so that we do not all end up suffocating.

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The free and full development of the human spirit is the only way for the naturally occurring social carbon dioxide of economic life to be transformed back into social oxygen. But what are we doing now? We poison ourselves, and we deny ourselves the right to clean social air by embracing two extremely toxic attitudes. First: we prevent our children from developing harmoniously, deeply, following the impulses of their own spirit. And second: we don’t give a damn about the people who are really seeing through the social veil, about what they are desperately trying to send us, we don’t give a damn about those people, or about what they keep trying to offer us. This way, we prevent the transformation of the social carbon dioxide into social oxygen without even noticing it. We condemn ourselves and our children to a toxic, harmful collective environment that will eventually suffocate us all!


Economic activity is vital. But left to act alone, without anything to balance it, it finally leads to a polluted, unbreathable social environment that generates chaos, violence, and exacerbated selfishness. All social toxins generated through economic activity must be counteracted. They must be counterbalanced and transformed. And this transformation can only be ensured by a plenary spiritual-cultural life, independent of the economic one.

We are not talking here about a group of “chosen ones”, but about a community of FREE people who can extract from the life of their own spirit all the resources and impulses necessary to transform the social carbon dioxide produced by economic activity into social oxygen.


Whoever thinks that the economy itself can turn its own toxins into healthy elements is completely crazy! First of all, it can be seen with the naked eye, everywhere on Earth, that this is far from the case. We have been living in the tyranny of ECONOMICS for quite a long time. “Only money matters…” Even what we consider a “cultural product” has turned into an “economic product”, in most cases. In other words, the cultured people no longer create in order to enrich the world, but in order to enrich themselves in a world that has come to corrupt even them … “In GOD we trust!” from the US dollar bills turned into “In GOLD we trust!” …


If everything revolves around money, how could anything revolve around the human being!? We are born, we live and die gravitating around the Money-God. Meanwhile, the real humans deep inside us are waiting in vain for us to take them into account. “Waiting for Godot” is the name of the play we are all playing on a global scale. The deep human in us is waiting for us in vain, and we are Godot – the one who never comes!


We send our children to school to learn something just in order “to make money”. Even if they are much more than that, we find this “pragmatic”. Of course, we will prevent them from developing harmoniously and beautifully, which will only make the world look worse in the future. This way, out of a misunderstood love, we will condemn them to frustration, to failure, and to living their whole life in a social environment that is more toxic than ever.


We also go to work only to “make money”. Besides money, too few of us care if what we do is useful or useless to others, toxic or healthy, full of respect or rather full of cynicism. This way, we condemn ourselves to live in a society increasingly engulfed in chaos, a society that will inevitably collapse into the abyss if we do not quickly realize what is happening.


I know that those who have had many disappointments in their life have developed misanthropy over time, a distrust that leads them to say that “everyone is here for oneself”. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint them, but it is completely wrong. This “everyone for oneself” will lead us very quickly (we are almost there already) to a war of all against all! And this war will not forgive nor forget anyone. No one will be able to hide from the war itself or its devastating effects. None of the good people who have become misanthropic and somewhat self-sufficient over time will be able to protect neither themselves nor those close to them from this war of all against all.


The so-called “secular society”, the so-called “secular state”, is not, in fact, secular at all. We have come close to worshiping economic terms, to venerating discussions about “consumer market”, “private environment”, “cash flow”, “budget”, “budget deficit”, “economic growth”. We talk so much or hear so much talking full of dry and coreless terms that we begin to BELIEVE in the Economy. We begin to worship the Economy! In our wonderful “secular” state, from dusk till dawn, we worship Saint-Economy and everything related to the Holy Economics! The human spirit is never considered an important subject, but talking about the “budget deficit”, instead, is regarded with the utmost respect, almost with reverence!


Everything is subsumed to the economy in today’s society. The economy has become the Supreme God of the so-called “secular state”. Everything that we do must please the Go(l)d of Economy! We have to be careful so that the Economic God is always satisfied! …School? It must produce not people with a living spirit, but economic machines, “human resources”, which must be assembled to the Economic God’s liking and which must serve him. …Work? It has to relate only to gain and loss, to turnover, salary, profit, and never to the healthy human impulse that stimulates our altruism, which makes us work to the primary purpose of being helpful to our fellow human beings.


We praise, for instance, the fact that a large company feeds the state budget with a lot of money collected from taxes and duties. We find it remarkable, and we praise it. The Economic God is satisfied, the state is satisfied. But almost no one stops, at least for a few moments, to ask: “What does that company really do for human beings?” Take, for example, the case of a large company producing carbonated drinks. You know, those colored liquids, those carbonated … things poured into a barrel of sugar! Such a company pours a lot of money into the state budget by paying taxes. Well, sometimes it doesn’t do that either, but let’s assume, for the sake of our discussion, that it doesn’t move money elsewhere and that the state collects everything that should be collected. In this case, everyone is happy! The state is happy that the money is poured into the budget. The company is happy that the high sales generate tremendous amounts of money. Employees are happy that they receive their salary and that, later, they will receive their pension. The end customers are happy that they can swallow colored liquids with all the soda and the sugar they desire.

But what is, in fact, the reality? The reality is that the company makes its end customers sick and gets a lot of money out of it! Those who run the company know very well that what their company produces is very harmful to consumers’ health. But they have NO problem with that, and they are delighted to make billions, even if this also means making billions of people sick. Let’s move further … The state also knows very well that what that company produces is as harmful as possible to its citizens’ health. But the state doesn’t care either because the money that goes to the budget matters a lot more. Let’s continue … The company’s employees also know that they work to produce something that is not useful to their peers, kills them slowly, makes them sick, affects their health. But they also don’t have too much trouble with that, because they are satisfied that they have a job and that the salary comes in every month.

In conclusion, what do we have in this case? We have a company, its employees, and the state – three happy parties! They are all so delighted that they get the money, even if that money comes with the inhuman price of their peers’ illness. What kind of society, I ask you then, is this society in which we live and to which we also force our children to “adapt”!? How many of us would be very happy if they found out that their son/daughter, grandson/granddaughter has been appointed a great director of the company we are talking about? Let’s be honest: how many? “Director at a reputable, prestigious company”, or “director at a cynical company, a company that makes hundreds of millions out of colored liquids that make hundreds of millions of people sick”? Everything changes if only we manage to change our perspective!

Of course, in addition to the three parties we talked about (the company, the employees, and the state), there are others, intermediate, AS HAPPY as the three! For example, here is the press … Isn’t the press happy when that company pays fat to advertise the colored liquid that makes you sick? Yes, the press is delighted too. Aren’t marketing and advertising agencies happy too? How not!? They are also pleased. A lot of money is made from marketing campaigns that generate the desire to consume the colored liquid that makes the consumer sick! Aren’t logistics companies, carriers happy too? Yes, they are so glad too! They have a lot of profitable unhealthy colored liquid to transport all around the world! Are the ruling political parties happy too? Of course, they are delighted! The money fattens the budget directly from the colored liquid that makes citizens ill. Nevertheless, they can now show before the “voters” and ask for their votes again: they are great politicians, they are great statespeople, they’ve made “money for the people”!

How many citizens are pleased while gravitating around the colored liquid that makes other people sick!?

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This is the Economic God, the one we worship in our beautiful “secular society”! If a revered apostle of the “Economic God” talks to us about the company that produces the unhealthy colored liquid, we listen to him solicitously, even if we don’t really understand what he is telling us. In fact, he doesn’t even tell us anything, but he’s just thrilled to hear himself talking! But that doesn’t matter! The important thing is that we have before us a “secular” master, an apostle of the Economic God, a money guru who recites the new sacred verses, the Postmodern Testament of the “secular state”!…

Is there anything healthy in such a society, the society to which “people must adapt”, for which “students, children, young people must be prepared”!? Does it seem right to us? Does it seem that we are doing things right, so right that we even push the next generations to do the same thing, in order to “complete our masterpiece”?


Hypocrisy is one of the most severe and widespread diseases of today’s society. A pandemic of hypocrisy has swept across the planet. All our countries are full of people who fight, who stand and chant and pledge for fairness, for integrity, for the “elimination of corruption”. But the only problem is that too many of those who feed their ego with the “engaged citizen” status are in fact fighting for integrity only after finishing another day of working for a company that makes hundreds of millions of products that make other people sick (on the body, soul, or spirit level).

It is always very facile to be always uncompromising with all OTHERS and rarely with ONESELF. It is very facile to blame everyone every day but never criticize oneself. It’s effortless, it really doesn’t hurt at all if it’s always the other person’s fault… It is so convenient to be the evening perfect citizen, after a whole day of working for a company with absolutely no concern for integrity and humanness!


No economic reform can bring real, large-scale prosperity to many, as long as the economy is treated as the queen of our society. Though it seems a paradox, the economy will only bring prosperity when we no longer revolve our entire planet around the economy! Naturally, the economy cannot transmit social impulses such as altruism or human brotherhood. If everything is controlled economically, if politics, education, foreign affairs, culture, all the human society, in general, depend on the economy, then its SELFISH nature will corrupt everything, our whole life. In the economic sphere, selfishness has its role, provided it is not exacerbated. But in all other spheres, it becomes a real cancer, which destroys the entire social organism.


The selfishness specific to the economic sphere should be balanced, treated, sublimated by the human-healthy impulses of spirituality, culture, and education in the spirit of respect for the human being, for nature, for the whole universe. At the time being, however, it is not just that the human-healthy impulses are not flowing to the economic life, but the situation is exactly the opposite: the economy extends beyond its borders and conquers, oppresses all other areas and spheres of our existence.


Whoever wants to get involved in public life in order to do good must first understand how the world works and what human society is. And whoever understands how the human world works will never speak to other people only about “economic programs”, but will first present a vision of the world, will suggest and support a new approach towards the social issues. Before we talk about economics, we need to talk about humanity! Only then will we be able to speak of a healthy economy, only after we will have infused it with a healthy cultural, moral, spiritual, and social substance. If we are only interested in the economy, then we will move quickly towards disaster (an economic one included).


Imagine that the whole human body would be reduced to food and metabolism. Imagine that there is no feeling and no thinking. Imagine that only the stomach’s affairs would be considered necessary out of everything the body offers us. If this were the case, we would no longer be truly human but would fully identify with the animal kingdom. We are human precisely because we are more than a stomach-being, because we can live and experience more than a stomach-existence.

Now, extend this mental exercise to the whole human society. If within the social organism, we are interested almost exclusively in its stomach part – the economy -, then it immediately follows that we will live in an eminently animal society and not in a human one. And I think we can often see it easily, in each of our countries, that this is the exact situation – the “human” society is eminently non-human! The fact that we almost exclusively emphasize on the economy has limited us to an eminently stomach-society, where feelings, thoughts and other elements that define us as deep humans are perceived as secondary and even as irrelevant.


The politician who comes in front of you and talks only about “economic programs”, because he thinks he will thus gain your trust as you will consider him a “practical man”, is like a neighbor who would visit you ten times a day to tell you how and what he has eaten and drunk in the last couple of hours!

A politician who is not able to present a HUMAN vision is a politician who cannot help you at all, who cannot even help himself. If we want to be of any help, we first have to understand the world. At least, we have to aim to understand it. If we only talk to people about stomach-issues, it means that we only treat people like stomachs! If we only talk to them about the economy, it means that we are not able to see beyond the economy. It means that we have become slaves of a treacherous System that wants us sub-humans, that wants us rather representatives of the animal kingdom.


Of course, people have been skillfully convinced over time that the only ones worth listening to are those who come and talk only about economics and “economic programs”. In reality, you should not exceed even two minutes of listening if the person asking for your support starts talking directly about the “economic programs”! He really has nothing tangible to convey to you! Because there is no hint of reality in an “economic program” that someone wants to implement without any prior ontological settlement. In other words, if the terms of a vision of the world and of the human being are not set first, there is no point in even starting to talk about economics and “economic programs”. …Ok, “economy-economy-economy”, but economy for whom? For the superficial human who is treated only as a stomach and as a temporarily useful economic tool? Or an economy that would serve the deep human, the human with a living spirit? It is a fundamental difference, and this fundamental difference is the only one that makes the discussion about economics and about “economic programs” meaningful or not.


The depreciation of the currency, the increase of the budget deficit, the decrease of the revenues to the state budget, unemployment, inflation – all are just symptoms of a disease that spreads precisely because the economy is seen as an independent organism. Well, this is completely wrong, because the economy is only a part of the body, an organ among other organs of the social organism. The economy is not an organism, just as the stomach is not an organism but a part of it.

All economic terms used to describe “economic trends” (currency depreciation, rising budget deficit, declining state budget revenues, unemployment, inflation, etc.) only describe symptoms. Temporarily, through “economic programs”, through the interventions of the “specialists”, the symptoms are made to disappear. They are no longer experienced for a while. But treating the symptoms does not eliminate the cause! We can work on an effect, but what we will then achieve can’t last very long and will most certainly cause other problems in other areas.

The only way to really remove the symptoms, the effects, is to work on the cause that generates them. And, no matter how bizarre it may sound in the mind of an ordinary person who lives in the bubble of “economic pragmatism”, economic symptoms have no … economic causes! The economy is just an organ of the social body. As long as it works within its own functional limits and interacts in synergy with all other organs, everything is fine. The moment the economy tries to go beyond its natural functional limits and tries to take control over the other organs of the social body, then the social disease appears. Later, the strictly economic symptoms are felt, such as currency depreciation, increasing budget deficit, decrease in revenues to the state budget, unemployment, inflation, and so on.


The economy is a vital social organ. But it is meant to provide support for the other organs, for those that define the deep human being. If the economy no longer serves the other organs and, on the contrary, takes control of them, then the social organism becomes ill, and the symptoms do not delay their appearance. It is as if, in the human body, the stomach would not be limited to its functional role but would emancipate itself and would suddenly want to take control of the heart and of the brain!

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But let us give a tangible example. If there is a lot of poverty in a country, if many poor people have a hard time living there, then the money gurus will show up and explain the economic reasons for that sad state of affairs. In reality, however, the cause is extra-economic. It is far beyond the economy! The reason is that human society is not imbued with the impulses towards altruism and human brotherhood. Here is the real cause, the deep cause, not the “current account deficit”, the “unemployment rate”, or the “inflation and deflation”…

When a state is ruled in such a way that the economy dictates, then that state will surely fail, sooner or later. And this will happen as an effect of the nature of things, as an effect of human nature itself. Such a state simply cannot exist in the real human world!


For this reason, endless discussions such as socialism vs. liberalism are absolutely useless. We can change the political and economic systems every four years, every five years, or as often as we wish. In reality, nothing fundamental will change. Each new Government will come and treat certain symptoms while generating others. And this is happening and will continue to be happening because people (and therefore their rulers) have forgotten to relate to the root causes, to seek explanations and solutions beyond the world’s epidermis.


If there is a lot of poverty in a specific country, this is always a symptom generated by the economy that exceeds its natural functional limits. When many people in a country are poor, it is because the selfishness specific to the economic sphere has not been tempered, processed, sublimated through the essential intervention of the other spheres: cultural-spiritual, educational, moral, and social. When many people in a country are poor, it is the economic selfishness that is out of control and generates this effect. And that economic selfishness can come either from that country itself or from another country. There are many examples of very poor countries that are very rich in resources. What does this show us? It shows us that the economic selfishness of the leaders of that country or the leaders of other countries prevents citizens from getting out of poverty and does not allow them to prosper based on the righteous, equitable exploitation of their own country’s resources! This has been happening for far too long and must stop at once! Otherwise, we’ll keep on creating hundreds of national and international institutions and organizations, with more and more pompous names, with more and more sympathetic self-descriptions, but at the same time with more and more disastrous actions.


The reality is that the society in which we live is sick. And the main cause of the disease is the exacerbation of the economic function to the detriment of the other organs that make up the social body. We relate everything to the economy, to money, and then we are surprised that we start having problems precisely with the economy and money. In reality, the problem is not the implementation of a wrong “economic program”, but our almost exclusive focus on the economy.


People often hear discussions about “budget”, about “budget corrections and amendments”, about “budget allocation and reallocation”. But what people don’t hear at all is a simple, fundamental truth: the budget we are talking about is not a bag of abstract money, but it is the fruit of THEIR own work! “Budget” means only one thing: MONEY generated by citizens through THEIR WORK! As such, it is essential that citizens – those who generate this budget – be directly involved in using it! When was the last time someone asked you, for example, whether or not you agreed to TRILLIONS of dollars going to military expenditure every year?


One of the biggest problems of humanity is the madness that the awakened human beings, those who can really help society, are financially struggling while all sorts of so-called “VIPs” are granted colossal profits. Obviously, we must not allow any personal frustration here. Things must be seen and approached objectively. It is not about one specific case or another, but about principles, about values. If we live in a society where a man kicking a ball earns millions, tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions, while a spiritual human struggles on the poverty threshold, then this society is sick! This is the inevitable outcome when everything revolves around “consumption”. If we are interested only in consumption, then everything that is a product of the spirit has NO chance to reach the large mass of people.

All the fruits of the will, thought, and feeling of the awakened people are consumed in quasi-anonymity. Simultaneously, everything superficial, empty, and devoid of spiritual substance circulates from one edge of the world to another. Turn on the TV, and you will immediately find out what some “VIP” did the last hour. Keep the TV open and wait to find out what an awakened spirit has achieved. You will fall asleep while waiting in vain…


No one in this causal chain can say anything but that they are part of this causal chain. One can’t invade public space with tons of empty boxes and at the same time complain that one lives in a society devoid of real content! No one is automatically placed outside this causal chain unless they really decide to place themselves outside of it. If a television station offers the worst possible entertainment, often even subhuman entertainment, then that television station is part of the causal chain. If a person agrees to become a media product devoid of content and humanity, if a person agrees to spread superficiality and triviality epidemically, then that person is a part of the causal chain. If a viewer is watching something like that, then that viewer is also part of the causal chain. If a company pays for advertising during such tv shows, it is also part of the causal chain. If a citizen purchases products or services from that company, even if he does not watch those shows, he is also part of the causal chain, even if not directly.


Everything is interconnected. We are interdependent, and everything a person does influences other people’s lives. And the more influential a person is, the more social effects will produce.

We must stop blaming others. We are here, together, in this world. It is up to each of us to make it better. But for this to happen, it is necessary to think for ourselves, deal with all the situations and all the contexts out of our own spirit, ask ourselves fundamental questions, look for answers, identify problems, and look for solutions. Above all, it is necessary to remember what kind of beings we are, in our depths, then to start carving our world according to what we really are!


Therefore, the idea is not to lament, criticize others, or feel guilty. The idea is to understand the current situation as objectively as possible. We are all responsible. This is the objective situation. The most important thing is to start from this truth. There is no other solution. A political party or a leader, no matter how well-meaning, cannot change what people would not change. And whoever tells you that such ideas are “impractical” is just a blind man who doesn’t know anything about how society works. Society is nothing but the sum of human relationships. If people do not relate to themselves and others reasonably, then no party, no leader will be able to do anything, even given the premise of good faith.


If we do not eliminate or at least alleviate the SELFISHNESS that marks the economic life, we will never build a human-healthy society. If we continue to let selfishness be the basis of economic and social relationships, we will quickly slip into the abyss! And if we want to uproot selfishness from the crop fields of humanity, then the only way is to help our fellow beings open their eyes so that they can get to know their true inner nature. The darkness of selfishness, which underlies today’s society, with all that is negatively derived from it, cannot be erased even by the best-intentioned people on the planet. No one can ever remove the darkness. We can’t escape the darkness by carrying it out of the room with the wheelbarrow. Even if we call our whole family, all our friends, all our compatriots, and even all human beings on Earth, we will still not be able to escape the darkness this way! We will never get rid of the darkness by fighting against it, by trying to eliminate it. This is the nature of darkness. It cannot be removed. It cannot be directly eliminated. The only way to get rid of the darkness is to make some LIGHT!

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Thus, if we want to escape the darkness of selfishness, then the only proper, practical thing we can do is turn on the light of altruism. Nevertheless, we will not get altruism by engulfing in snoring speeches, pompous doctrines, and ideologies, but only by igniting the human being’s inner flame. If human beings begin to awaken, to know their own true nature, then altruism, the desire to be helpful to others, will be born. Altruism can never be a cause in itself, but only an effect of another cause. And the only cause that can generate the effect of altruism is the awakening of humans to reality – the reality of their own self and the reality of the spiritual world.

This is why I insist that the only chance for social rebirth is to help as many people as possible to wake up. The more people wake up, the more Social Morning! The more people snore, the more Social Night! “Good social night!” or “Good social morning!” – we have to choose!


We need to understand the underlying principles and let ourselves be soaked in the impulses that define the age we have entered. If we understand these lines’ message, then our whole life will be a search, a test, an effort meant to find human-healthy solutions to any of the problems we encounter. Awakened humans will know how to handle the world around them. For instance, awakened humans will never accept any money or other benefits if it comes with the inhuman cost of their fellow humans’ suffering or exploitation. Awakened business owners will not exploit their employees and will not be preoccupied with getting money at any cost from their customers’ pockets. Awakened business owners will be aware that their employees and customers are human beings, after all, just like them. Awakened employees will not be able to work just for money. They will not be able to work if they cannot get the feeling that they are working for their fellows’ good. They will not be able to work if they know that their work’s fruit is useless or even harmful. Awakened customers will not buy goods from a company that exploits its employees or from a company that will not hesitate to generate turnover and profit by producing or selling products that make customers sick.


Whoever is not interested in the deep knowledge of the universe and of the human being should never set out to become a politician! How can politicians believe that they can represent other human beings as long as they do not intend to unravel the mystery of the human being!? Who will the politicians represent if their daily concerns do not include the knowledge of the deep human being in them and in the citizens they wish to represent?


Politics in the classical sense can no longer move forward. It can no longer generate anything positive. Because we have entered an age of our evolution when it is not right for a small number of people to determine what the whole society will look like. In the current human evolution stage, all people must be involved in the great change. And the role of the true politician, who has become a human-politician, is to work directly with the citizens, not just during the political campaigns, but in the sense of real teamwork!


Of course, even if the age we have entered requires consciousness, spirit, deep thought, soul, it does not mean that it already happens. Obviously, in most cases, it doesn’t happen at all. But this has to be taken as such. If the times we live in demand consciousness, spirit, and involvement, and if this does not happen, this is our problem, not the times’. If we try to perpetuate the old social, political, and economic forms, we will soon collapse into the nothingness of a kingdom that will have lost its Destiny!


Social networks have emerged not only because the necessary technology has been developed. The profound reason is different, and technology is a secondary matter. Social networks have developed because a new, powerful spiritual impulse has entered humanity – the impulse of fraternity. Humans need humans, they need to be treated as humans, and they need to treat others as humans. This deep need, this impulse towards fraternity, is the basis for the emergence of social networks. It was not social networks that generated the need for socializing, but the need for socializing generated social networks! It is very important to emphasize this because we will thus understand that it is not the humans who must follow technology trends, but technology must constantly adapt to the needs of human beings and of human society!


Social networks are the expression of the spiritual impulse that can open the door to a real global fraternity. That is why, in order to prevent this natural course, the servants of the dark forces at the top of the pyramid of power are now using social networks to spread hatred and to control the users’ minds. Cynicism and hypocrisy are already unbearable! On the one hand, if you have something to say that goes against “accepted thinking”, you are immediately notified, or your accounts are blocked on most social networks. Simultaneously, those who run the same social networks have no problem with the hatred, with the violent language that has become a big part of the content published every day. A decent comment against the “agenda” will often be considered inappropriate and deleted. A comment full of hatred and violence, which, however, is not directed against the System’s agenda, will not, in most cases, be erased. Anyone who has some experience with social networks knows it very well. The most odious messages, either posts or comments on posts, remain undeleted far too often. Instead, a civilized but countercurrent comment will in most cases be deleted, and the author will most likely be blocked or even left without an account.


Social networks are the same as politics: everything is done outside humanity, and people have to adapt to what is being done. Because there aren’t nearly enough awakened people, humans can currently influence nothing: neither the economy, nor politics, nor international relations, nor even social networks! Imagine that hundreds of millions of awakened people used social media. Could their voices still be ignored by those who run these social networks? But what if hundreds of millions of awakened people demanded a different kind of politics, a different kind of economy, a different kind of international relations!? Could they still be ignored by “decision-makers”?


I made this parallel with social networks even if we talked about politics and politicians because it is basically the same. Those who run the social networks and the politicians who run the countries still live in the past, at an outdated level where the few decide for the many. Now we have to decide together! We no longer live in the times when our world began and ended in the place where we were born. Today, we can travel from one end of the world to the other on the same day! In one day! As for information, it is practically spread worldwide at the exact moment when it is born. It is the power of the Internet!


In a world where distances practically no longer exist, where information reaches everywhere instantly as soon as it has been published, in such a world, the few can NO longer decide for the many! But this obviously continues to happen. Why? Because there aren’t enough awakened people on Earth! This is the only answer. Because there are not enough awakened people, those who are already awake do not have the power to generate a substantial global change. When two or three candles are lit, they will only give their light a few meters around. When hundreds of millions of candles shine TOGETHER, the night almost becomes day!

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It is vital to understand this truth: until enough people have awakened and lit their candles, the night will not change into the day, the darkness will not make room for any morning! That is why it is so important, that is why it is VITAL for this message to circulate as much as possible, and I am confident that those who will resonate with it will make it circulate a lot. Not for an hour, not for a day, not for a month, but constantly. It takes a lot of sustained effort to spread the news from one end of the world to the other: the HUMANS’ time has come! It is time to reclaim our beings and our world and move forward! It is time to fulfill our great Destiny! If we don’t do it, our world will quickly collapse into the subhuman abyss.


The reason why we have many politicians but few statespeople is that we have many citizens but few social people. A society composed mainly of awakened people will also generate a political class primarily consisting of awakened politicians. When the citizen becomes a social human, then the politician also becomes a statesperson. Not the reverse! Whoever expects the change to come from politicians is waiting in vain! The change will never come from there! It can only come from citizens. When enough citizens become social people, awakened people working together under the positive influence of the same impulse towards fraternity, enough human-politicians will rise. Instead, the fewer awakened citizens in the human society, the fewer awakened statespeople in politics! It’s inevitable! Whoever really wants to change something, be it a politician or a citizen, must understand that it all depends on the effort to help as many people as possible to wake up! If most people will continue to sleep, for WHOM will the awakened human be able to speak!? “He who has ears to hear, let him hear!” … Who has “ears to hear”? He who woke up! He who sleeps cannot hear, and even less can he listen and understand!


Great attention should also be paid to the self-sufficiency of many groups! Finding other people who are not asleep is comforting, but it doesn’t mean that we should stop. In vain we are MORE if we are not ENOUGH! If we cannot reach critical mass, this crazy world will last. A completely inhuman world in which trillions of people’s money, of YOUR money, are spent every year for weapons, for war, for DEATH, instead of being spent on eradicating poverty and malnutrition – that is, for LIFE!

We need to reach the “critical mass”. Let us be, in other words, so many that we can really start to count! Otherwise, we will only play the role of the awakened ones who are watching with their eyes wide open the grotesque spectacle of a kingdom that collapses into the abyss obediently and staying in the line!


We no longer have time, or, if you will, the time has become impatient. The global movement of awakening and the collective carving of a new path must now occur. Whoever thinks that we can still afford to waste our time with pseudo-politics does not understand the current situation’s gravity. While we are kept busy with pseudo-politics, the servants of the fog carry on their plan at an accelerated pace. Total global control is just a stone’s throw away. And if the awakened ones are not at least as active as the servants of darkness are, then humankind simply has no chance!


