The Human Declaration

Dear Human friend,

We do not want to merge with the machines, we do not want to become cyborgs, we do not want to support Google and Facebook in their work towards the SINGULARITY!

We acknowledge that the billions of dollars invested by Google and Facebook in Robots, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality are coming from us. The more users they have, the more companies will give them money for displaying ads. The more money they get, the closer they will bring us all to their nightmare vision of a cyborg future of humanity, of a post-human Earth!

We want our “likes”, our “shares”, our “posts” and “comments” to really mean something. We want to also share a piece of bread when we share a piece of post. We wish to sign this Human Manifesto in order to support the new Social-Action-Network that will give 40% of its revenues to the people in need. The more human-beings will join this Initiative, the more companies will advertise here and the more money will go to the human-beings who need it so badly!

We will be the ones to decide to what Causes should the money go! This is fair, as we know that it is us who “own” the money. Without us deciding to be “users” of the Social-Action-Network, there will be no money. So, it is us who should decide where this money goes. We are the REAL Investors!

By signing this Human-Manifesto, we want to support a new way of making “business”, a human and humane way! This new Social-Action-Network will not produce new “billionaires”, but will GIVE THE MONEY BACK TO THE PEOPLE WHO REALLY NEEDS IT!

Instead of the Cyborg-SINGULARITY, we choose the Human-SOLIDARITY! While the “Singularity” is the nightmare vision of a “new Earth” devoid of human beings (that are to be replaced with the “much better” cyborgs), the “Solidarity” proposes the bright vision of a “new Earth” populated by human beings who work everything out of the powerful, mighty Universal Brotherhood Impulse.

The Human-Being is not a humble, almost insignificant creature, full of manufacturing defects, that has to be replaced by the machine-man, by the almighty, omniscient cyborg.

You only have the temptation to subsume yourself to the machine when you are not aware of the extraordinary power of the human being. We are one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. Humans’ destiny is wonderful and great! All we need now is to open ourselves to one another, to gather all in a great “Community of Humans”!

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