The task of those who really wish to help is arduous nowadays. On the one hand, they know they have to act. On the other hand, they also know that the only way they can really be of any help is to help others understand. You see, for many, this does not seem very appealing! Many are convinced that it is enough for someone they appreciate to act alone and be supported by words or votes. No, it’s not nearly enough! Because this would lead to the violation of one’s own freedom! Even if we credit someone with confidence – by vote, for example, during elections – that person cannot change our world unless we are changing it too.


Regarding the parties and the Parliament… How can the Parliament respect the freedom of choice and expression of the citizens who vote for it, as long as the members of the different parliamentary groups vote as they are ordered to? How could a political party respect and cherish citizens’ freedom to decide, to vote, to communicate in a free and unconstrained way, as long as its members are denied freedom of choice and public expression, in the name of a very misunderstood “party discipline” and under the rule of various sanctions (even the exclusion from the political party)? Formulating an individual opinion or taking a personal decision are human values that must be guarded! Otherwise, we will have to deal with groups of dictatorial nature in a more or less pronounced form and not with groups of democratic essence.


Belonging to a particular party is not a guarantee in itself for one’s good intentions or proficiency, no matter how much we adhere to that party’s doctrine. A party is not a guarantee for anything! The “party” is an abstraction. If it is to have any reality, then it has exactly as much reality as the people who populate it! And this situation is identical in any institution, company, society, country, or union. That is why it is important to observe, in an objective way, the true qualities of all the people who populate the parties. If we remain in the current paradigm of “affinity-repulsion”, or “affection-hatred”, we will never be able to be truly objective. And if we are not objective about the qualities, skills, and traits of politicians, our very subjectivity will lose us. The less objective, the more likely to fall prey to manipulations of any kind!


One more thing… No matter how difficult it may be, being objective will always help us see clearly both the qualities and the deficiencies of each politician. In this way, we will not fall prey to either empty hatred (no one has only defects) or adoration (no one has only qualities). Political manipulation works ONLY because we never stop the constant flow of news and information to clear our minds and think for ourselves. We are used to working only with prefabricated ideas. Well, if we want to be truly free people, then we have to get used to it: we have to learn to think for ourselves, head to tail, each and every thought.


Classical politics, that occupation meant to serve particular interests and generate only contextual associations, is completely outdated. It is absolutely necessary to be left behind. The solutions can’t come from that area. They can only be born as an effect of the activity of those people who know or at least intuit themselves to be much more than today’s society allows them to know. Because only such people can really help others. Only someone who knows and respects oneself as a deep being can help others open their eyes. How can anything positive be directed from all the groups and institutions where only shadows of humans meet and speak, where only half-beings sit and talk!?


All the economic, political and social juice is consumed. New impulses are needed. They cannot come from the authorities, but from people, from people who see or begin to see the reality, from people who already understand or begin to understand that everything that happens to the human world has its cause in people themselves. Although it is a basic idea, a truism, a trivial truth that should not even be explained, we are in such a situation that we are obliged to explain that the human world’s state depends on people themselves.

There is an urgent need for the rebirth of human relationships. The causes of the global disaster lie precisely in the fact that the current chapter of our evolution is not read correctly. The stage humanity has entered for some time is not understood. We are facing a big decision, and not participating individually in this major, fundamental decision will not stop the rolling ball. Whoever does not participate in this decision will be taken by storm and carried against their own individual will and freedom. Our planet’s condition will only worsen if too many people will continue to ignore, out of convenience or lack of courage, the signs of the times. Nothing good will follow, but the opposite. When we approach a precipice with our eyes closed and ignore the warnings of all those who tell us that our eyes are closed and that we are approaching a precipice, the outcome can only be that of self-losing into the abyss.

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You will find nothing regarding all these matters either in the news or in the public speeches. At the moment, most people live as in a dream or somewhere between dream and reality. That is why it is so difficult for such a message to penetrate, to take its place. Because such a message needs people’s will to open their eyes and see.

Any polemic in this regard is absolutely useless. Whoever sees billions of people heading to the abyss with their eyes closed has a duty to say this out loud. To argue with those who, having their eyes closed, do not “believe” that their eyes are closed or that any abyss is close – is useless and inefficient. However, to continue talking about what you really see is absolutely necessary. People have the right to at least get close to the content of this message. What they will do with it further depends on each person. That they will use it to open their eyes and have a look at reality, that they will treat it as a strangeness, an embodiment of someone’s imagination – all this depends, in the end, on everyone’s will and decision. But those who see reality as it is have the duty to say it out loud. And they need to address everyone now because tomorrow might be too late.


In fact, it is not difficult to make our decision if we start from the following question: if these perishable bodies are all we are, bodies which in a few decades will no longer be, then what is the point of any voting, doctrine, reform, education, or even morality!? If we are born out of nothing, being just nothing before our birth, and if we return to nothing when we die, then what is the point of all!? It would be good for every human being to take this question very seriously!


The truth is that we are living on the edge. For those who are open enough, for those who can feel the pulse of the world, this is very clear – we have reached the edge of the abyss! Time is running out of patience. We can no longer continue this terrible waste of time represented by endless quarrels and polemics. We can no longer continue to waste our precious TIME by watching, day after day and night after night, the modern versions of the gladiator fights in ancient Rome. Because the aggressive quarrels between the various politicians are nothing else. Every day, on television and the Internet, modern versions of gladiator fights nurture superficial delight and encourage the large public’s self-forgetfulness.


Human society sits on a completely wrong foundation, and humans all over the world are running towards a dead end. Is there anything right in the fact that many extraordinary people are struggling in financial misery while we are worshiping the icon of “supply and demand”, while all sorts of terribly superficial, trivial tv-beings are winning huge amounts of money!? Is that okay? And, if that’s okay, does it make any sense to continue talking about good and evil, about love and hate, about “reforms”, about “goods, labor, and capital”? What would be the point?


So, like in Pascal’s Wager, either what I’m saying is right, and then everything really starts making sense, or what I’m saying is not right, but then there’s nothing to lose anyway! What to lose if we are born out of nothing and die in nothing!? But if what I say is true, then does it not become clear that we must COMPLETELY change the vision and attitude regarding the current situation, regarding everything that needs to be done!? If what I say is true, then I ask you: how could all the programs, reforms, and measures (that are spoken of from dusk till dawn) work as long as they do not depart from the deep essence of the human being, from the spiritual essence? And if what I say is not true, then why did the current vision and paradigm lead us to this obvious global disaster we are all “enjoying”? If we do not have to talk about the spirit, and if the spirit is just a hallucination or a Sunday morning occupation, then how is it that all the measures that are taken, which obviously do not focus on the human being as a spiritual being, have no good lasting results?


Dry-minded pseudo-pragmatists will turn up their noses and say that any such discussions are nothing but a “waste of time.” But true pragmatists will easily understand that if the purpose of human life on Earth is eminently spiritual, then true pragmatism, including economic and political pragmatism, must rest on this foundation stone. The true pragmatist is the one who begins to build something, anything, only after asking oneself: “Why am I here, why are we here?”. Paradoxically, we must start with this question before discussing economics, politics, education, or society. If we are here for much more than just working and dying, and if we are here for a higher reason and a deeper purpose, we need to restructure our whole economic life, our school, and our politics around this reality.


Whoever claims that he is nothing more than the mirror shows him, whoever thinks that we are here coming from nowhere and returning after a few decades to the same nothingness, is just one who stubbornly keeps his eyes tightly closed. Any polemic with such a person is futile. I don’t intend to do that. I speak and write because I want to share the things I see with those willing to open their eyes.


I will continue to write and talk about these things and others alike. From the freedom of my own being, I will speak freely for any of my fellows whishing to be truly free. Obviously, whoever wants to keep their eyes closed can do it without restraint. But this message needs to travel a lot so that as many people as possible at least have the opportunity to decide upon the alternative of a real human society. Anything is better, even the rejection of reality, than the indifference towards reality! A person who finds out these things and refuses them for the moment is a person who can still decide to open the eyes in the more or less distant future. But the one who says: “I don’t care if it’s true or not!” loses oneself. We can be hot, we can be cold, we can be beyond hot and cold, but we should never be just “betwixt and between”!


I will not respond to any polemical comments, no matter where they come from. The reason why I won’t do it is not some sort of tyranny of my own opinions, but the certainty that it would be useless and counterproductive. As I said, after all, it’s the decision of each individual, one taken in their inner forum. True democracy is spiritual, in the sense that human beings, as spiritual beings, have the freedom even to deny their own spirit!

The others, however, have a long way to go together. Without “magnificent” leaders, without “providential” people… Just all together… Because each of us is a providential human. Providence manifests through each of us exactly to the extent that we are aware of it and allow it to manifest.


There is a lot of public lamentation regarding how the school should continue, online or with the physical presence in the classes, and regarding when the elections should be held, this year or the next. Well, it’s very simple! If we had human politicians and not just cynical politicians or political tricksters, if we had statespeople and not just state salespeople, they would obviously put people’s interests first. Also, regarding school… It is not important only that the students are physically present, but it is infinitely more important that they are also metaphysically PRESENT! Does the school offer them a framework to really know themselves, really know the real world, and really collaborate? These are the right questions, not the sterile polemic regarding “online” or “physical” classes.

Does anyone think and feel that the school is organized to stimulate students to experience the THIRST for higher knowledge? Is our current school, as the philosopher Constantin Noica so beautifully put it, “The School as Thirst”!? During their physical presence in schools, are human students helped – primarily by the school curriculum – to develop harmoniously as human beings? Are they helped to forge, among themselves, healthy human relationships? Does the school teach them to keep searching for everything that defines them as deep beings, as beautiful beings? These are the right questions! The school needs to run through a fundamental reformation, and it has to be rebuilt on a completely different foundation. Otherwise, be it “online” or “physical”, the school will continue to be irrelevant and will often become even toxic to the human student, to the young human being. And this is not something to blame the teachers for! It is the System that suppresses both the teachers’ and their students’ spirit!

The true School will launch its classes only when our focus shifts from WHAT is taught to WHO is teaching and WHO is taught. In today’s school, only the subject matters count. In the School of Humans, only the students and the teachers count! The Human-Teacher and the Human-Student should actually constitute the central part of the education system engine!

If the child has lost his enthusiasm at the end of primary and secondary school, then the school has failed! Through what they really ARE, not through what one tries to do with them, children should be treated as spiritual beings who are full of life, of enthusiasm, of the joy of living, and of the joy of learning. If school kills this enthusiasm, this joy of living and of learning, of experiencing, then school becomes poison for the soul, for the spirit, for the mind, and even for the body! Killing the enthusiasm and the joy of living and learning has devastating effects on the physical body as well! A child in whom enthusiasm has been killed and stress has been introduced is a sick child, physically, psychologically, and spiritually!

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Let’s deal briefly with the matter of political elections… “Let’s have elections now, this year, on time!”… “Let’s postpone them so that as many as possible can safely participate!”… This is how citizens collide in their opinionated political thoughts. While believing that nothing should prevent them from exercising their right to vote, they contradict each other feverishly and to no avail. But, if I may slightly change the angle, didn’t we have all kinds of elections before? Isn’t it that some are winning today, then others tomorrow? Why would we start it all over again, in the same old-fashioned way? Shouldn’t we rather stop for a second and ask the right questions? “Who are the POLITICAL HUMANS, and who are the political tricksters? Where is the manipulation, and where is the truth? Who are the ones who want to teach us fishing, and who are the ones who give us the fishtail so that we vote for them to get the fish head too!? Who are the ones who wish to be elected, to become members of the Parliament and of other forums or public institutions because they want to serve the people, to do something good for their fellow beings, and who are the ones who are just pursuing their own interests, or the interests of their own gang?”… You see, these are the real questions we should ask ourselves!

That we hold elections this year or the following year, that the children go to school or the classes are held online, all these are just forms without content, empty glasses around which we sit and argue meaninglessly. We will NOT quench our thirst anyway, no matter how much we argue and quarrel over two empty glasses, no matter which one of them would be given to us in the end!

That we take it to the left, that we take it to the right, we are in fact moving pointlessly in the same endless roundabout! We have been doing this for far too long! In reality, whether we take it to the left or to the right, it is important not to stay in the circle. It is vital to get out of the roundabout!

There is one thing that we have been doing for ages: we choose to run in circles “to the right” and then, when we get bored, we think we are doing something else by starting to run in the same circles “to the left”. In reality, we are moving neither left nor right. We just spun around in a circle! This is what we have been doing for decades. This is the so-called politics for which we sometimes quarrel even with the people closest to our hearts!


Therefore, it’s time for us to leave the roundabout! And this is only possible if we choose, together, A NEW DIRECTION. We can also continue the endless spinning if we want, but let’s then do it in a spiral, let’s go up! The evolution spiral is a redeemed roundabout!


This is exactly what we need to talk about. Otherwise, we will dig deep ditches below us because of the endless and pointless spinning in the eternal roundabout! Basically, we all dig our species’ pit as we spin aimlessly, endlessly, in the same circle. We spin until we blunt the world, and the world will soon collapse beneath us. We need new roads, new meanings, new approaches!


How can one imagine that all that is needed is voting? Haven’t we seen that it’s not enough, that we vote for something and anything else happens? Hasn’t this happened for ages? And then, do we believe that this state of affairs will ever change given that we do not change anything? We are making the same mistakes each time, but we are still expecting different results!


In order to reform politics, it is necessary to understand, first of all, what politics is! In a democratic country, politicians are the representatives of the people. If people are awakened, then the representatives they will choose will be awakened too. If people sleep and all they do is snoring in an endless daydream, their representatives will be sleepwalkers too!


The solutions cannot come from political parties. Inevitably, political parties function as gangs, smaller or larger gangs. In a political party, internal factions are stuck in a permanent guerrilla struggle most of the time. Also, there is a perpetual war between political parties. In every political party, be it a new one, one which aims to be “different”, it will not take long, and a “leader” or a leadership team will impose its own point of view. Thus, any internal democracy will be almost entirely absent. Because internal democracy does not only mean not being marginalized or excluded if you have a different perspective than that of the leadership, but it means having a leadership that does not function authoritatively, imposing everything it wishes to impose. On the contrary, a genuine internal democracy would grow leaders who would work in a representative and participatory manner, taking into account each member’s opinions and proposals and integrating them all.


What kind of democracy is the one where citizens vote for parties that, in reality, show no sign of real internal democracy!? What kind of society is the one where even relatives or friends end up arguing, hating each other, not talking to each other because they have different political views? What kind of society is the one in which there are both economic and political interests behind the big “independent” media groups?

This madness must stop! We have come to be engaged in a war of all against all, within each party, in all Parliaments, and even in our own families! We are in a permanent fight, and at the same time, we are surprised that nothing changes fundamentally for the better. How could anything change for the better given these conditions?


Please, stop looking for “leaders”! Look for your own guiding light! There is no need for someone else to tell you what to do, and you will not receive anything good in exchange for crediting “epochal leaders” with tremendous powers! A true leader will not seek applause and will not smile at you from the posters on the city walls. True leaders will be only their own leaders. They will arrange and lead their own life according to their own calls, beliefs, and impulses. And they will urge you to do the same! In no case will they try to convince you to sleep peacefully while they “watch” for you …


Belonging to a political party or supporting a political party has turned, compared to the initial intentions and reasons of politics, into belonging to or supporting something similar to a sect. Who is with us is a friend, no matter what kind of person one is. Who is with others is against us, is our enemy, no matter what kind of person one is. Now, for someone who really wishes to be a FREE citizen, an honest, thoughtful, and impartial answer to the following question is required: “Is it really possible that all the people in the political party I support would be good quality politicians, and all the people in the political parties I don’t support would be detestable politicians!?”… This is a fundamental question that every honest citizen should ask oneself as often as possible. We would thus protect ourselves from political sectarianism! Because this is not what the political parties should be, they should not become political sects!


Beyond doctrinal differences, if political parties are to make sense and really work for the people, most of their members should relate clearly to the essential matters. The eternal political fight, the TV shows with political gladiators, the modern Colosseum do not help at all, but on the contrary. Instead of gathering to talk about what we could do together, we always find new reasons to divide and fight.

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In reality, there are well-meaning people in any political party but also people who pursue only their own interests. If a political party really wants to reform itself, then it must reposition itself ontologically. It must become a framework that would allow the deep human to think, express, and act. Without such a reform, no matter how well their intentions, slogans, and programs sound, the political parties will not act in accordance with what the times we live in demand. Either they transform to become launching pads for awakened politicians, or they choose to remain political sects, with all their related sectarian propaganda apparatus. As harsh as it sounds, this is the reality!


The purpose of a political party must not be to tear down another party, to step on its neck. Likewise, a state’s goal should not be to prosper at other states’ expense by transforming them into colonies. Whoever does not respect humans’ FREEDOM is neither a politician nor a statesperson but just a dangerous caricature.


We live in special times, times that call us all, individually and collectively, to CHOOSE. We either go further on the old paths of the current chaotic and sub-human society or start another Journey, one on the true line of our individual and collective Destiny.


Whoever chooses to stay involved in the eternal battle between the political parties is free to do so. We are free to consume our time and energy by running in circles in the eternal roundabout created by the masters of manipulation. Whoever does not see this battle’s futility will remain a slave inside the soap bubble where he was placed. Whoever understands this permanent war’s futility will sting the soap bubble and begin to see the REAL world. That person will look for others who have broken their own soap bubbles, who have come out of their own unseen prisons, and will try to help others free themselves and live FREELY.


Humankind cannot be kept under dark control unless people are unaware of their slavery! And the most horrible form of slavery is the spiritual one! It is the slavery of human beings who are not allowed to find out the truth about themselves and the world. Modern slavery is the most perverse form of slavery! Human beings live apart from their deep self, while they believe they are free. But freedom is much more than having “rights and freedoms” written on a special paper! Real FREEDOM is about knowing and practically engaging our own profound being. True Freedom is opening our eyes and SEEING that the world is, in fact, much more complex and much more profound than we used to believe. The human being is a living spiritual being in a living spiritual world. And the spiritual life is not and should not be perceived as just a Sunday or occasional occupation. Spiritual life is our real life! The fact that we are no longer aware of this spiritual life is a prominent issue for most of us. That we can become aware of our own spirit and of the spiritual world in which we live – this is a certainty for all who have dared to open their eyes!


How many times have you had the opportunity to hear people talking about something like this around you, at school, at work, on social networks, on TV? How could we not have fallen asleep in the meantime? How can we not be, for most of the days of our lives, only half-awake while living in this multilayered world!? Of course, it is natural for most people to fall asleep. At the same time, it is no less true that messages like this have the role of reminding people that they can at least try to wake up. Sleeping is not a tragedy. It’s explainable, perfectly explainable. Insisting on sleeping, even when someone tells you about the vast world beyond your sleep – this is what becomes a tragedy. The individual tragedy of a being who actually denies oneself! And the collective tragedy of a humanity that refuses its own Destiny and that is heading, staying in the line, towards the abyss!


What political parties do not understand and what they need to understand is that economic programs are not enough. An “economic well-being” will not improve our human life. First of all, an economic well-being based only on the economy itself can only be partial and temporary. It will never be for everyone, and it will never last too long. Secondly, if the economy becomes the only decisive segment, if we let everything revolve only around money instead of revolving around the human being, then the social air that the citizens breathe will inevitably become toxic. The carbon dioxide that is naturally produced in economic life, the selfishness that characterizes it must be transformed again into social oxygen, into altruism, so that citizens can breathe a clean and healthy social air.


If the “political programs” of the political parties have nothing for the deep human, nothing regarding the deep reality of the world and of the human life, then their offer is, inevitably, a toxic one. Just talking about what’s above will never give a chance to what’s below. What the political parties are doing now, without even noticing it, is to offer us all sorts of programs through which, in fact, they are trying to bring water to the desert by carrying it with a teaspoon! If a political party really has a human-healthy approach to life, one that would start from the conscious living of the awakened people, then that political party will also have a “human offer” and not just a “political” one. Or, to put it in other words, it will have a political offer in the human sense, not in the sense of the specific interests of a political sect. A truly responsible political party will speak for the deep human being that is to be found in every citizen. It will tell the citizen that only if they work together can they really manage to change anything.

The really responsible politicians will not be concerned with convincing people (and often convincing themselves) that it is “realistic” and “pragmatic” to carry the ocean to the desert with a teaspoon. They will ask people to collaborate and work together so that the springs of living, cool and clean water can reach the surface and create oases. A completely different ecosystem will then be generated instead of the current arid social desert!


The national economies and the world economy will collapse precisely because all the measures that are taken target only the economic sphere. It is as if you wanted to have a healthy, functional body, but you would let all your other organs get sick and deteriorate while only one of them would interest you. This way, inevitably, due to the whole organism’s illness, the only organ you are concerned with will end up getting sick, giving in, collapsing.


The economy will collapse, paradoxically, precisely because we are trying to revive only the economy! When we ignore all other organs, when we are not interested in the harmonious development of our body, in the end, even our beloved organ will get sick, precisely for this reason.

Thus, a responsible political party and some responsible politicians will not talk about one organ alone (“economy” or “justice”, for instance), but will talk about the whole, about the whole body, including the vital social organs that now seem to be entirely forgotten.

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A politician or a political party that does not talk about the deep human, about the deep life, is a blindfolded politician or a blindfolded party trying to convince you that it is only them who “see”, that it is only them you need to follow. An awakened politician, a truly responsible political party, will talk about the things conveyed in this message. Awakened politicians will know that they cannot do anything well if they do not help other politicians and citizens wake up. And a truly responsible political party will know that propaganda, endless talks, and slogans put people to sleep rather than help them wake up. That’s why a really responsible political party WILL STOP this demented chorus, get out of this dark game, and present something completely DIFFERENT! An awakened politician and a responsible political party will no longer turn us, the citizens, into remote-controlled soldiers “destined” to support their interests. They will no longer encourage us to become beings who blindly throw themselves into the insane accelerator of belligerent particles!


It is not about standing with flowers in our hands in front of the political rival who holds out his bayonet towards us. No, that would only be hypocrisy or stupidity! If we are attacked, we must defend ourselves. We also have the right to attack when our political rival generates social harm. But no true politician will ever propose the “demolition” of another politician or of another party! This would no longer be politics. It would be a subhuman backsliding.


Peace and well-being cannot be achieved through snoring speeches, clichés, “programs”, and “doctrines”. But only through a knowledge of the real human being and through a right approach towards the real world, through a combined effort to support the awakening of as many politicians and citizens as possible.


An awakened politician is a political person living in the fullness of their human faculties. And an awakened citizen is a social person capable of acting in accordance with the impulses of their own free spirit.


We believe that we live in a “free world”, but, at the same time, we conclude that it is natural to educate our children in schools without following their own qualities and impulses, but under “what the market requires”. What “free world” is that where the young humans are prevented from self-discovery and are forced to become “what society needs them to become”!? Besides, is this society so wonderful that we have to let it dispose of our lives and the lives of our children!? How stupid it is to simply accept the “social adjustment” slogan, as long as only an hour of free-thinking, of thinking with our own mind, would get us to notice that this society is failed, toxic, and deeply malignant!?

We are doing exactly the opposite of what we should be doing. And that’s because we never start from reality, although we live with the wrong feeling that we are extraordinarily pragmatic. Well, in 99% of the cases, we are not pragmatic at all because, in 99% of the cases, we do not start from realities, but from clichés and illusions, from prefabricated concepts and ideas. 


In terms of school and education, if we really wish to do the right thing, then we should start with a simple but essential question: “Is the society we live in a good one and should it be perpetuated or, on the contrary, are fundamental changes needed?”. If we think that our current society is good, besides the fact that we are at least a little bit crazy, we should never complain about anything, and we should just accept any social mess and economic disaster because – is it not – the society we live in is so wonderful that it must be perpetuated! 

If, instead, we think that today’s society is flawed and needs to be changed, then let us ask ourselves a second question: “Is it good that schools transform young people into what today’s society is, or should young people benefit from an educational framework that would allow and encourage them to transform today’s society?”.

The only way to reach the right conclusions and act properly is to give ourselves at least a short break and start asking the right questions! If we get used to doing this regularly, to asking ourselves questions before making decisions or before accepting decisions coming from others, we would be much more likely to find the right way every moment. And, if sometimes we are in error, it will be our error, an error out of which we will be able to learn something. It will be a democratic personal error, not the tyrannical third-party mistake to which we must all blindly submit.


Young human beings need an educational framework that allows them to know themselves and develop as deep human beings. Instead, what they receive is a framework that forces them to become one with a society that they should change. They are destined to transform society and not vice versa. The world cannot stand still. The world must move on, and the world really goes on with each new generation. But the question we have to ask ourselves is: “How does the world move further, perfecting its toxicity or healing itself?”. If we force students, young people to “adapt” to today’s society, become part of it, respect it unconditionally, and support it, then all we will achieve will be that young people will carry on the same wrong concepts. How can we expect young people to change the world for the better if all we do is force them to become one with this corrupted world!?


Another terrible weapon, given the goals pursued and the efficiency acquired, is the dispossession of human beings of their essence, of the LIVING SPIRIT that animates them and that actually defines them as beings on Earth and in the Universe. In today’s society, no chemicals or other tools are needed to cut humans’ connections with their own deep self, with their own spirit. The entire society is structured and managed so that human beings no longer see, find, or at least intuit the way to themselves, to their spirit. The great human beings are locked in a soap bubble where they spend most of their life. Even when they get to pierce the bubble, even when they manage to get a glimpse of the real world, to feel and know their own spirit for a minute, to perceive themselves as spiritual beings living beside other spiritual beings, they are then pushed, through clever social mechanisms, into another bubble; maybe bigger, maybe more interesting, but still a bubble that prevents them from being free, from seeing with their eyes wide open the spiritual reality in which they live incessantly but which is so skillfully denied to them!


What can be done for human beings to give them the chance to find themselves as spiritual beings again? Let us first see what is done in the opposite direction to prevent them from knowing themselves as spiritual beings. First of all, we must consider how the school has gradually transformed in the last hundred years. Nice and slow, almost unnoticed but more and more efficient, the school has become a space and a time to forget oneself and others. In the past, the school was the place for debates concerning reason and purpose, for the study of the deep human being. Now, it is only a center where the young humans enter in order to submit to programs meant to separate them from their deep self, to widow them from the knowledge of the spiritual world of which they are a part and of which they are told that it has no real “scientific” basis.

The irony is that precisely those who conceived and developed this type of school everywhere on the planet, the kind of school that separates the young humans’ consciousness from the spiritual world to which they belong, are as aware as possible of this spiritual world. Moreover, they manage to unfold their plans and pursue their objectives precisely in connection with it.

The real promoters of dry materialism are 100% non-materialistic beings! This is the greatest irony, the sinister planetary joke! Beings who consciously live in the real spiritual world, even if they are not bearers of light but servants of darkness, assiduously promote education programs designed to make the young humans forget, little by little, the spiritual world to which they belong.

Important notice! Here and elsewhere, I am not talking about teachers. Fortunately, many human-teachers have kept alive their thirst for spiritual knowledge. Their inner light transmits this thirst for spiritual knowledge to the human-students, thus helping them receive much more than is required through the school curriculum. When I talk about how they put the human-being to sleep in schools, I do not mean teachers. I am referring to those who designed all these dehumanizing programs globally, both in educational terms and in all other segments of human life (such as work).


Art represents the creative expression of the spirit. But the creative expression also becomes curative insofar as it originates in the longing for the sublime. Artistic creation can elevate us to the heights of the good and beauty of the human spirit, or it can throw us into the swamp of the sub-human, depending on what the artist can or wishes to transmit.

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Those who understand the true nature of the human being know very well that, if they want to distance human beings from themselves and others, they must proceed in such a way that everything which meats the artistic dimension disappears entirely or is dried up. There is a very concrete reason why the school has always had (less in recent decades) an artistic component as important as the intellectual one. Human beings cannot get to know the real world – that is, the world that goes far beyond the crumbs of reality that the current society throws at us from the moment of our birth – unless, in addition to reason, they also develop their artistic side. And by the “artistic side”, I do not necessarily mean the ability to express ourselves artistically but the ability to receive ART. We need to develop the organ for art, for the artistic side of life. If this organ no longer works, if it is forgotten, if it becomes undernourished, undeveloped, the human being can no longer access reality. If our organ for art no longer functions, the reality around us becomes nothing more than a shadow of the actual reality.


The absence of the receptive organ for art turns humans into beings who live without sight in a wonderful world of vivid colors. Then, they consider that everything is composed only of what the other senses reveal. These are not mere abstractions but things as concrete as possible! One who does not have an “organ for art” does not live in the real world, strange as it may sound! A world consisting of people for whom the artistic side does not exist is a world consisting of people who do not actually know themselves and cannot get to know the real world.


Don’t let them fool you! Those who pulled the strings so that art is becoming less and less important in schools know perfectly well the consequences. And precisely these results they seek to produce! They are people who preach the new era of dry intellectualism, not because they would not know that reality cannot be perceived this way, but precisely because they know it! Their goal is to manipulate people to consider art a “waste of time” and repudiate it for its “lack of concreteness”. Given that the perception of reality requires the development of the organ for art, the rejection of art as a useless element is part of the plan to transform people into beings unable to perceive and understand true reality!


This is precisely the reason why poetry and fiction have been DESTROYED, in a systematic way, in schools. Instead of placing the student in front of the living being of the poet, in front of the living fruit of his living being, the student is placed in front of stylistic corpses! Instead of being offered poetry as a living organism with which to interact and enjoy at a higher level, pupils are given word skeletons. In schools, admitting all the wonderful exceptions that only confirm the rule, we no longer deal with obstetrics of meanings but with obstetrics of dry words! The mind and the heart of the pupil can no longer give birth to any meaning, as the poetry is transformed into a dreadful kind of a stylistic morgue, into a kind of forensic medicine of words. “The wonders corolla of the world”, about which the poet and philosopher Lucian Blaga spoke so beautifully and deeply, is DESTROYED. In schools, given the curriculum and the requirements of various tests and examinations, we are dealing with autopsies of dead stylistic bodies. We are dealing with dissections of linguistic and stylistic corpses! Poetry is no longer placed in front of the human-students as a living organism, but the students are dehumanized by being thrown against their will and depths in a morgue of words, in a desolate room where they are forced to perform autopsies on stylistic corpses!

And the effect is dreadful! Instead of being helped, in school, to love art, to find and develop the organ for art, the student comes to hate poetry, literature, art in general. Thus, with their artistic side destroyed, students can no longer develop as real human beings.


But those who pull the strings on the planet do not stop there! No, not at all! The other essential component of the human being – reason, the ability to think freely – is also suppressed. Two terrible things take place in schools.

First: young humans are not encouraged to think and express themselves freely on a particular matter. Regardless of the subject, they are not even allowed to know what is placed on the plates of their minds. Their minds just have to swallow the chewing gum stuffed in their brain. They no longer know how to choose, how to chew, how to digest. Everything is prepared and processed WITHOUT THEM! Under the sanction of bad grades, the students are imperatively required to take everything as they are given. Memorizing without thinking is mandatory.

And the second terrible thing that takes place is that human students can no longer truly become human because they are not allowed to say what they believe is true. Paradoxically, students without proper etiquette and common sense manage to get through school without significant problems. It is precisely their aggressiveness that determines others to pretend not to notice them. In contrast, far too many students gifted with common sense get lost in a world that asks them TO SUBMIT, NOT TO SAY A WORD, not to come up with their own ideas. Those who should be sanctioned manage to move through school and society like running through cheese, while those who really have something to say are forced to SILENCE and SUBMISSIVENESS!


According to their own spiritual nature and innate abilities, we must stimulate students to develop in a free and unhindered way in schools. In order to do away with the pressure of the grading system – a tyrannical system that has absolutely no value for the deep human being – a solution would be to study all subject matters on three levels: fundamental – intermediate – extensive. This way, the pupils who are structured so that they feel fulfilled when they study mathematics and solve mathematical problems of all kinds can opt for the “extensive” level. But this is crucial: the desire to move to the “extensive” level must belong entirely to them! It should never be, instead, the desire of their parents or teachers.


We are different. Objectively speaking, some of us receive a more powerful call to certain fields. Some feel the strongest urge to look for knowledge, while others are rather practical beings. Some have a predominantly artistic structure, others – a predominantly scientific one. It is vital that we help each student learn and develop exactly as they are, not as the school, state, or “labor market” orders them to be. We must change the focus! We must focus on the student and not on the grading system! We must be interested in the student’s inner nature and not in the System’s needs and grades!

I don’t think there are people so ignorant that they do not understand, without further explanation, that the so much praised “eminent student” might be precisely the one who will create the atomic bomb. In contrast, the “mediocre student” might later become an extraordinary human being who will provide a major contribution to the evolution of humanity. So, you see, it is really not about the grades! If we allow ourselves to take the more profound perspective, we quickly understand that the grades have no human or social beneficial effects whatsoever! Moreover, the tyrannical grading system is meant to engulf and hide the young human’s real inner nature!


It is a real crime to force children into a certain field while everything in their mind, soul, and spirit calls us to help them develop in a completely different direction. The current school is oppressive, as the entire society is. Young human beings have almost no chance to develop freely, as they really are. And a society made up of dissatisfied beings, who live their whole lives in disagreement with themselves, is a neurotic, ugly, aggressive, and inhumane society!


If we insist that all students study all subjects matters in the same way, without taking into account the skills, talents, and inner calling of each and every one of them, then we will only manage to ruin them. Consequently, we will destroy their society and ours. Besides, parents – teachers – state, we will all lie to ourselves in a completely useless and counterproductive manner. Do not parents, teachers, and the state know that the vast majority of students are actually learning only for the grades, for the exams? Don’t we all know that almost all information is forgotten almost immediately after passing the examination!? Do we really like to pretend it’s different!?


If the educational process would take place on three levels, then we would all (parents, teachers, state) have the certainty that students benefit from a solid foundation. Maybe not everyone will get to study a particular subject matter at an intermediate or in-depth level. Still, everyone will study that subject matter at least at a fundamental level! In other words, they will all benefit from a solid, lasting FOUNDATION! Rather than pretending that a pupil has finished school and learned all the subject matters in-depth, it is a million times better to make sure that the pupil has really mastered, thoroughly and firmly, the foundations of each subject matter! There are people who, as adults, do not know a quarter of the multiplication table. But the graduation diploma says that they know advanced mathematics, geometry, trigonometry, mathematical analysis, and so on. Let’s be serious! What’s the point of tormenting the children and of lying to ourselves? This is sheer stupidity!

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If a child builds a solid foundation now, she/he will build a lasting edifice later. If, instead, the student’s building is a visually appealing block of 100 floors which will nevertheless collapse at the first earthquake, that means that we (school – parents – state) have encouraged her/him to build on a very poor foundation! It means that everything was a failure, an unnecessary self-deception of the trio (parents – teachers – state).


Parents, teachers, and the state will be very surprised if the three-level educational system is implemented. If the students no longer feel the pressure of the grades, if they are no longer examined at a level that exceeds their skills, if the school will refer to the students as to young humans who must be helped to discover their own nature, their own talents, their own abilities, then the students, following their own inner nature, will feel a real need to advance themselves. They will be the ones who will ask for help! They will ask for support to climb to the intermediate level or even to the extensive level, if only we encourage them to find the fields that best suit them, for which they feel passion, inner fire, enthusiasm!


The less we lie to ourselves, the less we put pressure on our children, the more we value them for what they really are, the more we help them to realize their true potential, the happier they will be, the more they will be able to help their fellows, and the better our society will develop!


It is not true that “young people no longer want to learn”. If we really understand what is happening to the new generations, it will be clear to us that they are facing something completely different. Young people want to learn, but they need to learn as human beings. They should not be forced to store information as machines do. The impulses they were born with prevent them from following the previous generations’ paths. They need to find and create new paths. They need to be helped to see and acknowledge their own potential in order to change their world and ours for the better, under the impulses that imbue their inner beings, urging them to act in an innovatory way. But their creative energy hits a wall – the Great Wall of ignorance and hardened misconceptions. Young people bear the new impulses, those spiritual, deeply human impulses that can truly change our human society. But they are not allowed to find these impulses, to use them as an engine for all their social movements. And then, because they can no longer walk on the old paths but can’t walk on the new paths either, the young people drown in low and gross entertainment. They end up forgetting everything about their true nature, and they replace that nature with the sonic or even chemical delirium.


If we eliminate the grading system’s pressure, if we set the student, the teacher, and the parent FREE, then we will acquire the mental state we need to build a real school – one where we do not deceive and self-destruct. If we understand that the important thing is to create a solid base and not to build a 100-floor block that sits on a weak foundation, then we will accept and implement the solution of the three levels of study: fundamental, intermediate, and extensive. If we want our children and grandchildren to feel complete, to feel fulfilled as real human beings, if we want them to be truly happy, enthusiastic, eager, and able to change the world for the better, then we will not focus on grades, exams, and information inflation any longer, but on exploring the inner world of each and every student! This is the real thing, the crucial thing that all the schools should do, and this is precisely the thing that most of the schools never do!


Instead of teaching them to collaborate, to learn in order to be able to help their peers later, what is it that we teach our children in schools? We teach them to “compete”, envy each other, and push each other down the stairs to be the first to reach the top floor. Then, when they reach the top floor, when they get out on the roof terrace, at the grand finale, we push them even further into the void! They are falling instead of flying, unaware that they can fly, knowing nothing about their wings…


Both school and work should be based on impulses that make us feel exactly as we feel when we are very excited about something. If we do not go to work and school with enthusiasm, if we do not come back from work and school with even more enthusiasm, if we do not feel fulfilled, if we do not feel that we vibrate, then neither school nor work are what they should be!


Millions of children go to school with millions of questions that, year after year, are lost, that disappear as if they never existed. Millions of children enter the school gates with innocent age-specific enthusiasm and leave school not just tired but feeling no thirst any longer! The education system and the school curriculum are designed so that they transform the schools into true Dungeons OF THE SPIRIT! The students, the young human beings who enter the school in order to develop harmoniously, in all their complexity, quickly find out that almost no one is interested in their being, not even in the superficial part, not to mention the deep one. All that matters is compliance, uniformity (including wearing uniforms), stuffing with dry notions, unchewed swallowing of lifeless concepts, input-output – as in computers, memorizing and rendering data devoid of any human content, of any living substance.


We are killing our children’s spirits, souls, and minds in schools, and we do this by accepting, by taking as such this odious education system. A system in which individuality has absolutely no relevance! A system in which the deep human does NOT EXIST! A system meant to make the young students forget to ask profound questions, forget to look for complex answers about the deep human in them, about the deep human in their colleagues, in their teachers, in their parents, in all the people they meet!


How does school contribute to the well-being of humanity? By becoming the storage manager of tons of dry information devoid of any living substance? By the industrial production of useful economic robots that will perform hard years of work not for their peers’ benefit, but for the benefit of the state or of a greedy employer? Where is the deep human to be found in all this madness that we improperly call “school”, “work”, “society”? What chance do human beings have to really know themselves and know the REAL world?

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This message aims to free human beings from the straps that hold them in place. But this liberation presupposes the awakening and the courage to remove the veil from the eyes of the spirit. If I – or others like me – talk about all these things, I do it to help other people wake up. If we are not enough awakened people on the planet, we cannot change anything, no matter how well-meaning we may be. And to be truly awake also means to act, one way or another, together with other awakened people. As unpleasant as it may sound, whoever thinks he understood this message but still expects someone else to work in his place did NOT actually understand the essence. To understand this message’s essence is to feel within one’s being a movement, an impulse, not just a comfortable intellectual approval.


Also, those who understand this message will not expect the one who launches it – or others like him – to tell them “what to do”. We live in an age when everyone must act as a result of their own deliberative effort, an era when we must do something only because we WANT, not because we ARE TOLD. This is precisely why great leaders’ time, the time of leaders in general, has passed. The ones who are truly awake will not accept being considered “leaders”! They will insist that each of those who consider them “leaders” become leaders of their own beings and act from their own inner forum’s enthusiasm and freedom!


It should not even matter the name of the person who transmits this message. Because what matters is the message itself, not the sender’s name. The important thing is the water that quenches thirst, not the name of the one who pours it from the carafe. What is important is the path to which the word aims, and not the name of the one who uses the word to aim at the path.


It is not necessary for a certain education program, for a particular curriculum to lock us all – students, teachers, parents – in a dark cell where we can no longer enjoy the rays of the Sun! Once we radically change our perspective, once we transform the school to stop producing economic robots, but to help develop deep, harmonious people, we will have teachers who will know what to do during their classes. Suppose we no longer focus on what the System wants our children to become but on what they are meant to become. In that case, every class hour will be a festival of humanity, every minute of every class will be a sanctuary of our becoming!


Any education program is a tyranny of the one who imagines it. What is now a real prison for the human spirit, both for the student and the teacher, the so-called “curriculum”, must urgently come out from under the sign of tyranny and become a simple organizational framework. Students, teachers, and parents must nurture the will to get out of the control of this tyrannical system. This system destroys everyone’s chance to develop in a beautiful, harmonious, human-healthy way!


Do we realize how many high spirits are imprisoned, annihilated by an education system for which these high spirits have NO value? How many wonderful children who could have actually changed our world for the better, IF ONLY we would have helped them develop FREELY, have lost themselves on the road, have failed as adults, have become nothing but useful economic robots!?


Precisely because the spirit and the spiritual world are the essential common ground of ALL people, regardless of race or nationality, the truly spiritual human will not be a nationalist in the sense of the arrogant belief that his country, that his nation is superior and self-sufficient, but in the sense of the new, original, wonderful, and creative elements that his country, that his nation can bring to the world so that all countries, all nations can benefit.


In other words, the nationalist will never be a “nationalist” in the arrogant sense of glorifying his own nation to the detriment of others, but in the sense of trusting in the creative powers, in the original resources of his own nation. These creative powers, these original national resources, if they are truly given a spiritual meaning, will be used so that ALL other peoples, all other nations, can benefit from them. A nation for which the spirit becomes the central element will never try to become a self-sufficient island but will work for the good of all other nations!


It is exactly as in the case of the student’s development in school. It is wrong for the students not to be approached individually, not to be respected and stimulated to express the full spectrum of their originality and creative uniqueness, just as it is wrong for a country not to be respected for its uniqueness and creative originality. However, it is also wrong to emphasize uniqueness, creativity, and individuality without emphasizing collectivity, altruism, and fraternity. Likewise, it is wrong to emphasize the uniqueness, creativity, individuality, and originality of a nation without putting equal emphasis on what that nation can offer to other nations in an international environment of FREE mutual support!


There can be no freedom and “export of democracy” as long as a country considers itself “superior”, as long as that country’s leadership is convinced that it has the right to impose its own model all over the world. In one country, certain social impulses can manifest more than in other countries at a given time. But just as it is not right for a person to violate another person’s free will by imposing his own idea of “good”, it is just as harmful when a state forces another state to do something, to copy its model, to accept its “good”, its own concept and idea of good.

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Nothing that people do, individually and collectively, nationally and internationally, has any value, has any positive effect when the most important rule is not followed: we have no right to step on someone else’s will, we have no right to violate the free will which guarantees freedom! If a human’s or a nation’s will is violated, then we are no longer talking about charity, but ABUSE! The “good” imposed by force is no longer good. It is just abuse and imposition of conditions by the strongest! Also, most of the time, in the so-called “beneficial conditions”, there are hidden economic and political interests that have nothing to do with the good of the country that is forced to accept them.


If a country gets to INSPIRE other countries, it has fulfilled its own Destiny. If, on the other hand, a country comes to DOMINATE other countries, then that country misses its own Destiny. It is useless to maintain a myriad of international institutions, each with its astronomical budget, as long as it is within these international institutions that some countries use their military and economic power to force decisions on other countries.


In any society, if a person is forced to do something against her/his own will, then that person is no longer a free being but becomes a slave. Internationally, it is exactly the same: if a country does something against its own will, accepting decisions of another country that controls it, then we are no longer dealing with free international relations but with colonialist relations.

If you want to help another person, do it in such a way that, at the same time, you respect her/his options and decisions. Don’t use the help you give to take control of that person! Because that is no longer charity, but a tale of power! Likewise, if a powerful country wants to help a weaker country, it must do so while respecting that country’s inalienable right to self-determination!

Suppose a strong state “helps” a weaker state by imposing on it, in exchange for the given aid, the observance of its own conditions and the adoption of its own measures, foreign to everything that defines the “helped” state. In that case, we are dealing with cynicism camouflaged in charity and with colonialism wearing the mask of internationalism.


“Globalism” is a very harmful counter-impulse that was invented and spread precisely to divert the people’s attention from the human-healthy impulse of HUMAN FRATERNITY. The deep impulse towards human brotherhood presupposes altruism, dialogue between nations, cultural exchange, cooperation based on mutual respect, equality, and the guarantee of preserving the national identity. Instead of this human-healthy impulse, we are delivered leveling globalism, one that is not about dialogue, but about monologue, one that is not about cultural exchange, but about the obligation to adopt a single “cultural model”. It is not about cooperation based on mutual respect, but about the imposition of terms and conditions by the “strongest”. It is not about equality, but about domination. It is not about guaranteeing the preservation of national identity, but about forcing the erasure of any identity, about burning any cultural and spiritual imprint!


The masters of concealment and manipulation also prepared everything for the “second phase” – that of a new so-called “emancipation” of nations. They know very well that the global agenda’s imposition cannot develop without fractures. And they prefer to control the fractures, as they do at the national level when they give the citizens and their “heroes” the illusion of winning some battles!


The masters of global manipulation, those at the top of the Pyramid of Power, know that the human-healthy impulse we need most today is that of human brotherhood. In order not to allow this impulse to enter the world, to spread, and to generate positive change, they produced the fake impulse of leveling globalism. Also, they keep small national outbursts under control so that they do not really affect the globalist agenda and do not come close to the real impulse – the one towards global fraternity!


The leveling of consciousness to the point of no return, of its final annulment, has been carried out for decades with small but steady steps. With all its clichés and slogans, the progressive-globalist agenda that billions of people are forced to swallow without chewing is not the last phase. The last phase, to which we are heading at an accelerated pace, is the phase of the effective, total annulment of human consciousness by transforming the human being into a cyborg, by connecting the brain, the human body to the computer, to the server, to the “cloud”. The mixing of human beings with artificial intelligence is only one step away from happening. And this, once produced, will definitively annul humans’ consciousness.

For decades, we have become accustomed to thinking less and less. We are sold the Artificial Intelligence paradigm in the shinny packaging of convenience. Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence already thinks for us and instead of us. Some people are actually no longer capable of reaching a destination holding a map in their hands! They are the absolute slaves of Artificial Intelligence which shows them, which tells them where to go and even where their home is.


Of course, the technology itself is absolutely fine. There is no harm if a device helps you when you want to get somewhere. Of course, it’s easier and faster than asking people on the street or following routes on a map that you are holding in your hands. Technology must not be rejected. However, two conditions must be met if we want to enjoy the benefits of technology. First: let us still exercise our own mind, let us drink the living water of our own spirit, let us keep our souls alive. And let’s try, at least from time to time, to get somewhere else without using the “smart”-phone or other “smart” devices… And the second condition: we must regulate technology so that its benefits are no longer paid for with tons of information about who we are, where we go, what we say, and what we do in every moment of our lives!


We are one step away from the great turning point in human history. For the first time in our history, we are on the verge of losing our consciousness, our self. Until now, under the most difficult circumstances, even in the most horrible situations, humans’ self could NOT be seized. Our consciousness could not be annulled indefinitely. We have the case of so many saints or heroes who kept their conscience awake even when they were tortured. So far, human beings were able to preserve their self-consciousness, their self-awareness. It might not be so any longer…


For now, we are still indirectly connected to technology through all the “smart” devices we are using. But in a relatively short time, humanity will be at a crossroads. People will have to choose between canceling their own consciousness through giving up their own deep selves by connecting directly to technology and maintaining their own conscious identity, their “I”. And so, for the first time in human history, from the first human seed to the present, human beings will be in a position to lose their own free consciousness!

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We can be assured of the importance of the times we live in just by letting ourselves be penetrated by the epochal significance of what is approaching: we are living the years when, for the first time in human history, we can even lose our own free consciousness, the contact with our own spirit! The one who realizes the crucial importance of the times we live in also realizes how many forces are involved in both directions. On the one hand, there are those who, being awake, want to help humans wake up and perceive themselves again as spiritual beings living in a spiritual world. On the other hand, while also awakened to the reality of their spirit and of the spiritual world, there are those who serve darkness, not light, those who want to lure humans into this terrible trap of losing their conscious identity.

It is an epic battle, an epochal fight for the human being that takes place exactly while humans continue to waste their time with all kinds of nonsense! Day after day, night after night, we are kept busy with broadcasted fights between political gladiators, daily scandals, endless futile discussions, and the lowest possible entertainment. While we are wasting our time, the masters of darkness lead us, imperceptibly, to the moment when many of us, already asleep, will see no problem in “mixing with technology”, in letting Artificial Intelligence penetrate us, our body and our brain!


Think about it … If people were really awake, could one at least talk to them about becoming cyborgs? Could one at least ask them what their view is on merging with technology, with Artificial Intelligence!? No, obviously, one couldn’t!

What is it that puppeteers need in order to tempt so many people to accept the loss of their consciousness? They only need to put their consciousness to sleep before taking it from them! It’s that easy! It’s obnoxiously easy, and this is exactly what has been happening to humanity in recent decades. Gradually, people’s consciousness was numbed! Then, after reaching this threshold, the last phase is activated: the human beings who had their consciousness put to sleep will walk as sleepwalkers do, will sit while snoring on a chair and, happy that “they are part of something extraordinary”, they will even ask to be among the first to lose all consciousness, to let their own self be replaced by the tech-mind, by Artificial Intelligence.


Obviously, more and more people are convinced that there is no spirit, that there is no such thing as “the spiritual world”, and that, as a consequence, merging with Artificial Intelligence is absolutely fine. As they are already asleep in their own spirit, they see nothing wrong in this merging of humans with machines through replacing the conscious human self with Artificial Intelligence. And the most cynical part is that those who convince us that there is no such thing as the human spirit are as conscious as possible of the reality of their own spirit and ours! Here is one of the keys that can open the chest of understanding: those who urge people to become one with technology by giving them the false idea that, anyway, “the spirit does not exist” are as conscious as possible of the existence of their own spirit, as well as of the existence of the spirit of those whom they have convinced that they have no spirit!


The materialism that drives the spirit out of the world is not, at its core, the fruit of some materialists’ ideology. No, completely wrong! At its core, the materialism that drives the spirit out of the world is the fruit of some spiritualists’ ideology. It is the fruit of the ideology of beings that are perfectly aware of the existence of the spirit and of the spiritual world!

But again, think about it … If you were servants of darkness, wouldn’t you try to convince people that light doesn’t exist? If you wanted people to reject their own spirit, to reject their own spiritual life, would you not strive to convince them that the spirit and the spiritual world do not exist?


Behind tyrannical progressivism, leveling globalism, and super-technological materialism, there are powerful beings who are as awake as possible and very much aware of their own spirit and of the spirit of the humans to whom they say that “the spirit does not exist”! And they are about to advance their inhumane agenda by canceling the consciousness of those who agree to become one with technology. But if the masters of darkness succeed, it will be because billions of good people will have chosen daytime dreaming instead of waking up!

Thus, this message’s purpose is to give people the opportunity to choose by helping them become aware of the alternatives: either they continue on the same old paths that will ultimately lead them to the abyss or open their eyes and start a new journey towards the serene HUMAN horizons!


A broad global awakening movement is needed. The way each person will act and contribute has everything to do with each person’s uniqueness and individuality. But a global phenomenon is needed! As long as the masters of concealment act globally, the phenomenon of the awakening of human spirits must be global too. For this reason, the global spread of this message is of utmost importance. If the good people of this beautiful planet continue to wait for the “favorable conditions”, these conditions will never arise! Because we are the only ones who can generate these conditions!


Indeed, for a radical, profound, human-healthy change to take place, certain favorable conditions are needed. But these favorable conditions can be produced only in one way: by helping as many people as possible to wake up, by breaking and bursting as many soap bubbles as possible. The more people open their eyes, the sooner we will generate favorable conditions on the planet for a complete change in the way we relate to others and to our own lives.

All these months, we have heard that “x new cases of illness have been recorded in the last 24 hours”. In the same way, we should record, in a positive sense, all the new “cases” of people who have woken up and started working together to spread this message and to generate this global phenomenon.


Someone who really wants to help, to be useful during this period, must stop for a while and see beyond the daily movie broadcasted any minute everywhere. We are told that we must be like this or like that, that we must “align” with all sorts of currents and trends, that the East is bad and the West is good, etc. But do we ever stop for a moment to see beyond this collective conditioning? What is, in fact, the “reality”? What does “progressive values” mean, what does the “Euro-Atlantic journey” mean, for instance? Shouldn’t human values and humanity’s journey matter more? Why do we accept so easily to be placed in divergent camps? Why are we always ready to be cannon fodder and mass of maneuver for international conflicts, for war?


If I am a “nationalist”, this does not mean that I consider my own people to be a “superior race”, nor does it mean that I believe that my people must be self-sufficient, that they should shut themselves in, like an independent monad, wholly separated from any other people. If I am a “nationalist”, that means that I see in my people what they can become, what they can offer to the world and other peoples. Fulfilling the destiny of a nation, the only one that can bring true well-being, happiness, contentment, is no longer possible today – as a direct effect of humanity’s evolution – except insofar as this nation wants and aims to help other nations.


Speaking of politics and politicians… Although they will most likely crumble their support, real politicians, those who truly respect their supporters, will not tell them what they will do for them, but what they could do TOGETHER! We have reached an age of our development when it is necessary for everyone to get involved. Gone are the days when providential figures decided alone for the good of their people, for the good of a group, of a city, of a nation.

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When I bring into discussion – quite often, I must admit – the fact that “we have reached an age of our development”, things should be rightly understood. Just as there are stages in the development of the human body, stages that follow one after the other even if the person does not pay any attention, so there are stages in the development of the social organism, stages in the evolution of humanity as a whole. A child grows, his teeth change, puberty comes even if the child “believes” in it or not, even if the child is interested in it or not, even if the child pays or does not pay any attention to all these changes, to all these stages. Likewise, humanity reaches certain stages of its development even if it does not “believe” in them, even if it does not observe and understand these stages, even if it does not care too much.

The difference is that if the human body develops further even without conscious human input, the social body needs human understanding, awareness, and action. If we all reach a certain stage of our development and simply do not care, we only generate chaos and social evil nationally and internationally. The social body needs awakened people, not sleepwalkers! Otherwise, we will miss everything we should develop in the current stage. As an immediate effect, we will sink more and more into the black mud that is already suffocating everything on our planet.


To give an edifying example, the current stage of human development requires each of us to understand the need for joint action in the sense of global human brotherhood. This impulse exists in each of us for the simple reason that each of us lives right now in the specific age of human development that demands such an impulse. This impulse towards global human brotherhood exists in each of us. But those who oppose the proper evolution of humanity, its advancement in the right direction of its own destiny, undertake all that can be done so that, instead of the global human brotherhood, the so-called “globalism” is delivered to us.


Our natural inclination towards global fraternity is suppressed, and artificial globalism is delivered in its place. Instead of living as a community of free individuals who work for the good of their fellow human beings, we are forced to live in the planetary prison of leveling globalism. The globalist framework and propaganda prevent us from thinking and acting freely. They force us to think, speak, and act only as it suits the beings at the top of the decision-making pyramid.


The great transition of humankind to another evolutionary stage is undermined. The real progress of humanity is stifled, and in its place, we are given artificial progressivism. Instead of a community of individuals who support each other’s welfare, who care for each other, who recognize themselves and recognize each other as spiritual beings, as deep beings, as complex beings, we are forced to digest the stupid clichés of the so-called “progressivism”. We are no longer dealing with the progress of a free world, with the progress of free people, but with the tyranny of a “progressivism” that no longer allows us to say what we believe, but only what “is allowed”.


Then, something else is perverted in the most odious way, as a direct, definite, almost unstoppable attack on the human being’s very essence. Solidarity is perverted into singularity! Instead of using technology to sustain human solidarity, we are pushed towards a society in which technology will use us to create what scholars and practitioners of the new cyber religion call “singularity” — that is, the moment when Artificial Intelligence becomes self-aware and no longer needs humans to sustain itself and advance.


In the absence of a real concern for the understanding of the human being, every speech on “rights and freedoms” is virtually nil! The “heads” of states and international organizations keep speaking, pompously, about “rights and freedoms”, but what they really do is in no way related to any right or freedom. On the contrary, it has everything to do with the insatiable thirst for control and with the exercise of discretionary powers!


There is a lot of talk about “democracy” and “the free world”. I would just like to ask this question: what do citizens have to say about how their money is used? Who and when has ever asked you if, for instance, you would choose to spend a yearly trillion dollars for the poor and sick rather than on weapons and military operations? What “democracy” is this? What “free world”? Let’s be serious! Words like “democracy”, “rights and freedoms”, “justice and the rule of law” are just words, empty containers, empty forms, as long as those who should fill them with content are far from understanding that the first thing they should do is paying respect to all human beings, in all their depth and complexity!


The biggest problem of humanity is not that we lack good people or that most people feel great satisfaction in harming others. No, it’s not like that. Most people on Earth are good people or, anyway, people who do not find pleasure in hurting others. The great, the greatest problem of humanity is another one. Namely that most of humanity sleeps, sleeps soundly! Billions of people who are by no means fundamentally evil, billions of rather good people, are endlessly sleeping the sleep that they have been induced! This is, undoubtedly, the greatest problem of humanity! In vain in the burning house sleeps a firefighter! In vain in the car that slips into the abyss sleeps an experienced driver! In vain in the ocean’s high and dangerous tides sleeps an outstanding swimmer!


Our big problem is this: a lot of good people are sleeping! They are sleeping a sleep that has been induced to them since they were born. Everything in the society in which we are born works like a sleeping pill. This is how everything is designed. It is by no means a coincidence! Those who want us to sleep are as awake as possible. But they serve dark interests. Do not believe for a moment that those who induce our spiritual and social sleep are also asleep! No, it would be very wrong to believe that! No other person can put someone to sleep than one who is awake! The problem with those who induce humanity’s daytime sleep is not that they are also sleeping. They are as awake as possible! The problem with these beings is that, although being awake, they CHOOSE to serve the darkness, and not the light, the night, and not the day. And while the good people of the Earth are sleeping, the people who have chosen darkness are as awake as possible and are inducing and maintaining their sleep. Thus, the destinies of billions of people are hijacked, and humanity, as a whole, is heading in a tranquil and sleepwalking way towards the abyss!


We are sleeping a profound sleep when we think we have “won” the fight with our fellows who happen to believe otherwise. How could we ever “win” when, obviously, it’s just a small battle, when it is almost certain that the others will also take a victory tomorrow? How could we ever win when, in fact, those who lead humanity through the foggy seas of the induced sleep want this precisely – to fight all others, to fight and hate each other, to hate and be aggressive with each other until there is no stone left on Earth!?

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An awakened human will never fight another human, even if that one is the embodiment of EVIL on Earth. And the reason why, although it may sound strange and paradoxical, is very simple: an awakened human KNOWS that we can never overcome the darkness. No matter how good we are, no matter how well prepared and determined, we CANNOT ever manage to carry the darkness out of the room with the wheelbarrows! This is NOT how we will ever manage to make light in the room! We will only waste our whole life being applauded by those who want us to stay in the dark, who are serving the darkness, and who encourage us to “fight the darkness”.


NO human being who sees the light will ever encourage you to fight the darkness! NO ONE! Whoever encourages you to do this is either a sleepwalker who thinks he is awake or an awake person who serves the very darkness!


Whoever sees the light will ALWAYS tell you that you can only bring light into your life and into the world by TURNING ON THE LIGHT:

“Light the light, be it a light bulb, a candle, a fire made with the woods of your soul! Be the bearer of the light! Pass it on as people light each other’s candles on the Night of the Resurrection!”


Whoever sees the light knows that you cannot get light if you keep fighting the darkness. If you fight the darkness, the only result will be that you will stay in the dark! This has always been the case and will always be the case! That is precisely why those who see, those who really know, will always encourage you to turn on the light. They will tell you that only if you focus on TURNING ON THE LIGHT will you have real light instead of darkness!


The true “warriors of the light” are the ones who light the candle of their spirit, who transform their own spirit so that it becomes a burning candle to illuminate around them and to light the candles of other people’s spirits. The true “warrior of the light” is not the one who poses as the “lofty leader” who fights against the darkness. That is either a sleepwalker or even a servant of the darkness! The one who really wants to help you live in the light, to SEE, is the one who urges you, encourages you to TURN ON THE LIGHT, to become mediators of the light, and not to fight against the darkness endlessly and to no avail!


Darkness cannot be defeated not because it is stronger! But because it is not really a presence. It is an absence – the absence of LIGHT! That is why “overcoming darkness” is, in fact, “making light”! It’s EXACTLY like in ordinary life … The electricity went out, and you want to light the house to be able to see your whereabouts? Well, what do you do then? Do you take a shovel and try to throw pieces of darkness out the window as you carry the snow away so you can walk? Or do you light a candle, a flashlight, the flash of a phone?


Those who, being awake, CHOOSE to be servants of darkness will always encourage us to “fight against darkness”, will always tell us that this is the way, that only this way we can win – by being brave, fearless, always determined! In reality, all we will accomplish is a tremendous victory against the windmills! We will be legendary heroes in a soap bubble, still sleeping a sleep that has been induced to us and that is skillfully maintained when the best of us are misled, are urged to “fight the darkness”!

Thus, we spend most of the years of our life, and we consume the largest reserves of our energy in vain, instead of using these years and this energy just to MAKE some LIGHT!


Another problem with this planet’s good people is that they always wait for the “right circumstances”, for the favorable background. They cling to a platform, to a political party, to a “hero”, to a “leader”, on a national or even on an international level, and WAIT for the platform, for the political party, for the hero, for the lofty leader to transform the state of affairs so that they will be able to express themselves. The harsh reality is that they are waiting in vain and that this waiting is nothing but LOST TIME!


The good people of the Earth are thus pushed into three great categories. On the one hand, there are those who have been skillfully persuaded to “fight the darkness”. Therefore, they totally forget about the light. They never remember to simply turn it on so that it would no longer be dark. On the other hand, there are those who are waiting for the “favorable conditions”. Thus, they lose their own time and the time of their species, not understanding that the favorable conditions depend on them and them alone! If we continue to fight our little fights “against the darkness”, we will never pay attention to what is really important: turning on the light inside and around us. And if we continue to wait for someone else – always SOMEONE ELSE! – to generate “the favorable conditions”, then we will keep on waiting for a chimera that will never come true.

And the third large category is made up of good people who are not necessarily convinced that “they have to fight the darkness”, who do not necessarily wait for someone else to “create the favorable context”, but who keep asking “to be told what to do”. But these good people must really understand both this message and the call of our time, the stage we are all on. These good people need to realize that none of those who really want to help them will tell them “what to do”. Everything has to start from them. That’s the only way if we are ever to generate value and change! Anything that is done because someone we believe in tells us to do it is, even under the rule of best intentions, a violation of free will, a violation of the human FREE will.


You can work with people you appreciate, but never ask them to tell you “what to do”! Because if they are truly free people, they will never tell you “what to do”. They will encourage you to find out what you “WANT to do” for yourself, according to what you are!

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A community of FREE people who are cooperating FREELY is what we really need at this level of our becoming. For this reason, the first and foremost important thing is to let this impulse wake us up and set us free, and, at the same time, we must imbue ourselves with the impulse to help others wake up and start living in and out of their own freedom.


All conflicts (more or less mimicked) between politicians and between political parties do NOT really have any relevance for the citizens! If we want to have human statespeople, not just politicians, then we need also to have social humans, not just formal citizens. Citizens line up and vote for politicians. Social humans are awakened citizens who try to help other citizens to wake up. They know it’s the only way – to help as many as possible wake up and reach the vital critical mass. This way, it will be possible to get more politicians able to change the social framework for the better. Social humans will generate human statespeople! The political human can only be born of the social human. Many social humans, many human statespeople… Many sleeping citizens, many sleepwalking politicians…


The first sign that we have woken up is that we have understood two things. The first: if we want to change something, it is up to us to act in that direction. And second: if we want to change something, we need to help as many of our peers wake up. We need to understand that, given the modern world equation, BIG NUMBERS MATTER! As unpleasant as it may sound, this is the reality – big numbers matter! We can’t move the world in the right direction unless we want to. And for us to want this, we must open our eyes first.


The worst thing a good human can do is to develop a defeatist attitude, to get into a tense defense, to start rejecting everything. No, it’s deeply wrong! This is NOT the way! For example, let’s discuss technology… The idea is not to reject technology even when we notice that it is used to break humans apart from themselves and others, robotize them, turn them into walking computers that have no idea about the spiritual world to which they really belong. No, this is not the right way! The right way is to counterbalance, to HUMANIZE technology. Technology is not bad in itself. But it becomes bad, harmful, when it no longer serves the human being, and when its fundamental objective becomes the dehumanization of the human being.


Speaking of Artificial Intelligence, please pay close attention to the pitfalls that get in your way! Highly influential high-tech billionaires with businesses in the field of advanced technologies have won the trust of many by showing great concern that Artificial Intelligence could dominate us in a short time. And what do you think they did precisely after they gained the trust of many by talking about the dangers posed by Artificial Intelligence? They’ve started to throw billions into play in order to build precisely the … Artificial Intelligence! Now, after they have gained the trust of many by posing as very responsible people, they come and tell you: “If you can’t beat Artificial Intelligence, then JOIN IT!” First, they tell you, quite rightly, that Artificial Intelligence can get out of control and turn people into slaves. Then, they come back with the “solution”: “In order not to be dominated by Artificial Intelligence, merge with it!”


Do we really understand where we are now and what will happen in a very short time!? Artificial Intelligence tycoons will persuade many to merge, to become one with it, telling them that this is the only way they can keep it under control. In reality, once humans merge with Artificial Intelligence and become cyborgs, nothing of their conscious self, of their spirit, will be able to express itself!


Artificial Intelligence tycoons relate to your being as to a machine – a biological machine, but still a machine. In this postmaterialist paradigm (humans = biological machines), they propose Artificial Intelligence as a machine more advanced than the “machine” you are. And then, serving their cyber-paradigm, the high-tech tycoons try to persuade you that the human-machine must become one with Artificial Intelligence so that it doesn’t overtake us.


However, what the Artificial Intelligence tycoons and the masters of the transhumanist sect in Silicon Valley do not tell you is that you are not, in reality, a biological machine, that you have a soul, a spirit, that you are much more than a sum of biological functions and mechanisms! This is what they will never tell you! The transhumanists from Silicon Valley, from the Dry Valley of Sub-Humanity, from the post-human desert where the living water of the spirit wets no grain of sand – they will never talk about your spirit!


I have said it before, and I have to repeat it: please, do not fall into the trap of considering that the greatest promoters of materialism are also materialists! NOT! Not at all! They are fully aware of the reality of the spirit and of the spiritual world. And they want to keep you away from this spirit and this spiritual world! Everything they do is not aimed at helping you get closer to the deep human within you. All they do is to make you completely forget about this deep human! Then, in the spiritual desert they’ve created, in the void society that they’ve emptied of its vital human content, they bring in the “solution”: the carbon-silicon mixing, the merging of human beings with Artificial Intelligence!


Even the international institutions that debate the dangers of Artificial Intelligence do nothing but keep on jabbering! They can’t really understand why Artificial Intelligence is developed, why the silicon gurus wish to transform human beings into cyborgs unless they first understand what the REAL world of humans looks like and what their true Destiny is! If we are not aware of our own spirit, if we are not aware of the spiritual world in which we live in every moment of our lives, we cannot find solutions to the risks involved in Artificial Intelligence’s development!

No matter how much one debates and no matter how much one tries to regulate Artificial Intelligence, absolutely nothing will be achieved as long as those who attempt such regulations are not awakened beings. Only people who are able to display the problem in the right way can really hope to find the right solutions!

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We left politics aside, and we started talking about Artificial Intelligence, about the imminent mixing of humans with machines, about transforming humans into cyborgs, and about the annulment of the human spirit. Why did we move to these topics just when we talked about politics and politicians!? Because precisely about such things should politicians speak with you! Real politicians, who understand the world, who are awake, who are aware of the complex life in their depths and in the depths of others, such politicians would talk to you precisely about such things!


Why do you think we are witnessing this tsunami of triviality and superficiality that knocks down all that is beautiful and profound? Because there is a very well-developed worldwide plan by which certain groups ensure that most human beings almost never reach self-examination, the essential questions about themselves, others, and the world. The human microcosm no longer perceives itself as a spiritual microcosm that is part of a spiritual macrocosm, of a spiritual world as vivid and real as the physical world.

This is why everything that renders humans’ life is so organized and directed that almost no one opens their eyes wide. Almost no one gets to see beyond the spider’s web woven everywhere, in which we are trapped, losing all our spiritual vigor and enthusiasm.


We need to stop a little bit and try to grasp what is happening and why it is happening. For instance, in the last 30 years, but especially during the previous decade, anyone could notice a colossal increase in interest in fiction movies and books, especially supernatural fiction. Movie theaters are crowded, and online platforms are used at full capacity every time a new movie about magical worlds and characters is launched. And the explanation is straightforward. The deep humans are widowed of their deep world. The deep humans who live inside the casual humans feel that they are suffocating. They feel that they are drying up, as the casual humans, as the ordinary society is unwilling to give them any drop of living water. For this reason, without apprehending it, billions of people are seeking liberation from the straps of their dry and pointless daily life. People are trying to escape this empty life with the help of movies, with the help of books, with the help of music, with the help of virtual reality, and so on.


Each of us is exactly like a Matryoshka doll: a human inside another human! Each of us is a deep human inside the superficial human. The deep human is kept locked down, hungry, thirsty, and frustrated by the superficial human. The superficial human is mostly an illusion, a conglomerate of social conditioning and preconceptions devoid of any significance. The entire human society is built around the superficial human and not around the deep human. All “reforms”, even those conceived by well-meaning people, also revolve around the everyday superficial human. That is why humanity cannot move to the next level. It cannot even take a step forward. It cannot truly reform its economic, political and social life as long as it continues to focus on the superficial human – that nonspiritual social product, devoid of any soul and spiritual content.


The laws, education, politics, economy, internal and external affairs are designed for the superficial human, for the everyday human, not for the deep human, for the spiritual human. As such, I will say it bluntly: it is absolutely useless to set your hopes on the ability of a “hero” or of a “wonder team” to change a system that was not designed a year or two ago, but that was skillfully, almost perfectly developed and refined for centuries. Even if they have massive popular support, one person or just a few people cannot really change much. It is necessary that each and every one of those who want a real change take a step forward and get involved. The human kingdom’s current state of development is no more compatible with the previous situation when the whole political, economic and social life was managed by one or a handful of people. We live in the Age of Freedom, in the Age of Human Consciousness. Even if far too many are not aware of this, even if far too many do not even value basic rights and freedoms, the reality is that we are all living in the midst of the Age of Freedom! If we become aware of this, if we begin to understand the world and ourselves, then and only then will we truly change our society.


Even what we call “fundamental rights and freedoms”, however good and necessary, are nothing more than the rights and freedoms of the superficial human, of the everyday human. True freedom, inner and social true freedom, comes only with the deep human’s awakening inside the superficial human. Matryoshka dolls … The deep human comes out of the superficial human. Then and only then the deep world becomes possible!

We want a beautiful world, a world full of meaning and purpose, but we do not understand that this world cannot be the world of the superficial humans, but ONLY the world of the deep, spiritual humans. The world of humans will not look good until it becomes the world of spiritual humans – that is, the world of humans who are aware of their spirit and of the spiritual world. In other words, the spiritual human’s real-world must be perceived, understood, felt and assumed, if we want to build a better society. 

Speaking of this “better” … We hear it far to often nowadays. But we should stop and ask ourselves: “better” for what and for whom? What does a “better society” mean? What is the “better”, the higher “good”, the greater “good”? This is an essential question that no one really asks today.


Both the natural evolution impulse towards fraternity and the artificially sustained current towards hatred and segmentation do not only concern groups, even large ones, but the whole of humanity. As such, any effort towards developing a healthy human society cannot be just a local approach any longer. What is happening to us, in a negative sense, is the result of GLOBAL actions. Therefore, it goes without saying that whoever wants to support overcoming this great challenge of humanity can only do so by addressing people around the planet. Any strictly local construction will fail, no matter how many good intentions sustain the base. You can’t counterbalance a global effect by acting only locally. Sure, the actions will be primarily local, but mission awareness must reach critical mass globally!


All human life areas are based on false foundations, as long as the spiritual dimension is not reckoned. If those who develop educational, economic, and social programs are not aware of their own spirit, if they do not realize that they live, as spiritual beings, in a spiritual Universe, then it is simply impossible to get something good out of their programs, no matter how well-intentioned they are. From the moment human beings are reckoned in all their complexity and depth, any framework that involves them will bear the stamp of complexity and depth.


An honest politician will admit that political parties are mainly organized like gangs. Not in terms of criminal law – although this also happens many times – but in the sense of the double standard: “ours is good, and theirs is bad”, even if they both said or did the same thing. Any honest politician will admit this, and any truly FREE citizen will notice this. …So, what to do? Should we get rid of political parties and develop another representative, democratic system? Possibly, but that’s not the point. We will not solve anything if we decide to eliminate it, cut it off, and simply throw it away after we notice that a system is rotten. Even if we do this, even if we start creating another system, a completely new and different one, it will only be a matter of days until it becomes corrupted. In no more than a week or two, it will start to have a rotten kernel! And the explanation is straightforward: we do not start from the right starting line! We consider the System itself as the starting line instead of moving our attention towards those who create and maintain that System! Instead of starting with the people who generate, support, and populate the System, we begin with the System itself. This is wrong, fundamentally wrong!

If we do not radically change the way we relate to ourselves and others, we shall uselessly change billions of systems. Nothing will really change for the better! We will only have the illusion of a superior form. In reality, the new form will have the same superficial content, unworthy of the real human being’s height and depth!


This is precisely why “focusing on the human being” or “putting the human being back at the center” are not just slogans but also the real key to open the real door to the next level. But we must understand that it is not about focusing on the human being as the human being is understood today. It is about focusing on human beings as they really are, in all their complexity. As long as the human beings, who are eminently spiritual beings, are not recognized and do not recognize themselves as spiritual beings, what “human being” could we focus on, what “human being” could we then place in the center!? We could only put the human being as a spiritual being in the center, not the human being as the artificial sum of daily clichés.

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By not accepting the human being’s belonging to the spiritual world, the decline of human society will terribly accelerate in the coming years. And the reason why is easily noticeable: if we are denied access to the most important area of ourselves, to our essence, to the only part of ourselves that can really help us feel fulfilled, then subconscious frustration will push us to always look for new and new entertainment, for ever new excitements.

They will offer us distractions to keep us distracted! When the attraction to one’s own spirit is artificially detoured, the result will be the distraction, the endless unconscious search for a remedy to cure the unbearable disease of soul and spirit emptiness.


A piece of advice: when someone stands up and pretends to be a spiritual or moral court and begins to issue – in his mind, of course – certificates (“This is a real believer!” or “This is a good citizen!”), you have only one healthy way out – RUN! That person is not in his right mind…

Fake pillars of morality invade the public scene! How can you identify them? It is very easy! The fake immaculate has two characteristics that he can’t get rid of, that he can’t mask. First: he will always try to determine who is and who is not a “good person”, an “honest fellow”, a “real believer”, a “perfect citizen” (and so on). And the second: he will always show a kind of aggressive infatuation in everything he says and in everything he does – he is the “superior man”, he is the “good man”, the “model”, the “real believer”, the “perfect citizen”, etc.


In politics, the self-proclaimed immaculate will speak to the “constituency” from the immaculate inquisitor’s position, who, as perfect as he thinks he is, always feels justified to cast anathema on others. In journalism, the self-proclaimed immaculate will quarrel with everyone and will show himself to the public as the supreme moral and civic court, as the imposing social figure, who, given the dizzying height of his moral probity, is entitled to wipe the floor with all the imperfect beings that dare to stand in front of his pen or TV camera. In the spiritual life, the self-proclaimed immaculate will climb alone on the pedestal, have no patience until his statue is built, and begin to deliver epochal speeches full to the brim with the infinite emptiness of his fake moral altitude.


“First, we need to focus on economic reforms so that citizens become materially prosperous. Then, after they get everything they need, we can start talking about spirit.” … We often hear this nonsense. Very often, it is the “conclusion” that closes any chance of real dialogue, of deep communication. In the minds of those who are saying such nonsense, the spirit is a kind of hypothetical luxury, a kind of “intellectual entertainment”, or a certain kind of philosophical snobbery. In reality, the spirit is the human beings’ seed, their essence. And moving away from this essence is the leading cause of all the world’s problems. Precisely because the human being is essentially a spiritual being, nourishing the social spirit is the only way to feed the social body too. Otherwise, as long as we continue to grope in the darkness of today’s society, as long as we are interested in surviving instead of living, as long as we ignore our own spirit, our own spiritual life, our own deep reality, we will NOT be able to solve the problems of poverty, of violence, of conflicts and wars, both locally and globally.


As long as the very refusal to become aware of our spiritual nature is the primary cause for social evil, for all the evil in the world, it goes without saying that it is only by solving this problem that we can bring, as a natural effect, both peace and material well-being. Peace cannot be brought and maintained by any political party, by any national or planetary hero, by any government, local or global, by any institution, by any “messianic” country or person. Peace and material well-being can only arise on Earth due to people’s awakening to the deep reality in which they live each and every second of their lives.


What we are used to calling “peace” is, in fact, nothing more than a break between two wars. What we are used to calling “prosperity” is nothing but the prosperity of a few simultaneously with the poverty of many, or, as in the case of peace – the break between two economic and financial crises. In reality, we have neither peace nor prosperity, and most people live only in an illusory bubble, in which they were thrown and of which they were told would be … “the world”.


The “realism” of those who lead the countries is nothing but an illusory bubble. True realism belongs to those who truly see the world beyond the Great Wall of Materialism. There is no “realism” except insofar there is knowledge of reality. And for someone who knows the reality of one’s own spirit and the reality of the spiritual universe in which we all live, for such a human being, who is really aware, everyday “realism” is nothing but a mirage without any connection to REALITY.


This message is not subject to any debate, to any dispute, for a very simple reason: the one who really understands it has no reason to start any polemic, while the one who does not understand it will only be interested in refuting it. There is no point in starting a debate with the blindfolded man who tells you, in a superior-mocking tone, that he is the “realistic” one and that you are nothing but a “dreamer”. In reality, the situation is exactly the opposite! The “dreamer” is an awake human who truly sees the world, while the “realist” is a human who lives in a prefabricated dream, one that, for many, lasts a lifetime.


This is why I must insist that those who truly resonate with everything I write here should not start or accept any debate. It’s not about disrespect for someone else’s opinion but about realism. You can’t make others see what you see unless they first accept that they are blindfolded. That’s why I keep repeating that the only chance is for more and more people to wake up. There can be no real prosperity, including the strictly material, economic one, except as a result of the awakening of humankind.


Everyone has to choose – between living in the tents set up by sleepwalking people on the derailment field of humanity’s train and putting the train of Destiny back on its rails. In the end, it all comes down to this essential choice. It is important that this message circulates as much as possible so that as many people as possible get the chance to choose.

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Trust the human being! The awakened human beings will always find the way to do good, using what they know, using their skills, their knowledge. Instead, no matter how intelligent and well-trained they may be, blindfolded humans will never be able to be a part of true change. We can’t change anything at all as long as we’re not awake. And if we wake up, then we have to pass the light on. The more LIGHT there will be on Earth, the better we will see at night!


Human beings with a living spirit (in other words, human beings AWARE of their own spirit) will work for others’ good wherever they may go. Sleeping humans will only dream that they are working for others’ good while being contained in the soap bubble produced by the masters of manipulation, by the servants of darkness.


We can accomplish many things together, but if we truly integrate these lines, if the sap of this message circulates in our veins, we will support other people’s awakening. We will find other awakened people to work with. Thus, new social forms will be created. As the one who is now writing these lines, anyone can make a living goal from knocking on the door of our fellow humans’ spirit. Knock with confidence, but also with love! No one has the right to force the door of anyone’s spirit! If they have ears to hear, they will notice when you knock on their door, just as whoever has ears to hear notices how I knock on the doors of the spirits of those who are reading these lines. If they have eyes to see, they will spot the world beyond the soap bubble in which they are imprisoned, as anyone who reads these lines can set oneself free.


Those who truly understand reality, who are truly REALISTIC and PRAGMATIC, will act using the elements, the juice, and the impulses offered by this REALITY. It is not utopian to believe that the world can change for the better, but it is utopian to think that it can continue as it is right now! And the world can only change for the better when the world begins to know itself. There is NO GOOD without KNOWLEDGE, and there is no real knowledge without LOVE. Not superficial “love”, but deep love for the DEEP HUMAN in us and our fellows…


In any case, anyone who reads these lines and still has doubts about what it means to be truly “realistic” can be convinced by asking the following questions: “Where have we been taken by all those people who pretend to be ‘realistic’ and ‘pragmatic’? What does our world look like now, when it is led by these ‘realists’, by these ‘pragmatists’?”

Whoever really asks these questions quickly understands that the world tailored to the clichés and commonplaces of the so-called “realistic” and “pragmatic” people is, in fact, totally unrealistic and impractical. How can one be realistic if one has no idea what the reality is!? How can one be pragmatic if, not seeing the reality, one acts blindfolded?


All the world’s problems have their leading cause in superficiality, in the lack of depth, in the absence of any vision that should start from a knowledge of the world beyond its epidermis. And the solution to the world’s problems will NEVER come from political parties, from institutions, from … forms. Content is needed, and this content can only be produced by awakened people, not by sleeping people!


Suppose someone really lets oneself be penetrated by this message, by its content, by the impulses it carries. In that case, it will be of absolutely NO importance which party one belongs to or what political orientation one has. Because the reality is beyond political parties, and if political parties really want to be populated by REALISTIC people, then political parties must first become interested in reality! The reality is neither left, nor center, nor right, nor East, nor West, nor North, nor South. It is neither white, nor black, nor yellow, nor red. Reality is one – we are spiritual beings, we are much more, infinitely more than the mirror shows us! And we live in a spiritual world that surrounds and intertwines everything we are used to calling “the world”. A world to which we belong and from which we are separated only by our own convenience. Whoever works with oneself and waters the offspring of their soul who urges them to do everything they do for others’ good, without violating their free will, that one is the REALISTIC, the PRAGMATIC who can really change the world for the better! Everything else is just endless discussions, televised quarrels (be it real or mimicked), sterile polemics, and empty words!


Life is much more than what we were not able to do in the months when almost the entire planet was in quarantine! Life is what we can choose to awaken inside us in the current context. If only we would be willing to let ourselves be awakened!

Any obstacle is an opportunity. We constantly encounter numerous obstacles, which are, in fact, camouflaged opportunities. It only depends on us what happens with all these opportunities. We can lament, we can consume our frustrations on social networks or in front of the TV, we can mourn our “cruel fate”, we can continue to fight each other, and thus do EXACTLY what the masters of segregation and manipulation want from us. Or we can use this moment, this global crisis (be it induced or not), to completely change our perspectives, our human paradigm. If we do not change it, we will miss one of the greatest opportunities, and we will continue to move quickly towards an imminent planetary disaster.


Wake up, beautiful HUMAN! You are so much more than what they have made you think you are! Get out of the soap bubble they have locked you in! Open your eyes and SEE! Those who locked you in a soap bubble actually live outside of it! Those who tell you that you are not a deep being, that you do not have a living spirit, that you do not live, each and every second, in a real spiritual world, are perfectly aware of the reality of their spirit and of yours. They are perfectly aware of the spirit’s reality, though they keep telling you that the spirit is just a fable or an abstract thought!


Of course, the victims of dry intellectualism, of empty materialism, will ask for “evidence” in support of what is said here. They will ask for “evidence” on the assertions regarding the spirit and the spiritual world. Well, two answers will be enough. First, whoever wants “evidence” can start exploring on their own. How could you “prove” to someone that they have a spirit and live in a spiritual world that they cannot perceive? You couldn’t do that directly. If it were that simple, we would have solved this problem a long time ago! It’s a little more complicated. Whoever has such a closed heart and mind that no part of this message or other similar messages penetrates their spirit cannot acquire any “proof” of their spirit’s existence unless they dare to work a little bit on themselves. They can do it in countless ways, but it is best to use their own mind and think to the end about the possibility or impossibility of their spirit’s existence. If they do this simple exercise, provided it is completed, they will discover that new perspectives are opening up to them.

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The second answer for the one who asks for “evidence” is formulated in a counter-question: “What evidence do you have that you are real and not just a simulation?”. Really, how can one who asks for proof of the spirit’s existence prove that one’s own material existence is real!? The skeptic will answer that he can prove this because he perceives this world. But, if it all comes down to perceptions, it can be quickly replied that the spiritual world can also be perceived, provided that the proper organs of perception are developed. If someone perceives the spiritual world, not only the physical one, isn’t that person getting closer to understanding the whole? If one is stubborn enough to live one’s whole life on one floor only, why should that person mock or blame another who uses the stairs and the elevator to walk through the whole building!?


The right role of justice must never be that of an Inquisition which, posing in a too-pure, immaculate entity, casts anathema, public disgrace on other people! Wherever a true “rule of law” develops, the human-prosecutor will not salivate in satisfaction if he obtains years of imprisonment against another human. Sure, he has to do his job, and he will do it. But even if he gained a prison sentence, this will not be a reason for satisfaction but for deep sadness. Sadness – because another human fellow has moved terribly far from what defines him as a beautiful human, as a deep human, as a spiritual human.


Wherever a true “rule of law” develops, the law school and, subsequently, the professional bodies will ensure that only a person with a high level of humanity can become a prosecutor. A human-prosecutor will not rejoice when another human is condemned based on the evidence he gathers as a prosecutor. On the contrary, the human-prosecutors will relate to any conviction they gain as to yet another battle lost by the human beings while fighting their lower nature.


The prosecutors must do their duty. A criminal must be stopped because he threatens others’ security and well-being through his crime. Undoubtedly, a criminal must be stopped, and, at this stage of human development, sanctions are definitely needed. But the perspectives must not be confused. It’s one thing to do your job, as a prosecutor, to stop a criminal, and quite another to rejoice, to feel the tingling pleasure when you “put someone in jail”. If gaining a conviction makes one salivate with joy, as when one eats a juicy cake, it’s time to leave the justice system or be quickly taken out of there!


Why should prosecutors who salivate in satisfaction when gaining new convictions be expelled from the justice system? Because it means that they no longer do their job only for the good of people. They do their job to satisfy their own lust: the lust for condemning, the lust for prosecuting, the lust for gaining convictions. If prosecutors feel the urge to condemn, they are not prosecutors but executioners. Getting a conviction in such a way, even if we are talking about a proven criminal, will not only generate social good but will also do a lot of harm. It will no longer be about sanctioning a criminal but about satisfying the lust for sanctioning!


“Condemnation” comes from “damnation”. It is an unclean, dark thing, a “demon” that pushes someone to commit a reprehensible deed, and this is followed by a “condemnation”, by a “damnation”, by the repudiation of that person. But this can never be a joy, a cause of satisfaction for a healthy human spirit! At least for a prosecutor or a judge, convicting or gaining a conviction should NEVER generate satisfaction! If this happens, the judicial system’s representative bodies should be notified immediately and should decide to suspend the one who rejoices when he convicts or obtains a conviction. It is a vital decision, in the absence of which we will never have true justice, but true inquisition!


As for the citizens … If we rejoice when someone else is convicted, then we condemn ourselves. If we feel pleasure when someone else is suffering, this certainly moves us to the sub-human regions no matter the circumstances. Morally and humanly mature citizens will not let all kinds of currents of hatred drive their political and social action. The lure of hatred and the fulfillment of the desire to punish will only attract the inevitable need for revenge, the inevitable fulfillment of hatred from the opposite direction. Whoever raises the sword to defend oneself acts in the right way. But whoever raises the sword to derive pleasure from inflicting pain is a person who runs backward on his human path!


Fair justice is not just an economically or politically neutral justice. Fair justice is first and foremost justice enforced by fair people, by people concerned to the highest degree with developing their own humanity! There are several sectors where only people concerned to the highest degree with developing their own humanity should work: education, politics, justice, and medicine. A teacher is not really a teacher, a doctor is not really a doctor, a politician is not really a politician, a prosecutor is not really a prosecutor, a lawyer is not really a lawyer, and a judge is not really a judge if each of them is not really a HUMAN! 


True justice is, therefore, HUMAN justice! It can never be otherwise! Genuine human justice is only possible if the prosecutors do not rejoice when they gain a conviction. The prosecutor should find satisfaction in fulfilling the professional and social duty but, at the same time, should experience a deep sadness – the sadness that another fellow human being has fallen into the sub-human abyss. And it goes the same with the judge! The judge should never exult when deciding to convict someone but should experience the same combined feeling: the satisfaction of fulfilling the professional and social mission, but ONLY hand in hand with the feeling of deep sadness caused by the falling of another fellow human being into the sub-human abyss!

Also, genuine human justice is only possible when the lawyers seek to find mitigating circumstances for their clients who have actually committed crimes and do not use their professional knowledge and skills to present their clients as innocents.


As in the case of education, politics, and economics, we should begin constructing any judicial edifice only after we make sure that we have built a stable, strong, secure HUMAN foundation. Otherwise, there will be many judicial misconduct situations and many cases of abuse of power. The very social sector that should have protected us from the harm caused by criminal conduct will instead increase social evil by transforming empathetic justice into the lust for punishment. This way, justice will no longer be justice, but it will turn into an inquisition.

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Therefore, we should pay attention to a slippery innuendo: the inner state of the one who performs the act of justice! If we are dealing with a true act of justice, then it will always be the result of professional fairness doubled by moral empathy. Also, a feeling of intense deploration will be added. The ones who perform the act of justice should be able to lament the fall of their fellow human beings. If, on the contrary, justice is replaced by the inquisition, then we are dealing with revenge and sub-professional sadism (the sub-human pleasure of causing suffering by exercising one’s professional power).

The whole judicial edifice, all that we call the “rule of law”, depends on this slippery innuendo! Does the prosecutor get the conviction, and does the judge convict in a mood of satisfaction or in a mood of sadness? It is CRUCIAL! If it’s sadness, then it’s justice! If it’s satisfaction, then it’s inquisition!


Why is it malignant what a judge or a prosecutor transfers to the social organism if they rejoice after convicting or gaining a conviction? Because what they thus transfer is not fairness doubled by empathy, but revenge, hatred, and the satisfaction of inflicting pain. Magistrates are not really magistrates if they cannot refrain from transferring such feelings to society. Thus, they would contribute to a society based on hatred and revenge instead of contributing to a society based on empathetic fairness.


What does this “empathetic fairness” mean concerning the act of justice? It is about applying justice in the right but at the same time HUMAN manner! Not in the sense of ignoring a crime, but in the sense of treating the offender as a fallen human who could one day rise again to the height of his humanity. A prosecutor and a judge must not see an enemy in the offender. They should see a fellow human being who has made a mistake. Of course, it is natural to feel enraged when a person has committed a horrible crime. And, of course, that person must be severely sanctioned for his actions. But the one who performs the act of justice cannot afford the LUXURY of such a feeling!

The judge and the prosecutor must work on themselves to develop their ability to feel sad even when they sanction a person who has committed a horrible crime! Why is that? There are two main reasons. As justice professionals, as persons who perform the act of justice, the judge and the prosecutor must refrain from transferring to society the poison of hatred and revenge. Also, as justice professionals, they must not agree to become persons who enjoy convicting or gaining convictions. If they turn into such persons, they will inevitably end up abusing, getting an exaggerated condemnation that is disproportionate in relation to the crime committed or to the circumstances. They might even end up convicting an innocent man, which would be abominable!


Therefore, the judge and the prosecutor mustn’t feel satisfaction when they convict or gain a conviction! If they do not feel sadness but satisfaction, they will no longer be law professionals but cruel inquisitors. And the acts they will perform will no longer be acts of justice but acts of inquisition. If they do it with satisfaction, they will transfer to the citizens the same feeling even if they are convicting a guilty man. Moreover, they will condemn themselves to a sub-human life without even noticing it. All their work will no longer be subsumed into professional ethics and human empathy but into revenge and hatred. Thus, instead of healing it, justice will end up making the social body even sicker.


There is also another fundamental issue regarding justice and the “rule of law”. As in the case of the economic organ, justice is an organ that, although essential, is not an organism. Like the economy, justice starts to sicken the social organism when it tries to take control of all the other organs. An exacerbated justice is as harmful as an exacerbated economy, not in the sense of intense activity but in the sense of an activity that overflows its own function.

Just as it is very harmful when the economy seeks to control and rule everything, it is just as bad when justice proclaims itself the master and tries to control everything. Justice is an essential organ of the social body. But under no circumstances should it go beyond the natural limits of its social function! If it exceeds its limits, justice becomes an inquisition. Instead of being the guarantor of law, it becomes an extremely dangerous weapon in the hands of influential people who will use it to quench their thirst for power.


Just as the economy can be used to exploit, justice can be used to oppress! Just as economic competition can fail in selfishness, so legal sanctioning can fail in abuse and satisfaction of abuse!


In order to maintain the balance between all these spheres of human society, to ensure the cooperation of the various organs of the social body, to avoid the exacerbation of a particular segment, the whole organism must be freely led by the deep human beings, by the upper inner forum of the human being. No country form can help us much as long as we do not fill it with the content of our own higher nature! This is vital because only such an understanding can help us avoid the great disaster and help us return, as an eminently spiritual realm, within our own destiny!


The global human brotherhood should not be confused with globalism and globalization. The global human brotherhood involves developing international relations based on the common elements of superior human nature, under the premise of preserving national, local, and individual uniqueness. Globalism involves leveling all people by bringing them all into the same sub-human basement.

The global human brotherhood is an endless field of different flowers of all colors and fragrances. Globalization is an endless field on which only one type of flower grows, of a single color and fragrance.


There is a childhood dream that always accompanied me. That peculiar night, I lived that dream with an intensity that still makes it appear more real than most of what happens in ordinary life. It was as if we were all trapped in a black clay that would not let us move forward and get closer to each other. Every movement was paralyzed, blocked, as if forbidden by a Genius of the Night who had hidden us all in a dense, almost impenetrable darkness. … Then, suddenly, as if beyond any hope, the LIGHT matured, the Sun rose in the middle of the night, as real as improbable … the darkness driving away, the black mud cleaning out… At an amazing speed, beyond the Night, we managed to free ourselves from the grip and started approaching others again!


Work…, it takes a lot of work to make a dream come true, no matter how beautiful it is. Staring at the top of the mountain is counterproductive. We are so excited about the scenery that we endlessly postpone taking another step.

The future, the beautiful future, belongs to us. However, on average, the ugly present belongs to others. This is the main issue with most of the Earth’s good people: they do not act! They wait for “someone” – always “someone else”! – to take the initiative, develop a solution, and undertake something substantial. In the meantime, however, people with dim inner light and foggy ideals turn every healthy concept upside down and determine the human kingdom’s fate.

Yes! The mud is real! As long as we step on it and get our shoes dirty, it is real! But the water lily is also born in the mud! The lotus flower also comes to life in the mud! We don’t see these anymore! We concentrate so much on the mud that we no longer see the diamond that it hides within! The endless stretches of sand hijack our consciousness, and we no longer look for fresh water, for the cool and reinvigorating oasis.

If we don’t have that beautiful Dream, it’s obvious that we won’t strive for it. But to the same extent, if we only dream beautiful dreams and never get out of bed to act, to build, to work, we will only end up remembering what a beautiful dream we once had!

You, beautiful people of the world, don’t hesitate at the shores of the sleeping seas! Cut the net and jump into the boundlessness! Navigate to the continent of your dreams! You will be surprised to meet many other ships on the way. And, in those ships, many beautiful people like you, people who dared to go their own way, people eager enough to start their spiritual journey.

I wish you a long and exciting journey! And maybe we’ll meet out there …

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The current society offers no real chance for authentic personal development, for real spiritual knowledge. Even those walking on this road for some time encounter great difficulties. No matter how big your thirst, human society is built so that it will make you forget about it, forget about yourself, forget about walking on the road to yourself and others. We are being hypnotized in so many ways by the current society that it is almost impossible for anyone to wake up. And if one manages to wake up, it will be almost impossible to avoid falling asleep again, at least for a while.


Until we succeed in changing the current paradigm, it will be impossible to turn our society into a proper human framework. On the contrary, it will only worsen at an accelerated pace.


We are all at a crossroads. The scale can no longer be kept in balance. The balance has its role in evolution. There are times when the balance is absolutely necessary. The balanced times are times of the smoldering fire, of the ripening process. But our time, the current time, is a time of imbalance, of incessant change. The scale is going to tilt either left or right. It will either tilt to the good or to the evil. This imbalance, this tilt of the scales, cannot be stopped, no matter which way the scales are going to tilt. Evolution cannot be stopped. The river of change must follow its course. Running waters cannot be held in place indefinitely.


For a long time, human beings have lived in a society that preserved a more or less constant balance between good and evil. Now, this balance is no longer possible. Never in the history of humankind have there been so many profoundly good human beings offering us so many paths, so much knowledge, so many solutions, and so many horizons. At the same time, never in the history of humankind has there been such a concentration of evil weaving its spider web around the planet.

But the vast majority of people live exactly between these two “quarters”. Well, it is precisely this majority that will tip the scales one way or another. People who are currently immersed in their “daily sleep” are those who will push humanity to the heights or to the abyss, either still sleeping or waking up.

Obviously, it is much easier to keep humans in a state of eternal drowsiness than to help them wake up. The great problem with all the attempts so far, aimed at awakening the dormant high consciousness, has been precisely that they were focused on getting people out of their daily routine. The problem is that, while the warriors of the light have struggled for hundreds and thousands of years to awaken enough human spirits in order to counterbalance the evil, the “others” have worked, slowly but surely, to build a social, political, economic, and educational edifice that makes it almost impossible for anyone to “wake up”. That is why, if we really want to change anything, it is necessary to deal directly with ordinary life as it is. Otherwise, with all due respect to those trying to help their fellows by talking to them from dusk till dawn about ethereal notions, it’s like trying to play football with a man under general anesthesia. No matter how much we like football, it will be impossible to get him into the game. It’s not his fault he can’t; he’s just anesthetized! He has been anesthetized each and every day, from his birth and up to the present moment. And if we want him to join us, to start playing the game, then the only chance is to cut his anesthetic. Only then, after the anesthetic’s effects have dissipated enough, will we have someone to talk to, someone to rely on.


From the very beginning, I set out to give a completely different meaning to the idea of ​​”viral” communication. I make every effort in the direction of positive practical action. And the “viral” character of my actions interests me only for the purpose of spreading impulses, in the widest possible circles, regarding the deep human being within the ordinary human being. As such, starting right now, I bring forward the possibility of working together for a series of projects meant to contribute to our social recovery. In a time of generalized hatred, we need to work together on projects intended to re-humanize our… human society. And no, it is not a pleonasm, not even a forced one! The reality is that we live in times when human society can no longer consist of … humans except insofar as they choose to express their humanness! People can no longer continue to be human unless they choose it consciously! And choosing to be human, nowadays, can no longer be just a passive option. It takes a lot of effort and combined action. Otherwise, we will be fast approaching the moment when we will have to lock in a chest the last memories of the world we used to live in.


We are obviously at a crossroads (no matter what kind of life we have and no matter where we live). It is the moment when we could choose to avoid the total destruction of everything that is truly human or, equally, it is the moment when we could continue to passively witness how everything becomes a ruin around us and in us.

If some believe that they can sleep peacefully because the “authorities” are watching over them, then they will find this message useless. We will wait for them to wake up after, inevitably, the world in their immediate vicinity begins to crumble. In reality, if we take a look at the real world around us, we will quickly find that we live in times when no one can consider oneself sheltered in one’s family or local micro-universe.


The current logic, the logic of war, of the trillions of dollars spent annually on military budgets, is bankrupt. No sane person, looking around, can find that this way of running the world and spending public money would have any positive end and purpose. And we don’t need any complex “analysis”. It is more than enough just to look around. We are spending $1.7 trillion annually on military budgets, yet terrorism, war, and armed conflicts continue to exceed even the darkest expectations of our “experts”. It seems natural to our governments to spend these trillions on DEATH, but they stamp as naive all those who say that this money could bring PEACE if we spent it on LIFE, if we used it to eradicate extreme poverty that kills tens of millions every year.

From dusk till dawn, 365 days a year, they keep talking about “international policies”, and “drawing up plans”. Yet, international relations are less predictable than ever, and the distance between collaboration and open conflict becomes the smallest unit for measuring time. Although the names we choose for our countless international institutions and organizations are getting better and better, the international news is getting worse.

… And one more thing – while reading these last paragraphs, at least two more children died of hunger somewhere on Planet Earth for the simple reason that there are not enough of us who are sufficiently determined to change this horrible situation. We need to get to the point right now without waiting any minute. Because, I’m afraid, we can no longer afford the luxury of any lost second!


The world is ruled superficially, deliberately superficially. Everything around us, school, work, recreational space (with too few exceptions), is designed to put our HUMANITY to sleep, to expropriate our meanings, to deport our purpose, to plunge us into forgetting ourselves and the others.


We live in times when only together can we become ourselves again. Globalism is only the degraded mutation of a living and necessary impulse – the deep human impulse towards universal fraternity. And “networking” is nothing but the drift into the corporatist failure of the impulse that always connects us to our fellow human beings.


I don’t believe in gunpowder. At the same time, I am aware that gunpowder will not cease to exist just because I do not believe in its benefits. But I am also aware of the fact that if we remain only supporters of the gunpowder rhetoric, the technological advancement in the field will waste all our chances of surviving!

Beyond gunpowder and economy (closely connected, as a matter of fact), there is a whole WORLD to explore, an endless realm that defines us but that we are prevented from knowing. The children of the Earth must not be taught to become useful robots in the service of a society that only treats them as mere elements of economic statistics!

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… Another morning when, as I sipped from my cup in a café, absurd scenes unfolded around me, with people feeling superior and important inside their “business” suits while carrying their leather bags as corporatist bellies stuffed with papers, smartphones, laptops, and tablets. If their lives were endless, then the absurd would diminish. But a brief time travel into the future, 40 to 50 years later in the lives of the lofty beings inside their “business” suits, catapults this feeling of superiority far beyond the dark circles of the absurd. I have always believed that “Memento mori” should not be read and assumed as the key to disengaging pessimism. In the above context, “Memento mori”, if it is rightly understood, means exactly this: “Whenever you think that you are a very important person because you hold a very important position, do not forget that – inevitably – you will not hold that position 40, or 50 years from now. And if so, then what else, even more important, could you find as the real core of your life? Something that, once found, will make you understand that you are, indeed, an important being. Not because you breathe inside your “business” suit, but because you breathe inside a whole universe of beings just as important as you are!”

The cure for the white-collars’ corporate disease who makes them devote 90% of their life to “career advancement” is the simple thought regarding the position they will hold in 30, 40, or 50 years.

We have moved around for quite a while. And that’s why common sense is always our best friend! Realizing that we will not live forever in this body is something that can save us from both slavery and pride! Slavery – because we will refuse to be locked in other people’s hourglass. Pride – because we will always be aware of the sheer absurdity of showing off while sitting on dunes of sand draining from the hourglass. “Memento mori” is not pessimism dressed in camouflage. It is the different perspective that, paradoxically, can wake us up to our real life.


We truly become “human beings” insofar as we become “responsible social beings”. What does being a “responsible social being” mean? It means to feel that the health, well-being, and happiness of other people are also our responsibility.

One of the leading causes of globalized violence, of the pandemic state of conflict, lies precisely in the fact that very few beings on Earth – even among those concerned with self-knowledge – consider that they have a responsibility regarding their fellows’ life. Things will not change for the better on Earth until we begin, as deep humans, to educate ourselves in the sense of social responsibility. And being socially responsible involves a whole complex of qualities: being ready to care for others, to reason in order to find solutions to help others, and to implement those solutions.


When we approach the matter most pragmatically, it becomes evident that, until the moment of retirement, WORK occupies ONE-THIRD of our adult life! From a total of 24 hours, we sleep a third and work at least another third (in fact, more than eight hours, in most cases, especially if we take into account the distance to and from the office). And then, the question naturally arises: if we spend a THIRD of our life working, is it not clear that if this third does not have much to do with HUMANNESS, we are deprived of a healthy, balanced, and harmonious human life? Also, can the fruits of our labor be really human-healthy if the lucrative activity that generates these products or services is organized so that it totally forgets the human being in the process? Simply put, if our work is DEHUMANIZED to the point that the worker becomes only a “human resource”, the fruit of labor – only “a product”, and its recipient – only a “customer”, how can we even start talking about a “human society”!?


We need real and radical reforms of the employer-employee and the company-customer relationships. As long as the employee is treated only as a “resource”, not as a human being, and as long as the client is treated only as a “wallet”, not as a human being, work will continue to generate the poisoned gift of a world of people who restrict the whole universe to their own being. Work must not make the social body sick. On the contrary, work should heal it! And for work to trigger healing mechanisms and social-healthy energies, the employer-employee and company-customer relationships must change radically.


We need the determination and courage to proceed to a complete change of perspective. This paradigm shift is the only one that would have the power to reform the entire economic mechanism. At the moment, the social body is hideous and almost dysfunctional. As technology advances, the social head is getting smaller. As competition intensifies, the social heart becomes weaker. As the social stomach grows larger and larger, the rest of the body atrophies rapidly. If we were to illustrate the human world as a social organism, we would have to draw a huge circle on paper. That would be the stomach! That is, that part of the social organism called the “economy”, which no longer serves the whole but develops more and more its own, independent life.


Indeed, things have evolved dangerously far towards the absolutely sinister situation of an organ that devours all other organs and eventually ends up committing suicide in the absence of an organism to support it. If we reduce everything to MONEY, we will paradoxically not have any money even though money is everywhere around us! If we allow the stomach to develop excessively for a long time, to the detriment of the other organs and parts of the body, we will end up having neither stomach nor body!

That is why I say, even though I am aware of how difficult this message can penetrate among analysts’ and experts’ battalions: the economy will really support the social body only when we will stop limiting everything or almost everything to the economy! Let us never forget the complexity of the human being and, on a large scale, of the social being!

As such, it is essential to put the economy back in its place within the social body. And this can only be done if we start to change the employer-employee and company-customer relationships. If we manage to develop a human-healthy relationship, that is, a human-to-human relationship, then the economy will strengthen, money will suffice, and the social body will recover!

This is crucial because these are the most important pillars, and everything else automatically enters the process of positive transformation. Where do people spend most of their time? At school when raw, at work when ripe… Therefore, if school and work undergo a real transformation, if these two vital functions of the social organism are restored to the deep human being’s healthy parameters, the whole will begin to heal itself, step by step!


When we work, we should always ask ourselves if what we do brings something good to other people or if, on the contrary, it is just a means to get money out of their pockets!

We are talking endlessly about “politicians working only for their own interests”. Okay, but isn’t it fair to ask ourselves what interests we are all working for? Does the one who runs a company that sells various products, knowing full well that at least some of them are far from what their marketing advertises, work for the people’s good? If all he is really interested in is getting turnover and profit, how is he different from the greedy politician?


To relate everything, everything we do, everything we say, everything we undertake, to HUMANNESS is the KEY for our social and individual recovery. Theoretically, it is very easy. But starting to act differently after decades of bad practice is not that easy. It requires the strong will to keep alive our inner impulse toward helping others, the impulse which determines us to stop putting ourselves first.

What does it mean that “the future belongs to the people”? It means that the only real way to solve humanity’s problems is to refocus on the human being, on human society. If we do not start from the human point of departure and do not reach the human destination, nothing we do can work out well. It is logical and straightforward!

Besides, let’s look closely and seek to understand what is happening to our world. We will find that almost everything we are officially served has a single purpose – to divert our attention from our own being as well as from the being of others. We talk endlessly, we make more and more organizations, committees, and commissions, but we lose sight of the essential – placing the deep human being in the center!


In order to prevent them from getting even a glimpse of the real world, to ruin any chance of solving the problems they face, people are placed in the middle of a constant, endless talk about the “economy”, “economic crises”, and “solutions”. The whole discussion revolves around money, as if money, as if the economy had an independent life beyond the human being and human society. In reality, it’s just a means of distraction.

It is not to be inferred that it would be wrong to talk about economic mechanisms. But it is wrong to speak of them as we speak of the mechanisms of nature! It is by no means the same thing! And yet, it happens! In order not to pierce the world’s epidermis, not to get to know themselves, not to be able to concentrate on their HUMANNESS, humans are anesthetized with the endless discussions about “the state of the economy”. But for how long shall we postpone the vital discussion about “the state of humanity”!? Indefinite delay and comfortable procrastination will soon bring us to the brink of the abyss!


You see, the economy gets to have a reality of its own, separate from us, only when those at the top of the decision-making pyramid succeed in convincing us that nothing depends on us! However, allow me to ask a simple question: how quickly would the lives of people living in extreme poverty change if we decided to buy only from those companies that choose to give up part of their profit to support an international fund aimed at lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty!?

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Suppose we accept, at the individual level, that freedom and dignity presuppose the appropriation and capitalization of our own individuality. In that case, we must take one more step – to accept this reality also at the collective level. Our countries will be truly FREE and DIGNIFIED only when they appropriate and capitalize on their own individuality. And the discussion about the individuality of countries and peoples goes far beyond the economic framework. After all, if you do not accept – as a human being – to be defined as just a stomach that cries out for bread, why would you accept – as a country – to function in an EMINENTLY DIGESTIVE way? We need to develop national bodies as complex as the individual physical organisms. To close all our perspectives between a single organ’s functional boundaries is to widow ourselves of the chance of a liberating horizon!

I am positive that opening more complex national perspectives will help us solve our countries’ severe problems. We will thus reach, allowing our actions to be inspired by the complexity of the human being, what I like to call the “HUMANIZED ECONOMY” – a gearing system where the good of the whole and the good of the parts are understood as INTERDEPENDENT.


If you simply make me an offer, it means that you are only interested in me buying, and I am only interested in you selling me cheaper. This way, we do not enter into a human relationship at all. The human-salesperson does not enter into a human relationship with the human-customer. Each of them remains a separate monad that only wants to take advantage of the other.

But if the “discount”, or the offer has a human meaning, if – for example – you offer me a 15% discount only if I help other people through what I do, then we have a real win-win situation: we win financially (as it happens today – you sell more, I buy cheaper), but we also win humanly (you offer a discount to encourage a good deed, and I get this discount as a reward precisely because I did something good). Here are a few terms that I totally support: “Reward-Discounts”, “Reward-Ads”, “Reward Advertising”, “Reward-Marketing”.


For the “businessperson”, you are nothing but a “pocket”. For the politician, you are nothing more than a “vote”. For your employer, you are just a “resource”. For the “online giants”, you have the great “honor” of being just a “traffic unit” or a “database element”. For the “media tycoons”, you are often only a “part of the total audience”. For those who call to sell you something, you are just a “lead”. For networking events, you are just a “contact”. For the education system, you have never been “the young human”, but only “the future economic tool”. For the self-proclaimed CEOs of humankind, you are not some-one, but some-thing! … But for you, what who are you!?


The whole corporate jargon is soaked in dehumanizing terms. We cannot speak of a beautiful future of humanity, of a free humankind, firmly committed to an ascending path, as long as we speak of the human being as a “human resource”. The term “human resource” represents the apotheosis of the mineralogical mindset! And the truth is that if we are not able to see, for example, in “coal” more than an “energy resource”, we inevitably end up seeing in the human being nothing but a “resource”.

On the other hand, it must be said that the term “human resource” is as honest as a term can be. This is the reality – as tomatoes are a “nutritional resource” consumed by humans, so humans become a “resource” consumed by the corporations. The corporation is a giant that feeds literally on humans, on “human resources”. For, isn’t it, someone doesn’t necessarily need to eat our flesh and bones in order to feed on something that makes us what we are! Equally, thinking, feeling, and will are part of us, part of what we are. And when the corporate giant uses our thinking, feeling, and action, we can really call it “consuming us” and “feeding on us”.

But given the above, a natural question would be: is there anything wrong in being “eaten” by corporations? My answer is that it depends on the goals of each corporation! Suppose the goal is not only turnover and profit, and the aim is primarily the “improvement of human life”. In that case, there is absolutely no problem in being consumed, during working hours, by that corporation. All the more so since the current age pushes us to realize that everything each of us does should be motivated by the will to contribute to our fellow human beings’ good.


However, in reality, behind the vast majority of “businesses” – regardless of their field of activity – there is only one motivation: MONEY! Money, turnover, profit – these are the sole objectives of most private initiatives. What else can better illustrate this undeniable situation than the fact that even the “brand attachment” is financially valued and translated into financial terms? “I like the mattress x” = “estimated 1,000 $ lead”. In a human-healthy economy, financial goals are pursued to the same extent as human goals are pursued. In other words: “I like the mattress X” = “I made or sold a mattress that helps people sleep better” = “estimated 1,000 $ reward”.


What is the exact opposite pole of the “universal fraternity”, of the communion of people who are working for the good of other people? The “Networking”! There are only a handful of other terms as repugnant and dehumanizing as “networking”. For what else is “networking” than to enter into a relationship with other people for the sole and precise purpose of profiting in one way or another from them? “Relationships”… “Important, sir, it’s just to connect and keep developing relationships!”…

Yes, sir, horrible indeed! To meet as many as possible, to exchange zillions of business cards, to transform the beautiful human handshake into a tentacular squeeze between two octopus-beings, whose only goal is to transform the other into nothing more than a temporarily useful tool – meet the “networking”!


For the “business environment”, the human being is either a “customer” or a “human resource”. Making money is the ultimate goal of almost every business. The current paradigm dehumanizes us to the point of becoming just a “resource” or a “tool”. For the “businessperson”, the “customer” is just “something that has a monetary value”. And the “employee” is only the “resource” that builds the fastest road from the customer’s pocket to the businessman’s bank account.

On the contrary, the term “business-human” defines the human individual who – although still interested in generating turnover and profit – has the main purpose of “helping others”. If I have a business and am primarily interested in making the world a better place with the help of my products or services, then I truly am a “business-human”. Otherwise, if I own a company but my only goal is to generate as much money as possible, I am just another greedy “businessperson”.


People are not “databases”. People are people! Of course, there isn’t any problem with the term itself. There is a problem, though, with the attitude that clothes it and with the meaning that fills it. Suppose I talk about other humans as if they were just “databases”, some irresistible pockets I like to put my hand in. Suppose I relate to other people as if they were not human beings but prey to catch for myself or for the business I have committed to. In that case, it’s pretty clear that I’ve already traveled a lot on the ugly path of my dehumanization.

Obviously, any marketing or sales department’s goal is to increase turnover and maximize profit. But if I want to remain human and not turn overnight into something else, then I have to add another goal: to maximize my “humanness”. What does this mean? It is simply a matter of human dignity! I always have to remember that those to whom I sell something are, above all, humans, humans just like my loved ones and me!

If, as a salesperson, you want to remain “human” too, to become – that is – a “sales-human”, then you must never forget that “prospects” and “customers” are, before anything else, human beings!

A healthy human society can only be born out of healthy interpersonal relationships. Relating to other humans as if they were just pockets can never ensure a healthy social relationship!


Your feelings are squeezed like a lemon and put in the sentimental soup pot by companies that invest in emotional advertising. Every day, many “human resources” write, compose, record, and assemble written, photo, and audio-visual messages whose sole purpose is to generate those tears that can magically turn into pennies. Nobody really cares about your tears! The only thing they care about is your wallet! The more tears shed – the more card payments! The more false needs generated, the fewer coins left in your pocket!


If we were to live forever (or at least for a few hundred years), then “How to become rich” could be an exhortation and an effort to some extent understandable. But since we only live here for a few decades, setting “How to become reach” as our primary goal gets incomprehensible! As for those who create such “programs”, who use oratory and writing techniques to persuade others to pay for being taught “how to become reach” – these “financial gurus” are simply an obstacle on the path toward a dignified and genuinely profound human life.

Of course, given the financial difficulties that many people face, it is pretty easy to earn considerable amounts of money by telling others how to… make money! All you need is a bit of public speaking practice (which can be solved quickly, thanks to the countless “Public Speaking” courses and training sessions) and the ability to persuade others. It’s all about marketing and exercise. Plus, excellent results are guaranteed if a native charisma adds to all these.

But it is infinitely harder to talk to people – against this general background of financial difficulties, which I mentioned above – about “How to become more HUMAN”! It is difficult precisely because people are inoculated, in every possible way, the fear of running out of money. Also, the puppeteers make everyone assume that this can only be avoided by focusing on achieving the ultimate goal of “turnover and profit”.

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Is it true or not what those “Money Gurus” say!? Can you get rich if you start thinking, feeling, and acting in a certain way? Yes, it can be true! The famous “Law of Attraction” is real. Thus, if you really aim to “make money”, and if you focus 100% on it, you can actually get it.

But what if you were born into this world for something much more significant than “making money”!? Again, the same utmost madness – people make decisions and act as if they were here to live forever! Hey, guess what – no matter how much we “change our mindset regarding money”, we still miss the real point! No matter how many “financial training/coaching sessions” we attend, we still miss the real point! No matter how many “how to make money” books we read, we still miss the real point! We still miss the real point, even if all these have resulted in us getting rich! In just a few decades (best case scenario), those who are now making every effort to “generate as much money as possible” will not be here any longer…


Everything we call “marketing” needs to be transmuted into something completely different. We need to infuse all “marketing strategies” with the “care for other human beings”. In other words, we have to assure that the moral foundation for all our “products” and “services” is made of elements such as “caring for people” or “the desire to do good and help others”. A paradigm shift of that magnitude would allow us to heal all our social and financial wounds. Even if we naturally need money to live and move around, money will not be our primary concern, but precisely this desire to “do good”. Thus, everything we undertake as a “marketing strategy” will no longer be meant only to bring us many customers. We will no longer consider money the ultimate goal. We will use marketing to reach our fellow beings’ minds and hearts, not to take advantage of them, but to present them with something they can use in a human-healthy way. Thus, money will become a consequence, not an end in itself!

Instead of influencing and manipulating their fellow beings, marketing specialists should use all their experience to serve the community. They should use marketing strategies to disseminate information about products and services that they consider helpful for their fellow human beings. Our fellow human beings, not our customers!


Just imagine what a social and economic shock would occur if all that is related to marketing suddenly disappeared. No, that would be the path to anarchy, a path that has nothing to do with the spiritual cosmos that human society needs!

Today more than ever, there is a need for Social Alchemy, in the strong sense of the word! We must not reject or eliminate – for example – advertising. Of course, what we mean at the moment by “marketing”, by “advertising”, is something hideous. But the solution is not to reject, to refuse, to fight against marketing and advertising. The solution is the alchemical transmutation of the elements that make up marketing and define advertising.

Of course, we will address many other details over time. But the cardinal matter is and will always be this: put the deep human being first! As long as we start from this principle (I would call it “The Humanness Principle”), we will have all the chances to transform everything on this Planet, including marketing and advertising.


In itself, marketing is all right. It is useless to create something for others if they never find out! But it all comes together! If you made something with the primary goal of helping others, then the marketing that promotes your creation will most likely be clean and fair marketing! There is a reason why most marketing campaigns are unreliable and misleading. It is mainly because most of the promoted products/services are from the very beginning designed and launched with the sole purpose of generating income, profit, MONEY!

Therefore, of course, the best option would be to start designing the product/service on the healthy and robust foundation of the Humanness Principle. That is, to always look for the good of others in all our enterprises. But precisely because this is not the case in far too many situations, the solution we have at hand – the real solution, not that of chaos and anarchy – is to act in reverse, from the end towards the beginning.

What exactly does this mean? Let’s start by answering a question: “What specifically impresses us as ‘consumers’? What gets closest to us?” Well, it is the advertising message, the fruit of the marketing campaign, that touches us the most, that gets closest to us. And to heal the relationship between the seller and the buyer, we can very well start by healing the marketing itself, by purifying the advertising message as much as possible.

That is why I emphasize the concept of “Reward Advertising”, of reward-based advertising!

EXAMPLE: “Do you donate money to charity? You will receive a 20% DISCOUNT on our new range of products!”


The most common mistake of many well-meaning specialists who are willing to offer healthy marketing “alternatives” is that, by “alternative”, they mean turning their back on what overfills the current real economy. If we choose to turn our back, it does not mean that what lies behind us will suddenly cease to exist! No, it will continue to exist. It will continue to develop. Moreover, our effort towards being “different”, towards developing good “alternatives”, will attract too few people.

On a deeper level, we need to grasp that – regarding the “mainstream” – a vigorous “different” can mean nothing more than a purified “alike”. If we put our heads in the sand and build a “parallel reality”, a kind of “spiritual underground”, it only means that we take refuge in an illusion. At the same time, the vast majority of people will remain captive to a rotten system!

In terms of “advertising” and marketing, the solution is not to deny them, to reject them, but to transmute them, to create the framework that will purify them.


Everything associated with the “development” of the human being is almost exclusively linked to money. Parents ask their children to “learn”. Why do they do that? Because this way – they think – their children are more likely to be happy: being “good at school” will help them “get a good job” (= “make a lot of money”).

Nevertheless, spiritual humans should realize that deciding to live “without money” on a deserted island will not help humanity too much either! It is, after all, a selfish decision (albeit perfectly explainable). Some people are so sick of this whole rotten economic and social system that they can’t resist anymore. They feel the urge to break up with human society completely. And so, some become depressed, others become unemployed, some “give up everything” and live on what falls out of the sky, while only two or three decide to stay in place and try to change something.


Whoever thinks of human “evolution” other than in the bosom of the human community and in favor of it does not understand, in fact, anything of the present times.

Only the complete reset of interpersonal relationships can save us as a species! As long as we are stuck in the current logic of conflict and hatred – at home, on the street, at the national and international level – we cannot expect anything good. Although it may seem difficult to digest, the reality is that war is nothing but the ultimate consequence of everyday interpersonal relationships. If we move forward within a society where human beings no longer find their place, we will end up terminating the human kingdom’s destiny in a great war of all against all!

How can we expect international relations to improve, as long as there is no improvement of human relations at each nation’s social core? How can we avoid war as long as we continue to consider our employees as “human resources”, as long as we continue to view our potential customers as “qualified leads”!?

Corporate jargon and economic jargon, by and large, are soaked in dehumanizing terms. Until we advance radical changes here, in the sphere of economic relations and daily interpersonal relations, I really think it makes no sense to expect or hope for a beautiful future. And I firmly believe that we are compelled to change something, we are indebted at least to the children of the world!


Corruption, terrorism, wage inequality, violence against women, discrimination, mass immigration – all these are simple consequences. If we continue to treat these symptoms alone, we will never be able to eliminate them. On the contrary, they will always find new ways to come back and manifest in more sophisticated forms.

But what, then, is the root cause, the actual disease that generates all these symptoms? We could call it “HumAnemia”, the chronic lack of humanity, the humanness-anemia. We should not be so surprised, for instance, that Elon Musk and Google’s Director of Engineering, Mr. Ray Kurzweil, work hard to connect our neocortex to the “cloud”, to connect humans with artificial intelligence. We should also not be amazed that Facebook is working hard to “augment” reality, or even to completely replace it in favor of “better”, “more beautiful”, “more colorful” Virtual Realities. We shouldn’t be surprised at all! Have we managed to pour enough HUMANITY into the world’s citizens’ thirsty cups? Have all those zillions of institutions and organizations with more and more pompous names lifted at least one finger? No, they didn’t! Consequently, because we have never really focused on what really makes us HUMANS, we have offered a vast empty lot for TRANS-HUMANISM (the “Human 2.0” silicon-religion of the new Silicon Gods).


If we still believe in the possibility of a beautiful story of humanity, then we should hold hands, no matter what country or political group we come from. In our own countries and in all international institutions, we should quickly begin to reorganize everything around the deep human being. We should run a comprehensive transnational program designed to re-humanize the world in which we live. The real change will only come when we begin to re-humanize everything: politics, economy, education, international relations, marketing, media, …EVERYTHING!


An entire generation is under the technological empire rule, unable to see beyond the digital mirage. Humanity as we know it is at a crossroads: Humanism or Trans-Humanism. Either we continue to treat the symptoms (which will inevitably lead us to what the followers of Trans-Humanism call SINGULARITY – the moment when Artificial Intelligence becomes self-sufficient) or quickly start the real change (choosing, instead of SINGULARITY, human SOLIDARITY)! We should strive to live up to the expectations of our crucial age! No matter how different we may be, we should work together to re-center everything around our common foundations. Otherwise, at some point (much sooner than we think), we will reach the so-called “point of no return”. At that moment, we will no longer be the ones using the technology, but the technology will be the one using us. The SILICON-based civilization will replace the CARBON-based civilization. Today’s humans will become the cyborgs of tomorrow (literally, not just metaphorically).

To conclude, my question is: Are we able to balance things, to counteract the dehumanizing impulses coming from Silicon Valley through the re-humanizing effects of a new society – a society that genuinely revolves, for the first time in history, around the deep HUMAN being!?

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We are in a hurry, always on the run, we run arm in arm with time, stop only to catch our breath a little, and three fractions of a second later, we are on the road again. We would like to do a lot of things, to work, to spend time with our family, to visit/invite our friends, to go out, to play, to exercise, to watch TV, to write, to read, to love, to walk through a park at sunrise or sunset, to solve our health problems, to sleep, to take a long hot bath after returning from the frozen city, to talk on the phone, to look for information or to relax while surfing the Internet, to repair a door that does not close, to tidy up the house, to go shopping, to drink a glass of hot red wine with cinnamon and grated orange peel…

…What shall we do first? We only have 24 hours a day! Of which up to eight hours we spend sleeping and eight more (at least) at work. If we also consider the road to work, whether we have a personal car or not, we end up spending between eight and ten hours a day working. In total, we probably eat for about an hour, and hygiene and everything related to the wardrobe consume our day for at least another half hour. So far, we have between 16 and 19 busy hours. Out of 24, there are about 4-5 left, in a best-case scenario. And these 4-5 hours are all we have to enjoy everything we’ve listed above and more. Hence the eternal dilemma: “What should I do first?”.

What I want to emphasize is that we are very busy people, people who have less and less spare time for themselves. That is the reason why we need efficiency. And the equation of efficiency necessarily includes brief, objective and reliable information. …But here come the “social networks”, which horribly exploit this state of affairs. According to their own statistics, almost 80% of those who share news on Facebook do so without reading more than the headlines of the news they pass on!


Take all the impulses that are now circulating in the world in order to give humans a dignified future and divert them! This is the shortest way to the spiritual desert, to the hot sand that humans are given to “quench” their thirst. Give people the impression that everything you do is “noble”, is done “for them”, is “in their interest”, and, in the meantime, take care of all the tiniest details so that almost no one sees beyond the spider web woven around!

What are the leading purpose and the primary cause of modern “entertainment”? The main goal is to give us the illusion of relaxation, the illusion of socializing. First, the self-proclaimed CEOs of humankind create an absolutely insane human society. They make sure that everyone runs in circles like in a nightmare, where Giant Clocks follow them everywhere, with their demonic tick. They stretch our nerves and psycho-somatic resilience to the maximum, then make us addicted to the leveling pseudo-therapy of their shallow “entertainment”. They make us afraid of “our future”. They silence us during the whole period of our “education”. This way, they make sure that almost no one asks questions or even dares to say: “But, wait a minute!”… They perform our mind’s inception and fill us with all kinds of “sublime” concepts. They convince us that “they work for peace, for harmony and good understanding between the peoples of the world”. In the meantime, they work diligently in the exact opposite direction!


Today’s human beings are feeling with great intensity the need to enter into a cordial relationship with others. Even if they are not aware of this and act only as an effect of the impulse that trembles in them, they feel the need to approach other people. But the impulse towards universal brotherhood is diverted too! “Do you want to live together? Then we give you the solutions: One World Government and the leveling progressive globalism!”

…No, this is not the solution! The solution is found in the old and wonderful universal principle of “unity in diversity”. But what human beings need to add to this principle is crucial! They should not only find unity in diversity but choose this unity! Humans need to choose to seek and develop unity in the creative diversity of individual expressions!


If we continue to separate humanity from technology, we will fail miserably! Technology represents the new and extremely powerful trend of the 3rd Millennium. Most people will be mesmerized by technology, especially as the new generations take over the Earth from the old ones. Infusions of humanity in technology – this is what we need if we want to avoid the human failure in binary history!


We already have the “new technology” germ spread in every cell. We are crazy to touch, possess, and interact with each new model of “smartphone” or tablet. What do we think will happen next? Given the fact that we have identified ourselves so much with technology, we are already accustomed – as something natural, something related to our being – to “test” each new “device”, each new “feature”, each new “invention”, each new “upgrade”. That is why, when SINGULARITY comes, many of us will simply be mad to try it! Let’s be serious! How many of us would resist the temptation!?

First, our whole lives are spiritually impoverished, humanly depreciated. Then, because a universal principle requires each void to be filled, it goes without saying that the entire spiritual and human void in us will be filled with something else. With what? With Technology!


None of the words we use to describe modern technology products is chosen at random — for example, the “smartphone”. The “smart” phone is getting more and more advanced, smarter and smarter. And it will continue to grow, at an accelerated pace, to the point where we become totally dependent on it. Basically, the “smart” phone will gradually replace, without us realizing it, our own intelligence!


All the things, all the objects, tools, apparatus, and machinery that we use, day by day, are welcome and wonderful to the point beyond which we begin to see in them more than they really are. Enjoying the “latest gadget” is absolutely fine. But to conduct our life according to the calendar of “future gadget launches” is something absurd. Absurd not because technological evolution is not important – it is very important! – but because the very beings who are “looking forward” to testing the new model of a “smartphone” are, in fact, much more than they know they are!


The “salvation” of humanity cannot come from technology. And this is because there is no salvation of humankind without the awakening of the deep human being! The real human being is much more than a robot could ever be!


“Artificial” intelligence is called “artificial” precisely because it is lifeless. It is not a “living” intelligence. But when we talk about the danger of humans losing their “living” intelligence in favor of “artificial” intelligence, it is not enough to refer only to the concept of “singularity”. First of all, we must understand that the foundations of “singularity” were laid precisely through “teaching” the human minds to function in a cybernetic manner.

If schools, if the education system had set out to contribute to the preservation and development of a living human intelligence, then we would not be in the situation today to discuss concepts such as the “singularity”.


The only beneficial role of artificial intelligence is to support the development of the living human intelligence. For example, I can always access, via the Internet, information about a specific topic that interests me at a given time. This is a good thing. This helps a lot the “modern human”. But the mistake is that people move on and start comparing themselves to machines. If I compare myself to a robot – given that I admire only what is characteristic of a robot – then I will definitely always come in second! If I define the human being by “memory” and “lucrative intelligence”, then it is only natural to get to see in a machine, in a robot, a “more advanced” human, a kind of ideal.

But the actual human, the living human, endowed with “living”, not “artificial”, intelligence, is much more than a “thinking apparatus”, an apparatus whose sole function is to memorize and deliver information.

Therefore, all those who see a big step forward in the “singularity”, a “huge evolutionary leap” for the human being, are unaware of their true humanity. Suppose all our childhood, adolescence, and youth have been subscribed to the goal of “memorizing”, “rendering data”, and thinking in a strictly “lucrative” manner. In that case, it means that our perception of ourselves is profoundly altered. We, however, already consider ourselves to be a kind of machine. Consequently, “merging with the machine” will come as the logical next step. As a human being, if I consider myself to be “a kind of machine”, then what can be more appropriate and desirable than “finally merging with the machine”!?

In schools, we are educated in such a way as to become machines designed for thinking, memorizing, and rendering data. Thus, the first and most important step is taken to transform our intelligence from a “living” one to an “artificial” one. Then, after we are “hired”, we move on to the next level – we become “working machines”. Our intelligence becomes purely “lucrative”, even if it still “creative”. Because we can be fully “creative” even when the purpose for which we create is a vile one! In other words, with the “help” of the school, the “living” intelligence of the human being is transformed into “artificial” intelligence. Then, the intelligence that has already become “artificial” is used exactly as one uses any computer.

From an educational, economic, and social perspective, it is not an exaggeration to say that humans are “tools”, “computers”, “artificial intelligence”!

… For what would it mean to have a “living intelligence”? It would mean, first of all, to be a “living intelligence”! When we focus on the human being, whether we are talking about “professional life” or school and education, we begin to understand for the first time that “to be” is a more important verb than “to have”. “Artificial” intelligence wants to have even more “artificial” intelligence (because that translates to – power). Instead, “living” intelligence wants to be even more than it already is (because it translates to – conscious spiritual existence).

The goal of “artificial” intelligence is to dominate. While the goal of “living” intelligence is to be. The first type of intelligence seeks to “enrich” the world in order to conquer it. The second type of intelligence aims to enrich the world in order to dignify it!

So, before dealing with all sorts of physical and metaphysical subtleties, it is essential that we all ask ourselves: “How much life, how much living intelligence are found today in education and in our professional life?”. If we do not ask ourselves this question, we have no chance to pierce the membrane of superficial thoughts that envelops this planet billions of times.

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Let us not look – even those of us who are concerned with such things – at the “pastors of singularity” as the only ones responsible for what is to appear on Earth. Because they are only the end of the shining gold chain that enslaves the human beings, paralyzing them by the hypnotizing power of its radiance. The first links in the chain are the most important. Those are the ones that join their evil hands to close the first of the concentric circles. And these first chain links are called education and professional “life”.

Why do I keep putting “life” between quotation marks when I write about “professional life”? Because, in reality, that’s where we find the least “life”. There are hardly any elements of “life” to be found in what work has become!

“Professional life”, to be worthy of being called “life”, should be one thing only: the strenuous effort made by the self-conscious deep human being in order to help other human beings.

Let’s meditate on this new definition for “professional life”: “the strenuous effort made by the self-conscious deep human being in order to help other human beings”.

Only this would deserve to be called “professional life”. Otherwise, it’s just “artificial intelligence in action”. Because “artificial” intelligence never raises the issue of the consequences, the ethical impact of its decisions and actions. These are always the prerogatives of “living” intelligence. “Artificial” intelligence only “does what is required of it”. “Living” intelligence, on the other hand, continuously checks whether “what is required of it” is also “the right thing to do”!

For instance, only an “artificial” intelligence could execute “without remorse” the order to “create an advertising text to sell that defective product that has burdened us for so long with those unwanted stock costs”. A “living” intelligence would immediately understand how wrong it is to try to do such a thing and would not find peace until it changed the business approach or found another “job”.

We can hardly find anything else but artificial thinking in most schools. Year after year, hour after hour, minute after minute, and second after second, students are “educated” to “memorize” and “deliver data”, to “pass the examinations”, to “get good grades”. There is nothing human in all this madness! On the contrary, we should develop a living intelligence in all our schools. Year after year, hour after hour, minute after minute, and second after second, the real “Human School” would educate students to mentally and spiritually digest any information before they “swallow” it, before they integrate it. A living intelligence will always seek to acquire a “knowledge of the world” in the same way we integrate digested food in every cell of our physical body. In the true Human School, students will be taught to become an engine of “perpetual creativity”, a creative “Perpetuum mobile” at the service of all other human beings!


Everything related to money and the economic field has developed an independent life. We have become accustomed to thinking economy as something external to us, something that has a life of its own. Most of the contemporary issues and concerns come from the fact that we are more and more convinced that the economy is something similar to nature.

Why is it false, for instance, that they cannot afford to eradicate poverty, both nationally and internationally? Because, no matter how bright their “slides” are, they will never be able to deny an obvious reality: they consider, instead, that they can afford to spend numbers with too many zeros for military operations and effective war! In other words, they afford to allocate a good part of our money for hatred and war, but they do not afford – so they say! – to give at least the same amount for people’s health and well-being!

Things can’t change for the better as long as we don’t start deciding how they should spend our money!

First, we all have to become aware that everything that enters the ECONOMIC sphere is not based on something abstract, but on something as concrete as possible – on our money! All the pompous analysis, statistics, studies, treatises, and doctorates on economics are possible only because our money exists! And our money exists because, first of all, we exist. Wars exist because there is money that finances them. And the money that funds them COMES FROM US, not from anywhere else! Let’s not perpetuate any illusions in this regard! We are perfectly responsible for what is happening in the world with the help of our money!

And what needs to change is precisely our way of relating to our money! A country’s entire budget is based on its citizens’ money. The country’s money is actually our money! Then, I ask you bluntly: Do you agree to let them use YOUR money for war, or would you instead prefer them to spend it for healing and eradicating poverty?

To illustrate this question, this challenge, I ask you to imagine for a few moments the following scenario: you have 100 dollars in your hand, and you meet, while waking on the street, a sick and hungry child and a guy who raises money for the “defense industry”. To whom will you give your money? To whom will you offer your one hundred dollars?

… It’s time to start imagining ourselves in as many similar situations as possible. Only this way will we be ready to make the right decisions and get involved, only if we start living every moment of our lives being aware of the fact that everything that happens in the world and with the world is our direct responsibility!


Of course, many of you have donated or are donating money to poor or sick people. But it is not about this. It is about starting to take responsibility on a global scale! The funds resulting from our work, from the taxes we pay, should be spent according to human-healthy principles! Of course, in a world still dominated by gunpowder logic, a lot of money is allocated for military endowment. But let us look for a minute at the statistics and see how many people have died or suffered because of the bad roads, the lack of hospitals, or famine.  We will then quickly conclude that the last decades have generated an enormous number of victims because the guys at the top of the decision-making pyramid are using their gunpowder logic when they decide how to spend OUR money!

There have been lots of discussions, for instance, regarding a contribution to military spending of 2% or even 4% of the annual budget of NATO member states. Again, as in almost all gunpowder discussions, the problem is tackled in a completely inappropriate manner. And there is a simple cause for this: the gunpowder perspective has nothing to do with the deep human being! If the leaders of the “civilized” world were really interested in the fate of the people of this planet, then they would be discussing, in the most serious way, a similar budget allocation for the eradication of extreme poverty all over the world!

To understand what is happening globally, we should always revisit good old simple, basic principles. For example: if you had to choose between donating 2% of your salary for military expenditures and 2% for some children who go to bed hungry and sick every night, what would you choose? Well, the large picture is made of these details! On the world stage, we all perform a play made up of such acts and scenes! What we don’t realize is that, in fact, everything depends on us! As long as we do not intervene and passively accept the decisions of those who juggle our money, we are responsible for the final outcome. That’s right! This money that the masters of the world juggle on a large scale is, in fact, our money! This money comes from somewhere, comes from us! It does not suddenly teleport from another planet! All countries’ budgets are nothing but the outcome of the taxes and duties we pay! And then, shouldn’t they be obliged to consult us? “What exactly do you want us to do with 2% of your money?” – This is the kind of question the politicians should ask us!

Stop letting others decide whether you go to war or not! Stop letting others decide whether you sponsor death or not! Stop letting others decide whether you choose to invest in conflict or in financial aid for those who desperately need financial help! It’s time for deep human beings to take back their planet! Right now, Terra is a planet of biological machines! Planet Earth has to become a planet of warm-hearted humans! And for this to happen, it is indispensable that we all get involved, locally and globally. I am absolutely positive that most people will choose Life! I am absolutely positive that most of my fellow human beings will decide to invest in Life, not in Death!


Over 500,000 human beings have died in Syria in recent years, and 2,000,000 have been injured! Life expectancy has dropped dramatically, from 70 years in 2010 to 55 years in 2021! And let NO ONE tell me that, as far as Syria is concerned, the Western governments are angels, that they are pure, innocent, and immaculate! In Syria, the only innocent people are the wounded civilians and the civilians dying!

Is it necessary to also add here the sinister large numbers from the other countries where the “remarkable” Western experiment called “The Arab Spring” took place!? In short, let us remember the great “success”: Egypt – civil war, Libya – civil war, Syria – civil war, Iraq – civil war, Yemen – civil war!

This and no other is the real x-ray of the world we live in! Do you know, given this context, how much the impostor CEOs of humanity spend ANNUALLY on weapons and military activities? 1.7 TRILLION dollars! This is written like this: $ 1,700,000,000,000!

For decades, we have been dragged into wars that are not ours. For decades of super-technological contemporaneity, we have been told who should we love and who should we hate, who “must” be our friend and who “has to be” be our enemy. For almost a century of “accelerated development”, we have been “protected”, as human beings, by more and more organizations and institutions, with better and better names and worse and worse results.

World military spending equaled $ 1.747 billion in a single year. To end extreme global poverty in 20 years, Jeffrey Sachs (author, “The End of Poverty”) estimated an annual cost of about 175 billion dollars. Do you see the extraordinary resemblance? In a single year, the total global military expenditure would have been enough to cover 10 of the 20 years that Sachs estimates! 175 billion dollars multiplied by 10 equals 1,750 billion dollars! This means that if we use the total world military spending to eradicate extreme poverty, it will take us only two years!!!

Now, given all these, who would dare say that the Earth is well-governed? Only when enough people have awakened their hearts to others will this monstrosity come to an end! Utopian is not the one who believes that the world can change for the better, but the one who believes that the world can go on as it is right now!


Things are wonderfully or terribly simple, depending on our perspective. We have the option to stay in the framework of the current paradigm. But in that case, all discussions will inevitably be off-topic or even useless. We can choose, of course, to go on speaking ad infinitum in the key of the “foreign policy” analysis, of “international relations”, of “military dynamics”. But we have been doing this already for (too many) decades! It is obvious that such “analyses” give birth to a comfortable feeling of complacency. The ones who are convinced that these sophisticated “analyses” help them understand “exactly” how the world works will always be enraged when someone tells them they are nothing but utter nonsense!

We also have the option of leaving aside everything that makes us consider ourselves extraordinary “experts”. At any moment, we can also start offering ourselves the chance to understand the world as it really is. Suppose we succeed in deciphering the world and our own beings in the key to higher understanding. In that case, we will be amazed to find out that the straightforward realities always contain straightforward solutions! In most cases, solutions are so simple that almost no one takes them into account!

For example, we could ask ourselves why we never took to the streets, millions of us, to protest against the fact that trillions of dollars are spent each year on military budgets (that is, on DEATH, if we are not to lie to ourselves). When was the last time we have protested against the colossal budgetary allocations for war, for military operations?!? Does it make any sense to lament that there are so many armed conflicts and wars all around us? Can we really complain as long as we have no problem when thousands of billions of dollars are spent annually on weapons and war? Instead of complaining, shouldn’t we focus on using these billions of dollars to eradicate extreme poverty that kills so many children each and every day!?!

If the world’s leaders spend trillions of dollars a year on weapons and military operations and if the cohorts of “analysts” and “experts” persuade us that this is great, then why the… heaven does the world look that awful? We ended up in this situation because we let them do all the insane and brainless things with our money! And we are stuck in this global swamp because we chose too many times to listen to all the gibberish uttered by the great “experts”! Just starring at the ceiling would be a preferable activity!

Is poverty a critical condition for the birth and spread of terrorism? Obviously! It is! Isn’t it, then, madness to spend $1.7 trillion on weapons and military operations instead of using that crazy amount of money to eradicate extreme poverty? I repeat it: in just one year, 1.7 TRILLION dollars (that is 1.700.000.000.000 dollars) are spent on military budgets! In the meantime, the maximum amount of money (other sources take into account a significantly smaller amount) that is needed to eradicate poverty globally is $ 3.5 trillion (that is 3.500.000.000.000 dollars).

I leave it to you to check the calculations above. After how many years could poverty be eradicated on this planet (poverty being also one of the root causes of terrorism) if $ 3.5 trillion is needed and military spending amounts to $ 1.7 trillion annually?!?

Aren’t you fed up with all the so-called “analyses”, with all the cohorts of “brilliant” “experts” who keep explaining to us – by putting their finger on the map – what should be done, where should we “attack”!?? Things are insanely simple: if this beautiful planet were really ruled by intelligent people genuinely interested in humanity’s well-being, by people who were really healthy in their heads and in their hearts, then everything would change for the better in a flash!

It’s really not about a “lack of solutions” at the level of those who are leading our destinies (to the abyss). It’s about (as it always has been) a LACK OF HUMANITY! Everything starts from there, from the presence or absence of humanness! And there it ends!


I have said it many times. I will repeat it once again: the ideal of peaceful coexistence on Earth can never be achieved if hundreds of billions of dollars transform, every year, into tanks and bombs instead of being used to eradicate poverty in regions such as Asia, Africa, and South America. Everything is part of a game beyond the imagination of any human being with a healthy soul. And there is only one explanation: these people, these so-called “leaders”, are nothing but puppets in the hands of the real leaders, those at the top of the decision-making pyramid! We cannot and should not call “healthy” an individual whose dry head decides that it is better and more functional to use a thousand billion dollars for military purposes than for mutual aid and economic stimulus funds! Anyone who decides that we should not spend a thousand billion dollars on education, literacy, culture, and value but on weapons and war is either crazy or just a puppet!

Whatever one might say, I am not at all idealistic. I am just a lucid realist. And I am convinced that if we keep it this way, we will end up destroying ourselves. It is not pessimism. It is factual reality and common sense!

Trillions of dollars continue to turn into cannon and gunpowder every year. But those trillions of dollars could have converted as well into bread and baking powder! And whoever states that this is only a utopian dream is totally off the beam! I am dying to meet the one who wants to kill me because I helped him satisfy his hunger, get his body dressed, and build a roof to rest!

Suppose a sick, malnourished child is about to die next to a chest full of gold. In that case, I will choose my part of that chest to cure his disease, to satisfy his hunger. I will certainly not use my part of common gold to fatten the wallets of the war-and-hatred CEOs! The war-and-hatred “leaders” who are doing everything possible to convince us that directing a trillion dollars every year to military budgets is normal would not get a penny from me!

“Fight fire with fire!” – this is the paradigmatic slogan of the war-and-hatred CEOs. But, no matter what they say, I’m afraid we cannot put out the fire with gasoline! This beautiful world should not be run by arsonists dressed up as firefighters!


Concerning the migration issue, it is obviously not a proper solution to bring together, all of a sudden, two civilizations, two cultures, two completely different religions. The dialogue between cultures and societies is vital, and I will always plead and work in this direction. But this is not the point here. What we’ve got here is the story of the same puppeteers who, out of their shadows, decided the exact opposite – namely, the frontal collision of two very different cultures and civilizations!

Nevertheless, the worst thing would be to end up hating each other. The puppeteers want the refugees to hate us because we do not let them in and want us to hate the refugees because we fear that the two cultures’ terrible clash will completely change our way of life. If we fall into such a mutual hatred relationship, it means that the puppeteers behind the curtains have succeeded!

There is something utterly different that we should do. Let us ask ourselves, for a start, what exactly has generated this refugee crisis. “A terrible war!” would be the rapid answer. But we need to move on: what is the main cause for this war? Maybe the fact that the war-affected countries were NOT treated as HUMAN-populated countries? Perhaps the fact that we have come to talk about imposing our own idea of “good” with the help of weapons and with the price of hundreds of thousands of “collateral victims”?

Resolving the refugee crisis is very easy. All that is needed is doable! The great world powers should stop seeking to generate profit from the war waged in all these countries! Then, instead of “refugee quotas”, the militarized Western powers should talk about “food quotas”, about money invested in these countries’ development, and not in their weaponization! That’s how things work out! Only this way and very quickly! As citizens, as inhabitants of this planet, we should speak openly in this regard and propose solutions in this direction!

Will it help us and others in any way if we all line up behind those who tell us that only the voice of weapons needs to be heard in order to reach peace!? No, it will not be of any help to become the clones of others, the remote-controlled cyborgs of those who want us to be docile and silent. It will help us a lot, instead, if we proceed to signal a different international policy. It will really help us and our fellow human beings whose countries have been systematically destroyed if we adopt a global perspective that allows HUMANNESS to be the victor. Only when we succeed in setting the deep human being at the center of all national and international relations will the day of our redemption as a species come – the day of our absolution, the day when we shall free ourselves from the Subhuman, Ugly, Horrible, and Sinister!

There is only one conclusion – we will not be able to change our world for the better unless we act constantly and decisively in the sense of its re-HUMANIZATION!


We need to start exchanging our local and national cultural treasures! No regulatory framework can solve a discrimination and conflict issue by itself! While it is necessary to elaborate more recommendations and resolutions, we must also ensure that an actual climate of tolerance starts growing among world citizens. And such a climate can only be developed by encouraging a constant intercultural dialogue. It is not simply a question of particular cases. It is a general issue – the lack of communication and mutual understanding generates tension and friction.

It is not just an economic issue. I am afraid it is much more than this. I sometimes wonder: how much do we really know about the other countries’ specifics? Do we always pour the same content into the general concepts we are using? How much do I know about how my fellow beings from other countries perceive the same realities? How many times do we not see that we are using the same concepts during our talks, but we have such different approaches regarding all these concepts in reality?

The only way to guarantee a better mutual understanding and communication between our cultures is to run permanent programs in this direction. Just consider one case – that of the Russians. How many times did we hear this: “The Russians are threatening Europe!”…!? Well, we have to understand that, while we are saying or listening to such things, tens of millions of Russians are just going to work, raising their kids, paying their taxes, washing their hands, singing their songs – just the way all others do! Wouldn’t it be a lot more beneficial to all of us to at least try to get to know them better? And this is just one case! You can change the sentence and fill in the gaps with any other nation.

The day we start to feel and think about others the way we feel and think about ourselves will be the day of our social and moral redemption. “All for one and one for all” is not just a well-known literary motto. It is, literally, the name of the only effective, safe, and healthy human avenue. We have no other option! We either collapse and totally lose our humanity, or we consciously cross beyond this terrible threshold and gain much strength. We need to start exchanging our local and national cultural treasures. This alone would start the global healing process!


There have been endless talks about “international values”. But all those “experts” who are seemingly never bored to hear themselves talking should first and foremost be aware of how different our perceptions of these values ​​are! Do we all pour the same content into the thirsty cups of common concepts? What a French means by “democracy” or “sovereignty” is exactly what a Briton, a Romanian, an American, an Indian, or a New Zealander means (if we are to give just a few examples out of the hundreds available)? How different is the same word actually heard and understood in the different caves where we are locked up?

Attending various discussions between peoples from all kinds of countries, I have the growing impression that all modern technology tools only sell us the illusion of a large human community! In fact, we are all shouting from inside our empty caves!

Given this context, it must be said that successful career diplomats who manage to get something (not necessarily for their countries, as this seems to have become old-fashioned; now, cross-border interests prevail) are those who know exactly what the Italians, the Peruvians, the Mongolians mean by “democracy”, by “justice” and so on. They also know what these concepts mean for the Bulgarian, for the Brazilian, for the Australian, for the German, for the Iranian, for the Egyptian, etc. In other words, some know exactly what the situation is – the fact that we grasp totally different things from the same concept, depending on our nationality and social conditioning. And the problem is that the career diplomats who get to know these differences of perception do not signal this. On the contrary, they keep their mouth shut and seek to PROFIT! When they need the French, they adapt the discourse to what they know the French understand by “justice”, “democracy”, or “freedom.” When they have interests in Italy, they adapt their speech to the Italian perception of the same concepts. And so on! From one context and one interest to another!

The great meeting of all meanings was canceled. A dangerous game of clichés replaced it. A few know how to juggle these clichés, while most people do not understand the mechanism at all. Unfortunately, there is only one final outcome if we keep moving in that direction – we will drown in an ocean of ​​clichés just while we are certain that it is us who will save the world!


Things have got so mixed up, and the ability to understand other countries’ realities has become so poor that almost any decision taken within the international institutions becomes a quasi-absurd attempt.

We are moving more and more towards institutional introversion. In the shelter of “common values”, superficiality is more than eager to legislate and impose new rules and norms. Finally, this will lead to an apocalypse of democracy! Entire nations are already humiliated in their own countries! Their SOVEREIGNTY is thrown away just because an international rapporteur proves utterly incapable of understanding their country’s specifics (or because he serves the interests of a transnational group).

The only way we can escape this horrible situation is to turn our face to the deep human being in us and others. And no, it’s not just another cliché. It’s the HUMAN shore I’ve always seen, even if barely noticeable from under the crests of the ordinary social waves!

You can read the whole book for free. If you find it useful, you can support me by buying it ($ 4.99). >>> Click here <<<



Let us consider a perfect example: the “European Union” (EU). Most of the comments on the so-called “Brexit” (Great Britain’s exit from the European Union) seem very superficial. Of course, if we want to go on playing with all our international toys, we can do it unhindered. But isn’t our world looking bad, even though we have been playing with our international institutions and “programs” for so many decades? The EU, like other international institutions, unions, and organizations, is nothing more than a giant with clay feet. And it all starts with the fact that we can find almost everything but the deep human being at the center of its actions and concerns! That is why most of the comments of “analysts” and “experts” on the so-called “Brexit” are completely devoid of any profound human meaning. After all, what exactly did Great Britain leave? What are the real, solid foundation stones meant to last for centuries or at least for decades? What is, in fact, the real cornerstone, the only one capable of keeping several countries united? The foundation stone should be the focus on the deep human being! In the absence of this center, of this Sun capable of keeping the entire system in balance, all our institutions and constructions go crazy, collide and crash into each other, leading, sooner or later, to an advanced entropy of the great system that we call “the world of humans”!

We know that Great Britain left this construction that many citizens call with quasi-religious exaltation “the European Union”. That is a fact. But given this fact, do we really think that the endless “expert” discussions about “economic impacts” and “labor market changes” will be of any help!? Don’t we see, at the eleventh hour, that this is NOT the case? Do we still not understand that the very fact that we focused almost exclusively on “economics” led us here? Where are the human beings to be found in the zillions of artificial institutions and feeble organizations? Where did the impostor leaders of humanity imprison the deep human beings, where did they hide the real “us”?

How much longer will it take us to realize that if the impostor CEOs of humanity really cared about us, at the international institutional level, then they would have never thrown us into wars, not even economic ones? If the human being really mattered to them, then all conflicts would just vanish, and no state would ever try to impose its own interests to the detriment of other states. If each of us understands that the deep human being alone matters at both micro and macro levels, then all national and international issues would start to resolve by themselves.

As a rule, the solutions are always straightforward, provided that we start from the proper premises. And those who look sideways at such ideas already have their minds corrupted by the virus of clichés. Don’t we see that as we develop so-called economic “solutions”, the situation is only getting crazier? How much longer will it take us to open our eyes and see!?


What kind of “UNIONS” do we have today!? A real “union” between several countries would involve a real deep human exchange between those countries’ citizens. Precisely in this sense, of a real, deep, human union, absolutely nothing has been done! If we intend to keep on playing with our big institution-toys, no one can stop us. But if we want to generate a profound improvement in our lives, we have to take off the VIRTUAL REALITY headsets!

The self-proclaimed CEOs of humanity, the beings at the top of the decision-making pyramid, have covered our sight with a social VR headset playing all sorts of institutional and organizational games. That is why we are no longer capable of seeing reality as it is. But if we are courageous enough, we will take off the social VR headsets. We will dare to open our eyes and see! We will not be afraid to look straight ahead and grasp the naked truth: the international UNIONS and ORGANIZATIONS we keep glorifying are just giants with feet of clay. They are not revolving around the deep human being, as they should!

The human being was sacrificed on the altar of an INTERESTED BUREAUCRACY! And the only chance to change the current state of affairs is to rebuild everything on the right foundations. Because these deep foundations encompass the economic sphere but also far exceed it! As long as we reduce everything to ECONOMICS, we will never build any real UNIONS, and we will never weld people together! The only result we’ll get will be an infinite number of institutions and organizations used by the shadowy impostor leaders to economically and politically subjugate all countries of the world!

A genuine “Union” can never be a gathering of clones! At the same time, we cannot go back to nations and countries understood as independent monads, hermetically sealed, without communications and exchanges with the outside world. Humanity naturally evolves into a great community. But not in the sense of the leveling globalization conceived by those who want to conduct the world’s orchestra. Not in the sense of a single global state, where no one has an identity and where we are all clones of the same matrix – the ultimate ideal of “progressive globalism”. But in the sense of an ocean made up of billions of free interdependent drops. We should not aspire to become either a union of clones or billions of self-sufficient monads. We should walk instead on the right path of a plurality of free beings who ensure each other’s prosperity.

The world we live in looks so bad for one fundamental reason. The human being is thrown out of the room where the self-proclaimed world’s CEOs make their sub-human decisions. That it is bureaucracy, that it is “technocracy”, that it is national leadership, that it is international leadership – everywhere the same mess: the deep human being is deliberately forgotten! We need to rekindle humanness, both in our institutions and in us, nationally and internationally. It is the only way! Everything else is just a concert of empty bottles!


This message is for all my fellow human beings who understand that we can no longer live happily in our micro-universes while billions of our fellow human beings suffer from poverty. Hundreds of thousands of human beings die in wars sponsored by all those who don’t understand that all warfare funds are taken directly from their pockets! The money they use for death and war is our money! We need to open our eyes and see things as they are! Hundreds of thousands of fellow human beings are killed in wars financed with the money coming from all the taxes we pay! This message is for those who understand that war, violent conflicts, terrorism are not only consequences of wrong choices in foreign policy, but especially the effect of indifference – indifference to the torments of our fellow human beings! Because, above all, indifference kills!

Why would I be your enemy? Why would I be the enemy of my fellow human being who is reading right now what I am writing right now? If I meet you on the street and see you thirsty, I will give you water to drink, I will help you quench your thirst, and I will not ask you first if we share the same beliefs. Thirst is the same, regardless of our different beliefs! If I meet you on the street and see you hungry, I will share my bread with you, not caring if we speak the same language. Hunger is the same, no matter how the word “hunger” sounds in our different languages! If I meet you on the street and see you fall on the cobblestones, I will help you get up. I won’t ask you first if your vote goes to the same politician! My desire to help you and your need to be helped are things that have nothing to do with our political choices!

Why would I be the enemy of the great Russian people, whose writers have charged my spirit with meaning, whose composers keep my blood warm and alive!? Why would I be the enemy of the great American people, whose thirst for democracy generated the essence of human rights or whose technology – used rightly – helps us communicate so quickly, so efficiently, so easily!? Why would I be the enemy of the great Arab peoples, while I feel how deep I get every time I listen to their music full of mystery and wonder, or while I know how much I owe them for everything that science is today!? Why would I be the enemy of the great Chinese people, from whose ancient wisdom my spirit drinks, from where humankind has extracted its sap for thousands of years? Why would I be the enemy of the great Indian people, whose spiritualized culture traverses the length and breadth of their wonderful country, filling each inch with so many meanings? Why should I be the enemy of the great African peoples, so rich in naturalness, so generous and warm-hearted? Why would I be the enemy of the poor, of the forsaken, of the persecuted? Why would I be the enemy of the great African peoples whose children die of hunger even as I write and even as you read because trillions of our dollars are spent each year for war and death instead of being spent for bread and life? Why would I be the enemy of the great people of Israel or of the great peoples of Europe, whose culture, spirituality, and science have so often transmuted humanity to higher elements?


This book is nothing but a dream, of course, for those who have become accustomed to treating everything superficially, to lounging in the jacuzzi of their deceptive pragmatism. For those who consider it useless to discuss the reestablishment of all institutions and the rebirth of all human relationships from the womb of HUMANNESS, this book is just a bunch of utopias, it is just art for art’s sake, something utterly devoid of any practical purpose. But I ask you – if we look with our own eyes at the world around us, a world built by the tilers of economic “pragmatism”, what do we see? Is it a human-healthy world? Given that hunger, diseases, and extreme poverty are closing hundreds of MILLIONS of eyes forever, can anyone say that we are living in a human-healthy world?!? What horrible kind of economic “pragmatism” is this!? Maybe one directed against the human being, against us, against all of us!?

Here is the key! No discussion, no decision, no strategy, no institution, no party, NO ONE will succeed in bringing real welfare and peace to this planet unless we start from a reconstruction of all institutions, public and private, around the deep human being!

What is “welfare” after all? Satisfying my basic needs and desires, and … that’s it? Or is it about satisfying my primary needs and desires AND those of my fellows? Can we truly be happy, as human beings of the Third Millennium, if we know and feel the hunger and the thirst and the suffering of those who are left to die while we keep talking about our welfare!?

Our fundamental problem is not that many of us are bad people. Our main problem is that we relate in the abstract to realities! For instance, we talk about the poverty of starving children, but most of us never go out to see one. Believe me, spending at least a few minutes with a dirty and hungry child is an experience that changes you completely and for the rest of your life! From the moment you SEE with the eyes of your soul the drama, the tragedy of the world we live in, from the moment that poor and sick child moves inside the rooms of your heart, you can NO longer be the same! From that moment on, you will literally feel like breaking the TV when you hear all kinds of “specialists” and “experts” talking in the abstract!

I have that child in me, that poor and sick child of the sick world of humans! Ever since I met him, he has lived there, in the rooms of my heart. And he will live there for as long as I will live!


I do not believe in the veracity of the statement according to which the reader dictates the newspaper’s content. It is equally untrue that the viewer is the one “guilty” – because he “demands” – of the frighteningly poor quality of far too many television shows. “Panem et circenses” (“bread and circus”), the old formula coined by the Roman poet Juvenal, is and will remain forever young. And the modern television show is perhaps the most notable modern representation of the “circus”, of the ancient “show”. The current “reality show” is the other end of the line that stretches to the ancient “circus”.

The katharsis of the Greek comedies and tragedies, the aesthetic sublimation of negative emotions was, without doubt, a qualitative saturation of the human being’s need for purification and self-expansion. Because that’s what we’re looking for, whether it’s reading a novel, attending a theater show, or watching a movie: expanding ourselves, overcoming our limited personality, and integrating into something bigger than us, or at least more significant than we use to think we were.

This need, not to escape but rather to “expand”, is as natural as possible, and it defines us at a higher level. But the way we satisfy this need often becomes a problem. Even antiquity experienced the lofty Greek tragedy but also the Colosseum, the bloody “reality show” with gladiators fighting to their death in front of an excited audience. Now as before, we can paint in different ways on the canvas of the human need for self-expansion. Artists are either deeply concerned with the human beings themselves, thus creating or performing in a way that will purify their soul and awaken their spirit, or they are only interested in manipulating the public’s emotions for their profit. A great artist will be capable of creating masterpieces or performing magnificently, but that is not enough. If aesthetics is the orphaned child of dying ethics, then art no longer serves the deep human being’s needs.

Now as before, “entertainment” productions and “reality shows” can benefit from either a two-dimensional geometry, both profitable and cathartic, or a unidimensional geometry focused exclusively on generating profit. The first type of show could reconcile the needs of the viewer’s deep human being with the money-milking goat of television and advertisers.

Enough money would undoubtedly come out of clever and original entertainment shows, primarily meant to elevate the paying viewer’s spirit. Alchemical treatment of negative emotions in television and new media retorts is both necessary and possible. But it’s much easier, isn’t it, to throw scented and brightly colored cardboard bones at people animalized by these shallow productions!

They give people the same gross nonsense for decades. Then they apologize politely, saying that the almost unbelievable superficiality of the TV consumers is the TV consumers’ “fault” and that their TV companies would not survive if they started producing quality entertainment. But one thing is certain: the addiction to the media drug of gross-entertainment is incompatible with the bipedal movement of the human spirit!


We wander our whole life somewhere between the subject and the predicate. We are a micro-universe corrupted by regular and irregular verbs. We are always “the ones who do something”. Even when we think we are silent, we are, in fact, making the silence. We don’t really know how to stop. Let us take a break! Let us anchor all the ships of our minds at the shores of real silence!

“Today is all things’ day off!”, said, barely awakened from a dream, my mother. A dreamy flash and, at the same time, an opportunity for a speculative trip… What if, one morning, we were amazed to find that absolutely nothing is working anymore? Smartphones, tablets, cars, TV, radio, computers… A morning when technology refuses us… A morning when no one calls us and when we cannot call anyone… When the only verb on the agenda is “to be”!

Such a deep wonder would envelop us! To realize, suddenly, that you have found the “cone of silence”, in the middle of the storm, beyond all the flying objects! That you have found the forsaken place of your true self … In your purity, uniqueness, and quintessence … Uncolored by the brush of any attribute … Unaltered by any questions and unmoved by any answers …


I have no doubt that whoever did not experience at least for a moment the urge and desire to kneel and join hands in prayer in front of the evening sky set on fire by an arsonist Sun really lived in vain. Or whoever woke up one morning and suddenly noticed that the trees were already green and full of flowers. Or whoever, during a torrential summer rain, did not go outside without an umbrella, only to enjoy the abundant touch of the water flowing freely over their cheeks. Whoever has not come to understand and feel that it is raining so that the blade of grass grows, and the blade of grass grows so that rain becomes possible!


Sometimes it’s not so tragic to “lose” a night! I met people obsessed with not wasting a minute of sleep in order to be “fresh and ready” the next morning for a new day at work. Which, I must say, I find quite incomprehensible!

Because, after all, I allow myself to interpose with a blunt question: why do we all work, what is the final reason? Whether we are working with passion or not, whether the hours pass in an instant or, on the contrary, they are lazy rivers slowly flowing through the plains, at the end of the day, it is clear that we all work to live (very well, better or simply). And precisely this verb is also the key that we must always keep in mind – “to live”! What does it mean to “live” (to “live” in a human way, and not just to “survive,” like the representatives of the neighboring kingdom)? It means, among other things, to enjoy the very fact that you are simply breathing each and every time you wake up. Again and again, each and every day… Don’t forget to let your eyes swim in the ocean of colors that surrounds you…

Remember what it is like to walk barefoot on living grass and mud… To lie on your back in the sand and watch the clouds rolling in the sky… To listen to the lively bluish songs of the winged orchestras… To smile at the Moon while your sight glides gently on its sharp blade… To embrace a tree because that’s how you suddenly wish to embrace life… To ransack in the sea mud for shells to adorn your sandcastle – a sandcastle which is wonderful, even if it passes, because everything passes and still wonderful it is…

Nature is lyrical par excellence. Every flower, every leaf, and every blade of grass appear to sing together, in thousands of different voices, the same eternal and mysterious song of love. A piece of music from beyond the world, space, and time runs through everything that was to be. They are wonderfully orchestrated divine sounds. And the whole universe moves on the chords of the absolute. The entire world is a fairy child who plays the dance of life without ever stopping. And from his golden harp, an old long-bearded man forever shapes his song – always new and eternally the same…


Two fundamental, essential matters must be understood and integrated, at an individual and collective level, if we really want to get at the helm of our own destiny and if we want to avoid the collapse of our civilization.

The first essential matter: we can truly understand all aspects of our physical life only in relation to our spiritual life. Because we do not live two different lives in two different worlds – one physical and one spiritual – and we are not two separate beings – one physical and one spiritual. Each of us is one being who lives in one world! And our world is also a spiritual one every second of our earthly existence. The fact that we live in this body and this physical world does not mean that we have ceased for a single moment to live in the spirit, in the spiritual world. In fact, we live in one world, manifested and perceived differently depending on our organs of perception. As such, in order to truly understand our physical world, we must be equally concerned with understanding our spiritual world. In other words, the physical dimension of our existence can never really be understood unless we are also concerned with understanding its spiritual dimension.

In conclusion, to be aware of ourselves, understand the world around us, and act consciously to change it for the better presupposes the interest in knowing the concrete spiritual dimension of our existence and of the world around us. Those who are unaware of their spirit, the spirit of others, and the spiritual world in which we find ourselves every second of our earthly existence, cannot truly change anything for the better. They can be at most an instrument of other spiritual forces, good or not so good. Truly free human beings are human beings who are aware of their spiritual dimension and of the spiritual dimension of the whole world around them, just as they are aware of their physical dimension and of the physical dimension of the entire world around them. There is no real freedom without knowledge and awareness!

The second essential matter: whoever considers that the physical stuff must be taken care of during our physical existence, and the spiritual stuff must be taken care of only “when we go beyond”, is deluded or falls into the trap that has been skillfully assembled. No matter how harsh it may sound, the reality is that we will be just as aware of ourselves “beyond”, in the spiritual world, as we were interested here, in our physical dimension, in knowing things about our spiritual dimension. Our knowledge of the spiritual dimension “here” is our light and sight “there”! All that we know and assimilate now about the spiritual world will be exactly the light that will help us see once we “cross the threshold”.

The whole immediate future of human civilization depends on understanding and assimilating these two essential elements: nothing can be really changed for the better if we do not start from the reality of the spiritual dimension of our existence, and nothing can really be understood about our spiritual dimension unless we are interested in it during our physical existence.


The fact that most people know nothing concrete about their spirit and the spiritual world in which they live every moment of their lives gives enormous power to those who work hard on keeping them in the dark.

If all people knew, then knowledge would be freedom and evolution. If only a few know, then knowledge becomes power and control. The current stage of human evolution makes it mandatory that all people get the opportunity to know the truth about their spiritual life. However, this does not happen for two reasons. The first: some of those who possess the higher knowledge control almost everything that happens on the planet. They control politics, economics, education, labor, and international relations. They are the ones who created what we call the “System”. Those at the real top of the decision-making pyramid maintain and develop this System. The System aims to prevent people from knowing the truth and from living in the fullness of their human dignity. The beings at the top of the power pyramid, these impostor CEOs of humanity, created the System to keep people in the dark, to convince them to live in a kind of dream state unrelated to actual reality. All things that humanity’s self-proclaimed CEOs present and offer as “reality” are just a dream, a deceptive construct.

Contrary to what is thought and discussed even among those who speak of the “System”, the purpose is not to maintain a certain power in the strictly materialistic sense. Those who support the System do not just want material power. No, it’s much more than that! Those who created and developed the System want SPIRITUAL POWER, both for themselves and the forces behind them! And this spiritual power can only be acquired if the oppressed are kept in the dark, in that state of endless daydreaming. A human being who finds this out, who is interested in knowing the spiritual reality, cannot be controlled. Only such a human being is truly a free human being! Because legal freedom, guaranteed by constitutions, legislative systems, and international treaties, is only a formal framework. In reality, without knowing the spiritual reality of our lives concretely, we cannot talk about freedom. We can’t be truly free unless we KNOW!

We all live in an age of our development when it becomes MANDATORY that we are all given a chance to know everything about our spirit and the spiritual world. Nevertheless, some of those who know very well this spiritual world want to keep this knowledge only for themselves! This “exclusivism” gives tremendous power to the “elites” at the very top of the decision-making pyramid! It is a power that does not come from money and wealth, but from the fact that they KNOW a lot while they prevent all others from knowing anything! This is their POWER! Any other garment covering their power is just an effect, just a consequence!

Contrary to popular belief, their money is not their real POWER! Nor do their weapons represent their real POWER! Their real POWER lies in the fact that they KNOW a lot while preventing us from knowing anything!

As such, I find myself in the position to insist on a crucial truth: the System cannot be defeated by fighting against the System! This fight against the System is just another illusion fabricated by the System itself to keep us asleep and busy. The System cannot really be defeated unless it collapses on its own when it no longer has any pillars and when it is left without its foundation. And the System’s real foundation is only one – the POWER of those who KNOW a lot over those whom they prevent from knowing anything! This is the System’s cornerstone!

If the System’s foundation is the POWER of those who KNOW over those who are not allowed to know, then it is evident that the only way the System can truly be defeated is for more and more people to KNOW the truth! If people FIND OUT, if people get to KNOW, if people begin to UNDERSTAND the truth, the concrete reality of the spiritual world, then the POWER of those who created the System disappears in an instant, then the System itself collapses, by itself, deprived of the FOUNDATION OF IGNORANCE!

Thus, it becomes clear that the only right way is to UNDERSTAND and SPREAD THE MESSAGE! And here we come to the second reason why people remain in the darkness of materialism even though they are all living in the age of their evolution when they should know the reality of their own spirit and of the spiritual world. This second reason has only one name: The-Coziness-of-Slavery!

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Throught this book, I emphasized the fact that SOME of those who KNOW, those at the top of the power pyramid, are keeping others in the darkness of materialism to secure their power, and, especially, the power of the dark forces behind them. But there is another part. There are also others who KNOW a lot and have taken over the mission to help others find out! Not all of those who know the spiritual dimension of human life are trying to gain power and control by keeping their fellows in the dark. There are also deep human beings who are working in the exact opposite direction! They work hard to help others wake up, get out of the state of endless daydreaming, and become awakened people, people who have opened their eyes and SEE! These people are on a mission too, and they are by no means just a few!

However, their big problem is that they are not yet working TOGETHER on a global scale. While the servants of darkness’ actions are perfectly coordinated, those who want to help their fellows often act alone. They do not place themselves in a visible orchestra. Of course, this does not mean in any way that their action is not solid and as beneficial as possible. It is! Nor does it mean that the solitary efforts of those who want to help their fellows are not part of an orchestra. They are! It’s just that the orchestra needs to become visible. Those who often act alone for the awakening of others must find and know each other. It is vital to create these visible connections so that the Light’s orchestra comes to the surface, comes out of the fog, becomes VISIBLE! This will help both those who act alone and those who have not yet woken up. It will help those who work alone because they will suddenly feel part of a VISIBLE whole. And those who have not yet woken up will be helped too. They will SEE around them a human-healthy ALTERNATIVE to all that has hitherto been presented to them as the “world”.


What makes the paradoxical mark of our times is the fact that the Internet offers at the same time the fastest means of disseminating information but also the best and fastest means of manipulation.

It is vital to understand that the spiritual impulse towards human brotherhood is the one that created the environment conducive to the emergence and development of social networks, and not the other way around! It is not social networks that have generated the people’s need to be together, but the people’s need to be together on a global scale has led to the emergence of social networks! Yet, we can only understand how these social networks have evolved and the effects they generate on a national and global scale if we refer to the spiritual impulse towards fraternity. If we relate to this impulse, then and only then can we assess whether the current social networks serve this impulse or, on the contrary, divert it!

What does the spiritual impulse towards global human brotherhood entail? It is about the innate call to put our will, our thinking, and our feeling at the service of our fellow human beings. Not in the sense of depersonalization, as is the case with the counter-impulse towards leveling globalism. But in the sense of the permanent care for others, the deep kind of care springing from the depths of our spirit, and not the artificial type of “care” generated through a particular sort of social conformism, convenience, and complacency.


What atheists or those who are not interested in the reality of their own spirit do not know is that their own “atheism” or “materialism” is also a consequence of particular acts of purely spiritual essence. In the sense that those who support and propagate atheism and materialism on a global scale are by no means atheists and materialists but spiritualists engaged in working against the right path of human evolution. Most people know nothing about the hidden spiritual centers of power where materialism and atheism are born.

Please, take a minute to think it over: materialism and atheism are created in powerful spiritual centers! …This the great irony of our times! This is why they manage to work unhindered in order to make us forget everything about our own spirit and the spiritual world!

Therefore, although it may seem paradoxical at first glance, the preachers of materialism are, in fact, spiritualists who do not want people to become aware of their own spirit! These people preach and propagate materialism in close connection with very concrete beings and spiritual forces – adverse spiritual beings and powers, that oppose humankind’s proper evolution. Those who put people to sleep and convince them that there is no such thing as “the spirit” are perfectly aware of the spirit’s reality and consciously engaged in the work of spiritual beings and powers who seek to divert the right path of human evolution.

This is how the tragicomedy of our contemporary society is enacted. The impostor CEOs of humanity, the beings at the top of the power pyramid, manage to imprison billions of us into an educational, political, economic, and social framework that puts us to sleep and makes us live as if we did not have a spirit and as if there were no spiritual world. Those who place us in this nightmarish social framework are perfectly aware of the reality of their own spirit and of the spiritual world. They consciously serve specific spiritual powers who want us to know nothing about our spirit and our spiritual world! This is the tragicomedy of the society in which we live!


What really matters is not the origin of the virus or the controversy over masks, vaccines, and so on. What really matters is to stop and try to use this moment as an opportunity, rather than to complain or contradict each other from dusk till dawn. What really matters is to use the crucial moments and not miss them!

Do we want to go back to the world before the virus, or do we want to use this moment as an opportunity to re-create our world!? Do we think that the world before this pandemic was a good one, or are we aware that we have the unique opportunity to build a completely different human society right at this moment? Do we understand that if we do not wake up and use this moment to change OUR world, then the puppeteers will change it to their liking? Do we at least understand that the world before the pandemic will never return as it was, that we should strive not to get back to what it was, but to move forward to what it should be!?

This pandemic is an equal opportunity for both humans and puppeteers! It is crucial! Everything that will follow depends on understanding and assimilating this reality! Ideally, most people should quickly realize a simple truth – all that the puppeteers want is to get us wasting our time, contradicting each other. Those at the top of the power pyramid wish to see us reducing ourselves to miniatures, revolting against minor things, wishing ONLY to come back “to what it was”.

Do you know this joke? …One day, a middle-aged man, very upset because he couldn’t stand his crowded house any longer, goes to a sage and asks him for advice. The sage, without hesitation, tells him to bring the pig, the cow, the sheep, and the chickens in the house and then to come back after a fortnight. Well, a couple of weeks later, early in the morning, the man returns and tells the sage that his situation has now become simply awful. Without hesitation, the sage tells the man to take the animals out of the house, one animal a day, and to come back at the end. A few days pass and, radiating happiness, the man returns and tells the sage that he is very, very happy, that his advice was brilliant, that, finally, for the first time in his life, he no longer feels crowded in his own house!

…Obviously, as in the anecdote above, when people come back to what their life was before the restrictions, they will feel that everything is perfect, that they are extraordinarily happy and, above all, extraordinarily free! In reality, they will only have returned to their former state…

EVERYTHING the puppeteers want from us right now is this:

– to waste our time contradicting ourselves;

– to be divided even more, thus introducing a new separating element;

– to miss the crucial moment when we could have opened our eyes, could have understood the meaning of our life on Earth, and could have worked together to create OUR OWN world!


Is the context of this pandemic the favorable moment for an absolutely necessary RESET? Yes, it is! Do people handle this “RESET”? No, they don’t! People are kept busy with the news, the controversies, the polemics, and the new antagonism. Meanwhile, the puppeteers, the “ELITE”, the great manipulators are fully in charge of the fake “Great RESET”!

The Real Great RESET presupposes the reestablishment of the whole world on the deep human being’s foundation. It is the only thing that can truly unite us, beyond all our differences! We all have a SPIRIT! We are SPIRITUAL beings, and this is, beyond everything that separates us, the common ground that brings us closer, that brings us together!


The human-healthy impulses of The Real Great RESET have no political, national, or international color. The solution to this great world crisis is not and cannot be just a political or economic one. As long as the crisis is an eminently spiritual one, the solution can only be a spiritual one too. We cannot solve a spiritual problem politically or economically!

Billions of people are currently waiting for all kinds of leaders and institutions to implement political and economic measures to solve humanity’s great problems. But NO political or economic action will solve ANY problem for one straightforward reason: as long as the root cause is a spiritual one, the solution can only be a spiritual one! Political, economic, and social problems are effects, not causes. The cause is eminently spiritual. Thus, true solutions must involve the whole human spirit. Only then can we hope to change our political, economic, and social life!

But what does this “eminently spiritual cause” of the world’s problems mean? It is about the fact that human beings have forgotten (or, rather, were pushed to forget) why they are here. We have not been born out of nothingness, and we will not end up in nothingness after a few decades. We are here because we have a long road to travel in the direction of our wholesome evolution. And we are here TOGETHER because we have a long way to walk together for the healthy development of our spiritual realm.

We will never really overcome international conflicts, interracial conflicts, conflicts of any kind until we begin to put all human relations back on the track of the indestructible HUMAN SPIRIT! The “human spirit” is neither a philosophical abstraction nor a strictly Sunday habit. The human spirit is our true deep nature, the spiritual nature beyond the physical nature. It is our real metabiological essence. Beyond the physical body, beyond biology, there is an endless world that we are called to explore, within ourselves and outside ourselves. And the reason why the “transhumanist” religion was born in Silicon Valley – an ideology that promises to overcome biology by mixing it with technology, with Artificial Intelligence – is that humans know nothing or almost nothing about their own spirit. In other words, the humans’ subconscious urge to transcend biology fails into artificial transhumanism. Transhumanism gains ground so rapidly precisely because our true metabiological essence – the spirit – is no longer known and perceived.

The super-intelligence that we boast so much and cherish at the expense of all other things from our past that we have come to consider “childish” is a completely despiritualized intelligence, a cold, dry, and purely materialistic intelligence. Technological development is not a problem in itself. The problem is that we forgot everything about our own spirit! And then, everything we develop as beings who have forgotten their own spirit, their own essence, their own higher nature, becomes harmful to ourselves. The moment we become aware of our own spirit and of the spiritual world, we will develop a technology that will help us evolve spiritually and that will not “help” us drown in an ocean of super-technological materialism.

Everything people do today is based on a completely wrong, unreal foundation. And this is why everything that people do today, even when they are very well-intentioned, can only lead to the abyss of human civilization. In a world that is built without spirit, the real human being, the human spirit, cannot survive. And then, there is only one conclusion: we are about to destroy ourselves with the help of artificial super-intelligence and super-technology devoid of any imprint of the spirit!


What the current planetary decision-makers understand and communicate under the name of the “Great Reset” has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Real Great RESET that humanity really needs right now. It is just another way to divert the right spiritual impulses and replace them with counter-impulses meant to disconnect us from the spiritual dimension.

A so-called “reset” that does not start from spiritual impulses cannot help humanity at all. The discussion should not be conducted in the same way as it has been conducted so far. It is not enough to replace one economic paradigm with another economic paradigm. We must stop referring to the economy as a new religion. The economy does not have an independent existence. It is what it is just because we are what we are. If we are sleeping through our lives and let ourselves be led as if we did not have a spirit, then the economy, no matter the paradigm, will only plunge us even deeper into the swamp of materialism. If, on the contrary, we become more and more aware of our spirit and of the spiritual world in which we live, then the economy will be one that will truly respect the human being and help humanity along with its spiritual evolution.

Therefore, the Real Great RESET is not an economic or political one, but an essentially human one! We need to set free the deep human being that is hidden inside the ordinary human being! We have to restore all human relationships and base them on real mutual respect. And we ought to understand that mutual respect is born only when we become aware of the spiritual world we are a part of. This is the only Real Grand RESET! Everything else is just a prolongation of the old ways in a different form, like a new sleeping pill meant to put us to sleep again. They will either use a new sleeping pill or just an old sleeping pill with a new name!


The Real Grand RESET presumes the end of the reign of those at the top of the pyramid of power. The Real Grand RESET will be the democratization of hidden truths, the end of the reign of those who know over those who are not allowed to know.

People need to understand what “awakening” means. It is not an abstract matter. It is not just a metaphor. It is something as concrete as possible! The Real Great RESET can only come as an effect of the “Great Awakening”. And “awakening” means one thing: to stimulate the thirst for knowledge of the spiritual world, with all its particular laws, concrete forces, and real beings. We need what only a science of the spirit can provide. Although our physical bodies are wonderful and perfect, we are much more! Humans are spirits, and this is not just a metaphor or a philosophical abstraction! It is something as concrete as possible, as concrete as the physical world is! And, given the reality of the human spiritual dimension, given the fact that humanity’s evolution is one of a spiritual nature, it follows that none of the world’s current problems can be solved other than by arousing interest in the spiritual world.


What people call “science” is a reality, but a reality of the surface, not of the depths. Current science is a science of the world’s epidermis. It only studies the thin layer that hides a deeper, boundless world. The problem is that the beings at the top of the pyramid of power do a perfect job preventing billions of humans from knowing the truth. And this situation won’t change until people will start to notice that they are currently not allowed to know anything regarding their profound being. Only when human beings become interested in understanding the real world will they realize the enormous proportions of their slavery!

Billions of human beings are running endlessly in a vicious circle! In order to stop their proper evolution, the impostor CEOs of humanity are offering them everything else, except the TRUTH about themselves and the deep spiritual world they are part of! For this to change, it is necessary that the same people, who are individually and socially anesthetized right from their birth, begin to seek, to ask for the TRUTH. It is, we must admit, an almost impossible situation! The only solution is for those who are now sleeping to wake up, while the whole society, the entire system in which they were placed, is meant to prevent them from waking up! Everything depends on the AWAKENING of people’s spirits, but, at the same time, EVERYTHING is done to keep them asleep!

In addition, we must always respect free will! People have to choose, even if their choices don’t satisfy us, even if we know they’re wrong. But in order to be able to choose, even wrongly, people need both options. It cannot be said that we are really choosing something as long as we are not given the second option! And here we come to the essence of this message – on a global scale, people must be offered this second option: the spiritual dimension (which also includes the material, physical dimension), compared to the purely materialistic dimension (which completely excludes the spirit).

It is vital to understand the proper definition of materialism. Because even now, as you read these lines, the Earth is full of people who are convinced that they are living spiritually but who, in reality, have only refined their materialism a little bit. Much of what people consider “spiritual life” is, in fact, nothing but camouflaged materialism. True knowledge of the spiritual world is an endless adventure, not just an occasional Sunday activity, nor a vague dream about something understood in a somewhat metaphorical sense. The spirit is not at all vague, it is very concrete! The spiritual world is not just a metaphor or an intellectual sublimation of a need for more height, for more depth, for mysteries and hidden meanings. The spiritual world is the real world, the one that actively and decisively encompasses the material, physical world where we are temporarily living. Yes, it is a world where “forces” and “energies” manifest, but concrete spiritual beings generate these forces and energies. They do not appear out of nothingness! We can notice the raw materialism of those who consider that there is nothing but matter. But we can also detect the refined materialism of those who speak of spiritual “forces” and “energies” without ever speaking of the spiritual beings who produce these forces and energies!

On the one hand, we are dealing with materialists who believe that everything can be explained in terms of material forces and energies. On the other hand, we are dealing with other more refined materialists – who believe that everything can be explained in terms of spiritual “forces” and “energies”. In fact, the latter only refines the materialism of the former! They are acquainted with the terminology of materialistic science and then transfer the elements of this terminology into the realm of the spirit. Thus, they come to speak only of spiritual “forces” and “energies” without ever referring to the spiritual beings who produce them.

On the contrary, a human being who is genuinely open to spiritual knowledge knows that the situation is definitely the opposite. We must not transfer materialistic terms into the spiritual realm. Instead, we need to observe how the spirit lives in all that we call “matter” and “material”. The problem is that the beings at the top of the power pyramid pulled the strings so that we became accustomed to seeing “matter” as something living of its own accord! Instead of explaining the spiritual world through “forces” and “energies”, that is, through concepts borrowed from materialistic science, we should become able to explain the material world considering the concrete actions of concrete spiritual beings.

The fundamental problem of current science is that it believes only in what it sees. And the fact that this reality is a big problem, a big crack at the very foundation of current science, can be demonstrated by a simple example: ribosomes! … Well, ribosomes were discovered in the middle of the 20th century by the Romanian biologist and researcher George Emil Palade. The discovery completely changed the understanding of the cell and of the way it works. But, you see, ribosomes existed very well even before the middle of the twentieth century, when they were discovered! They existed in reality, but they simply did NOT exist for science!

As technology advances, science begins to discover new things and realities that the same science did not even consider a few decades ago, not to mention centuries. But what is very important to emphasize and understand is that everything that science discovers EXISTS before science gets to discover! It seems like a truism, a trivial truth, but it’s crucial! Whoever understands this simple, elementary truth can also understand that if current science, with its tools, cannot detect the spiritual world, it does not mean in any way that the spiritual world does not exist! The spiritual world exists just as ribosomes existed before science discovered them through the biologist Palade!

Of course, there would be a lot to say here. We could drive on the road of many details. You see, not all scientific discoveries are made public, at least not immediately. Right now, as I write, as you read, there are countless scientific centers where “odd” and “unusual” things are discovered and experienced. Well, you can be sure that they will not be talked about publicly in the near future! The military industry and, particularly, the intelligence and counterintelligence industry have been conducting detailed studies of the so-called “extrasensory phenomena” for decades! Whoever thinks that reading thoughts or even remotely influencing someone’s thinking are just science-fiction elements of Hollywood movies is very naive! Obviously, billions of humans have no idea about what has been developed on Earth for decades through increasingly advanced and sophisticated methods.

In reality, even this materialistic science, to which I refer, already knows much more about the reality beyond the physical senses than most of the inhabitants of this planet could imagine! But you will not find it out too soon because if you did, you would simply NOT be able to continue living the way you used to! Your life would change radically. Your perspective would be fundamentally different if only you were granted limited 10-minutes access to what even materialist science already knows about the “extrasensory” world, about the stunning dimension beyond the ordinary senses, about the great and vast spiritual world that can NOT be perceived through our ordinary senses! But those at the top of the pyramid of power do not want you to change your perspective on life, on reality. They want you to fall asleep, anesthetized, captive to an illusory soap bubble that they created for you and in which they placed you from the moment of your birth!

Beyond what they present you as “scientifically certified reality,” there are countless … “ribosomes” – some already identified, others not yet. It is a so-called “parallel” reality about which some have decided that you should NOT know anything. But a reality that EXISTS even if billions of people do not know anything about it yet!


They expropriated our meanings. They deported our purpose. They took us out of ourselves, and until we find our way back, NO ONE and NOTHING will really be able to heal us! The clear outlines of our resettlement in our own destiny will not be seen until we stop advancing on the blind alleys. With our eyes wide open, let us open ourselves again to the deep human in us and in all others. Because the great CRISIS we are facing, everywhere on the planet, is above all an IDENTITY crisis. The world of deep humans will remain a world of superficial sub-humans until the moment when we have poured ourselves into our own cup.

Deep humanity is buried under a mountain of imposture and deceit. Dozens of two-bit actors play two-bit roles after two-bit scripts. Not a single particle of the deep human being penetrates beyond the epidermis of public speeches. Nothing truly alive pierces the thick layer of clichés. Those who wish to lead millions of people are obviously beings who have not led their own spirit, their own consciousness for at least a few minutes.

How can we be confident that we will end up picking living fruits, as long as plastic seeds are placed in the chernozem of our souls!?

May we rise above the ocean of superficiality into which we have been thrown! May we free ourselves from the chains of those who want to anesthetize us, to deprive us of our living spirit, to separate us from ourselves! It’s the ONLY chance! Everything else is just dust in the wind. As long as the critical mass of awakened people is not reached, NOTHING will change for the better on the wonderful planet that hosts our species.

We have to choose: OUR Real Great RESET or THEIR Fake Great RESET. It all depends on us!

Those who keep us in the dark are also the ones who urge and teach us to “fight” against the darkness, to waste our precious time, and to consume our beautiful lives trying to carry the darkness out of the room by loading it in a wheelbarrow! In fact, all we need is to get out of the carousel, stop for a few moments, and make a simple gesture – turn on the light in our rooms! It is only turning on the light that will make the darkness go away. Because darkness is nothing but the absence of light! There’s no point in trying to carry the darkness out of the room with the wheelbarrows! We can’t make it disappear unless, one way or another, we switch on the light!

Let there be light! Let there be us!

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Liviu Pleșoianu is a former Member of Parliament (Romania) and a former member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). He drafted several bills in order to stop the undemocratic excesses of the secret services and to make transparent the financing of politically involved NGOs. He pleaded for real and permanent control of the citizens over the spending of public money. In hundreds of TV shows, he exposed the way the System works, how citizens are held captive even when they are given the illusion of freedom and democracy. He became a member of the Parliament thanks to the notoriety gained after winning a TV contest in which the contestants talked about the social problems and the solutions they propose. He protested in front of the headquarters of several institutions against the interference of the secret services in the act of justice, in politics, in the media, and in the economy. As a former online marketing director, he spoke extensively about how the Silicon Valley apostles preach the new binary religion. As a PACE member, he advocated for deep cultural and spiritual communication between the citizens of the so-called belligerent states. He proposed allocating budgetary resources to eradicate extreme poverty at least at the same level as the budgets allocated to armaments and military operations.

The author exposes the economic, political, educational, and social MATRIX that closes billions of people in illusory bubbles that do not allow them to see and experience the profound reality of their own beings. He also presents “The Real Great RESET” as a deep human-healthy alternative to “The Fake Great RESET” of the DAVOS “elites”.


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